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The below matchups are final and will not be changed, unless one participant is in the wrong bracket due to an oversight. Participants will have 7 days to give us Round 1 winners, at which point we'll be posting the next round's matches. Each round will be randomized to provide some diversity.

Due to the large number of rounds — 6 for Elite — we will be shortening the amount of time players will have to give us their answers, so that the last few Elite rounds will be spaced 3 days apart. If you're afraid of missing a date, just check the calendar for more information!

In the case that one partner goes missing, the person who attempted contact will win by default. If extenuating circumstances come into play, such as a personal emergency requiring a hiatus (with due warning to the mods and the battle partner), we will flip a coin.

Update: players facing off against gym leaders can have a coin flipped (default) or choose to strategize, in which case they should use the post here.

To post winners, please see this screened post! BOTH partners must comment with the name of winner in order for the victory to be valid. If not, see the above paragraph. If neither player comments, there will be no victor.

You can use this post to discuss your matches. If no consensus can be reached, the mods will flip a coin upon request.

Playing out the matches is highly encouraged, but optional! Here is an open log for all your battling needs! Bugsy, Whitney, Brock, Misty, Blaine, Surge and Blue will be competing in the tournament and will also be participating in the open log, under the account [personal profile] these_guys.

The prizes at the very end of the tournament will be one (1) fossil and one (1) reusable Unova TM, both chosen by the winners.

Without further ado, here are the matchups for round 1!

Junior Cup Winner )

Standard Cup Winner )

Advanced Cup Winner )

Elite Cup Round 4 )

Newest matchups will be listed on the screened post as soon as all the results have come in for that bracket, or on the deadline of the round (whichever comes first.) They will not be announced on the OOC community, because we don't want to spam.

If you have any questions, let us know!
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On Monday the 15th, an announcement is broadcast over televisions and radios across both regions. The advert is about a minute long, and features everyone's favorite cutie gym leader — Lt. Surge!

Need more challenge in your life? Tourney info under the cut! )

Before, during and after the Tournament, there'll be related promotional events and trainer-friendly sales in Vermilion but also nearby Celadon, Saffron and Cerulean, so even non-participants can have fun!

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in this thread.

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Good day, citizens of PokéLand!! (I'm still trying to invent a cutesy word for y'all)

We've got a bit of a breeding inquiry for you guys regarding the species of a pokémon based on the mother and father of crossbreeding. There had apparently been an 'official' decision that had been in play that differed from the changes stated in the F.A.Q., so we've decided to retract the rule in order to let you guys decide.

How much should the parents' species to influence the eggs' species in a breeding?'

    Option One: As per nintendo game mechanics, the eggs are 100% the mother's species.

    Option Two: The eggs are rarely the father's species, mostly the mother's (5% for father's species)

    Option Three: The eggs are uncommonly the father's species (25% for father's species)

    Option Four: The eggs have an even chance of becoming the mother's or father's species (50/50)

As usual, please leave answers, additional questions, and extra input in the comments!

Additionally, there's a Anti-Rocket Group forming, and an upcoming Valentine's day masquerade, if your characters are interested!
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Since we know Dreamwidth's a bit new for many of you, we've compiled a few helpful links to make the transition a little easier for everyone.

It's new to just about all of us, but here are a few beginners steps:

A Guide to Dreamwidth for Livejournal Users

[community profile] getting_started, a community dedicated to the basics

And, very important: a visual guide to turning off custom comment pages!

Then, the shinies:

[community profile] dreamwidthlayouts, a layouts community

For Customizing Layouts: A Handy Tutorial
Works for: Flexible Squares, Smooth Sailing, Mixit, and Nebula

[community profile] dreamcodes, a community with profile, CR, and miscellaneous codes

If you have any other tutorial or helpful communities to add to the list, please let us know in the comments! Likewise, if you need help or are offering help, shoot us a comment as well!
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Two reminders: First off, we have THE REALLY IMPORTANT POLL!

Also, we've heard discussion on people wanting the date of the poll pushed up earlier. If you'd like the poll to end on January 9 or keep the date of January 16, please let us know (so we can get a good show of hands on who's up for both choices).


Activity Check Reminder!

If you haven't checked in yet, please do so!! → Right here!
You have until January 8, so don't forget!

If there's anyone we missed or someone went on hiatus or dropped, or if we accidentally skipped them and they checked in, please let us know here! Thanks guys!

Those Who Haven't Checked In: 74 )
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As I am sure you are all aware of, Livejournal has undergone a good handful of changes that have made roleplaying here just a little more difficult. With how the staff of Livejournal and the ones in charge of the code have responded and interacted with the members, it looks as though these changes will be permanent.

Therefore, we have been considering moving our game to another site altogether. This is a poll for all of the current players of Route 29, as we are leaving the decision to a majority vote. Please only vote with one journal per player, be it character or personal.

We request that everyone vote in this poll so that your opinions are heard. If you choose not to vote, then we will assume that your decision is to follow whichever decision is reached at the end.

Now, our choices:
- Move to
- Move to
- Move to
- Move elsewhere? (Suggest location in comments)
- Remain on

Stay or Go? )
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Hey, Route!

Yes, more new stuff. Everything chaaanges, chaaaanges, it's evolutionary~


About the password system! )

If you have grievances, comments, suggestions or ideas concerning either the new app rule or the password system, you can: PM the mod account, PM any of us individually, catch us on AIM, or post (anonymously or not) to our (screened) Suggestions post.

Looking forward to hear from you!
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aaaah my first mod post be gentle with me

Hi, everybody! Aramod here, with a few notes on some recent policy clarifications and changes. Sorry to have this so close on the tail of the previous announcement, but we didn't want to delay a heads-up.


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Hey guys! Time for a ~ROUTE 29 GROUP DISCUSSION~

We know everyone's been rather on-edge about the recent plot, and a lot of you have been coming up with neat ideas, so I figured we could all discuss them, either with us or amongst each other!

The current Rockets Who Agreed To Go, and the New Rockets, will be sent on the Goldenrod Tower's mission.

But what about the ones kept in that dingy room? Their fate is in your hands... somewhat. This isn't a "one option fits all" sort of vote, but rather a heads-up poll on what will be going on. After all, some Grunts aren't fighting back, and some are plotting to escape. so for this, we'd like your input on what you want to happen, and what you want for your characters.

We're on the road to Viridian City! )
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This weeks weather forecast is as follows:
aaaaaaa okami rambled too much on the weather fffff have a cut )

Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Admin Console.

Language Discussion!

As for the language discussion, we've decided to ask the players for input before making a complete decision, seeing as this will affect the game as a whole. Rest is here... )


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