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A televised broadcast sent out to every gear and every television across Johto and Kanto. )

A new foe appears. )

      - You may post IC reactions to the broadcast here.
      - If your character was caught/was sighted/defected from the Team/dropped out/etc, now is the start of their two weeks of police dodging/community service/jail time! Have fun.
      -We're working on working out Kanto details and are hoping to have them out by the end of the week, keeping our fingers crossed. We hope you'll bear with us and use Bulbapedia for the time being. Gym leader levels may be modeled on those of their Johto counterparts.
      - If your character's pokemon was stolen and you're desperate to get it back, there will be opportunities.
      - This isn't the last of the Rockets! Sit tight for more nefarious scheming coming your way. ]]
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Mass text to ALL ROCKETS )

And a message from our sponsors! )

[ ooc: You can feel free to post IC reactions/plotting here; there will be no answers from NPCs. ]
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Yep, more Rocket stuff! Bet you're all excited.

First order of business: in light of the results of our poll on the last Rocket post, we'll be limiting Rocket starters as of the next app round, on the 12th of November. We'll also be implementing all of the Rocket changes starting that week, with new Rockets arriving at the Goldenrod base and being trained for two weeks in the lovely art of petty theft. We encourage all new and old Rockets to review the new code of conduct if they haven't done so yet.

That aside, all you Rockets better sit tight.

We've got a job for you. )

Something about...a train? )

This is where is gets good. )

So where do you come in? )
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