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A new game has been added to the game registry, available for download and play:

    >>Five Nights at Fantina's

Happy October! :D
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Evening, Route!

Guess what time it is...


So we'll start this off with introductions and welcomes. Moderator applications closed a few weeks ago and it was a tough decision, as we got a lot of applications! Thank you to everyone who applied! But out of the many submissions we received, we managed to narrow it down to three new TMs, who have been doing their best to help us get everything nice and polished just in time for October!


Lucy ([personal profile] fleeting)
mun of Aradia Megido/[personal profile] timelymaid and Mitsukuni Haninozuka/[personal profile] cakelover

Steve ([personal profile] chargingstar)
mun of Cobra Commander/[personal profile] cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Dal ([personal profile] dalicious)
mun of Kiyotaka Ishimaru/[personal profile] ardent, Solf J Kimblee/[personal profile] explosivecombat, Alfred Ashford/[personal profile] twinsanity and GLaDOS/[personal profile] neurotoxined

Their information will be added to Route's main page and the mod account's profile, and they are all officially up for poking!

In addition to a few new hands, we have another shiny little thing.

[ profile] RouteMods


All notifications posted on plurk will also be posted on the main commuity or the OOC community - we made this for convenience of reblogging and sharing.

However, we'd like to warn you now that private plurks or pings to the moderator account will not be considered reliable methods of contact. Please continue to contact us using our personal plurks or the moderator dw account. We will answer questions in the moderator plurk when announcements are made, but don't rely on this as a primary means of contact.

Now, as we rejoice over here, please take a look over here for more plot information!!
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Weekly Friend Add/Remove + Activity Check End
Please copy the following into the Command Console.

Current List Count: 146

October's Activity Check has officially concluded! Characters who did not respond were placed on this list. If you were removed by accident or would like to reclaim your character, please contact one of the moderators or respond to this post by the end of October 12th.

We're sincerely sorry about such short notice, as it slipped our minds with the creation and timing of the plot; we felt it would be better to avoid throwing newcomers into the game right at the start of such a large plot. The applications currently submitted will be checked early this weekend, and applications will resume on November 2nd-3rd.

Have you guys checked out this plot yet? The first Nightmare has started.

Please keep your eyes open for further information coming later this week!
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Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Command Console.

Current List Count: 153

Also, a brief note! To those who were unawares, Shiny eggs look the same as non-Shiny eggs. The difference is noticed once the pokémon hatches! It's not biggie, just worth the clarification, and the FAQ has been updated as well.

I'd also like to take a moment to announce that with Din's departure, we've now promoted Alex to full mod status! YAY ALEX! Everyone, please give her a Snorlax-sized round of applause!*

In addition, this is a reminder that Technical Moderator applications are still going on until Saturday, September 28th at 11:59 PM, EST! If you're interested, swing by and check it out! We'll begin our interviews and narrowing down our choices next Monday.

*Razzle-dazzle inserted courtesy of Alex. ♥
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Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Command Console.

Current List Count: 159

We've also got a special announcement this week! The two of us have finally picked our new technical moderators! In fact, they've already begun working behind the scenes, and they're 100% ready for us to introduce them to you all.


Alex ([personal profile] alexclusive)
mun of Carmen Sandiego/[personal profile] doitrockapella, Yagyuu Hiroshi/[personal profile] usedlaserbeam, and Albert Rosenfield/[personal profile] worktodo

Muffin ([personal profile] hokage)
mun of Lust/[personal profile] licentious and Momo/[personal profile] tendered

Kev ([personal profile] tehkev)
mun of Hayate Ayasaki/[personal profile] combat_butler and Azusa Miura [personal profile] idlewanderlust

Their information has been added to the main page and the moderator account, and they are officially up for poking if you need 'em! With these extra hands, we're sure we'll have the game and pacing picking up in no time at all!
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Evening, Routians! Or mornafternoon! We've got a bit of a surprise for you guys~

First off, if you may have poked around at the profile page, you'll notice that we've got a new tech mod! Everyone, give a warm welcome to Cassie/[personal profile] fishie (mun of Miyuki Chitose/[personal profile] comeatmibro) to the team!

And with Cassie came a pretty wonderful surprise. She's not only revamped our maps page, but it's also been split in two for Johto and Kanto respectively, including wonderful details and a slight change in travel times.

And they're absolutely gorgeous.

Seriously, guys. It's hotter than a Ponyta's mane, wouldn't you say so?

ETA: To note: The new travel times are not retroactive. That's right, you've all been glitched and you didn't even realize it! So feel free to be very confused when you reach your destination at a stranger timeframe than originally planned.

Some of the new constructions, like the Viridian Library and the Ecruteak History Museum, are totally new as well!

There's also a brand new ferry service between New Bark Town and Pallet, enabling characters who don't want to hike for three days to take a scenic detour and start their journey in Kanto instead!
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*NEW!* There's been a new application available for the pokégears! If one goes to a PokéMart and requests to be added in, they can have the PokéStar emergency services added conveniently to their PokéGears.

On the top right corner of the screen when one goes to make a new post to the PCG, one will see a little Pokéball emblem with an E in the center. That's the Emergency call button. If you're lost or in need of assistance, you can call the PokéStar dispatch center, and they can help you in the following ways:

- Emergency services. Like 911/999/111/000/etc. - if you're lost in a cave and your arm was eaten by a pack of wild Ursaring, or if you've fallen and you can't get up, or if you've been surrounded by some superpowered cheating pokébullies and need help getting out of a super sticky situation, you can call dispatch through the emergency button (activated when one goes to make a post on the Connect) and they'll either send a Jenny squad out to help or contact a PokéCenter to get you all the proper help and information.

