May. 11th, 2016

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After a Wednesday of relative normality, on the morning of Thursday, May 12th, your characters might wake up feeling a little...wibbly-wobbly. In a timey-wimey way, even.


Something's gone goofed in the game's internal clock, and as a result, your character may find themselves bigger or smaller, younger or older, wiser or less experienced in three different ways.
  1. Physically: Your character is now a lot tinier than they remember being, or maybe a bit more solid and adult-like. Have they wrinkled like a craisin? Is it hot in here, or is it just them? How does being a different age for a couple days suit your crew?
  2. Mentally: However they look, your character might suddenly feel older and wiser, or younger and more naive. Maybe they're processing things like a five-year-old would. How your character interacts with the Pokémon world can change with their brain age.
  3. Memory: Suddenly, the last thing you remember is gearing up for your first day of kindergarten. Or maybe you remember being a lot older*, despite your current sprightly youth. You remember the outcome of an impending battle as if you were there, or maybe you can't even recall what you did yesterday. Just what is going on? And, for those who don't remember their time in Route at all: Who are these people???

Mix and match! You can only change your character's age once--that is, if your fourteen-year-old character is four on Thursday, don't make them forty on Friday--but play around with these three axes as you see fit. A character could be physically eighty and mentally the same, or seem normal on the outside with no memories past middle school, etc. and so on. Also, your character need not remain ageswapped throughout the entirety of the event; they can start late, return to their normal age early, whatever.

The age swap will only affect your characters, not your characters' Pokémon. Whether or not your characters' Pokémon recognize or respect their trainers during these changes is up to you.

* No memories from Route's future, of course, and if you import memories from your characters' canon futures, those will fade in the day or so after the ageswap ends.


While none of your Pokémon nor the environment will be affected by the age-swap, your character may feel like they've stumbled into Jurassic Park. A few disoriented Fossil Pokémon will be scurrying around both regions for the duration of this event. Each character may catch one (1) of the following: Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Lileep, Anorith, Shieldon, Cranidos, Archen, Tirtouga, Tyrunt, or Amaura.

These Pokémon will range between levels 10-15 so that even if your characters are toddling along with baby steps or creaking in the spine, they need never be in serious danger.

This event is opt-in and ends at 11:59 on Saturday, May 14th.


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