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Route 29 has officially Moved To Dreamwidth!

Welcome to the new site, our little top percentage Rattata~!

As of today, we'll be completely moved over here. We're leaving the communities and posts open and available for reading on the livejournal communities, but just about everything's been shifted over.

• For anyone who may have missed this too, Okami wrote a stepping down message for you all if you'd like to read it.

• Activity is waived for the month of January! Any posts or threads made after today can be used for next month's AC, if you need.

• if anyone was on hiatus during the move and still plans on coming over, please contact a mod!

And as promised, here's your ridiculously insane mass circle add. It'll take a minute or so if you run the entire thing, but it can all be done in one go. That's right, no more 24-hour waiting limit!

Go here and:

Access Count: 202
Subscription list: 203

manage_circle add_read extraordinaries
manage_circle add_access extraordinaries
manage_circle add_read reinstigate
manage_circle add_access reinstigate

When I do the counts in the future, it will only be the subscription count, which will tell you how many characters are currently in the game. With Dreamwidth, you can't add access to your own account (since you already have it!), so the access number shows as one lower than the subscription.

I hope everyone has a good day!
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You guys are so anxious!

There are some kinks that will still be worked on in the upcoming days. Okami and I have been very busy, but I know you guys will bear with us! You're a lovely bunch, and I can't wait to see you all in action!

So, without further ado...


The soundtrack starts in 3... 2...

(...yes, Okami picked out a theme song. AND YOU WILL LOVE IT.)

The weather: It's a beautiful day. Sky's out, there's a slight breeze, fluffy white clouds, and it looks and feels lovely.

In a few minutes, we'll have two open logs, one for the trainers and breeders at New Bark Town, and one for the Rockets at Mahogany town. You may make optional introduction posts if you wish, but this is so we don't have... a hundred of those.


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