- You're Lost and Distressed! - The PokéStar have an interactive map of each region. Talking with them, they can help find you and give you directions to get to your destination.
Alternatively! For a small fee of P50,000, you can have someone at the PokéMart install a GPS chip into your gear. That way, the PokéStar can track you during the call. They can track your location during the call and help give you directions on the closest way to a safer location or to a city. Please note that the GPS function only works in the middle of calling dispatch; other times, they cannot track you, and it only works if you've gotten the chip installed. If you lose or break your Gear, they will give you one replacement chip; if you lose or break it a second time, you will have to pay for a new one.

For now, though, the actual application is free. However, it is an opt-in, therefore your character must actually drag their butt to a Mart to get it. While they work closely with the officers and law enforcement of Johto, they are a privatized third party and therefore not technically affiliated or run by the Jennys.

But have fun!

Thanks very much to Muffin ([personal profile] hokage) for pitching such a neat application to us!

It'll be added to the pokégear page shortly. (And by shortly, Sunny means tomorrow or Friday when she's alive again, yepyep.)

and tiny junkdates are tiny

Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Command Console.

Current List Count: 181

And if anyone's missed it, the winners for this weeks swarm have been posted! So go check that out, go have fun!
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Hey guys! We've got a long list of beautiful updates for you all~

First off, time to introduce our new mods!

We're starting off strong... )
this is what comes next )
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Route 29 has officially Moved To Dreamwidth!

Welcome to the new site, our little top percentage Rattata~!

As of today, we'll be completely moved over here. We're leaving the communities and posts open and available for reading on the livejournal communities, but just about everything's been shifted over.

• For anyone who may have missed this too, Okami wrote a stepping down message for you all if you'd like to read it.

• Activity is waived for the month of January! Any posts or threads made after today can be used for next month's AC, if you need.

• if anyone was on hiatus during the move and still plans on coming over, please contact a mod!

And as promised, here's your ridiculously insane mass circle add. It'll take a minute or so if you run the entire thing, but it can all be done in one go. That's right, no more 24-hour waiting limit!

Go here and:

Access Count: 202
Subscription list: 203

manage_circle add_read extraordinaries
manage_circle add_access extraordinaries
manage_circle add_read reinstigate
manage_circle add_access reinstigate

When I do the counts in the future, it will only be the subscription count, which will tell you how many characters are currently in the game. With Dreamwidth, you can't add access to your own account (since you already have it!), so the access number shows as one lower than the subscription.

I hope everyone has a good day!
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As I am sure you are all aware of, Livejournal has undergone a good handful of changes that have made roleplaying here just a little more difficult. With how the staff of Livejournal and the ones in charge of the code have responded and interacted with the members, it looks as though these changes will be permanent.

Therefore, we have been considering moving our game to another site altogether. This is a poll for all of the current players of Route 29, as we are leaving the decision to a majority vote. Please only vote with one journal per player, be it character or personal.

We request that everyone vote in this poll so that your opinions are heard. If you choose not to vote, then we will assume that your decision is to follow whichever decision is reached at the end.

Now, our choices:
- Move to
- Move to
- Move to
- Move elsewhere? (Suggest location in comments)
- Remain on

Stay or Go? )
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Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Admin Console.

Current Buddy List Count: 295

Alright, guys! Applications will now be bi-weekly, starting in January! Starting January 8th, we will be doing applications on the first and third weekend of each month. The midnight cut-off time for applications will be changed to the Friday before the application weekend.

In addition, Applications are Closing for the winter holiday break. Because both Christmas and New Years land on a Sunday, all applications posted after Friday, December 23 to Friday, January 6 will be checked on the weekend of January 7-8. Applications posted after midnight on January 6 will be checked the weekend of January 21-22. We're sorry this was such a sudden decision.

Also, as a temporary solution for Livejournal's chaos, we've changed the layouts of the game's communities and moderator account for easier viewing and usage.

Happy holidays, guys!
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Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Admin Console.

Current Buddy List Count: 335

Also, we'd like to point you all to our new addition to the links: A Plot Suggestions Post!!

Instead of using the Suggestions/Concerns page for plot ideas, we'll have a whole new post just for that! Yaaay! I'll be adding the link to the main page and whatnot soon.
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Hey Routians! We've got a few awesome things for you this update!

First off, the moment you've all been waiting for... our new moderators! Drumroll please...

[personal profile] these_balls

Are you leady...?

Route 29 will be having Moderator applications!

Because it's really about time, but we wanted to make sure we had a bit more of the foundation laid on the table before getting this show on the road. However, since the two of us are pretty sure we've got our own ideas fully planned out, it's about time we accept some reinforcements. So... we'll be looking for TWO (2) new moderator positions, bringing the mod team up to four (4) full mods and three (3) assist TMs.

The application process is rather simple. Starting next Thursday, we'll put up an application form containing questions regarding what you think about the game and your personal strengths and the like. They'll be up for two weeks. The weeks following, we will be narrowing down our choices and interviewing a select few. After the interviews, we will choose two. However, we won't announce them until we're ready to throw them into the wild.

The applications will go up on Thursday, August 18 and stay up until Thursday, September 1.

If you've got any further questions or comments, please leave them below!

EDIT! Sorry, I forgot to add: the moderator applications will be screened! Whatever you say on the application will be between you and us.

...and also this:

Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Admin Console.

Current Buddy List Count: 347

We're sorry about the delay, everyone! If your Friends lists aren't matching, please doublecheck that you've run last week's add/remove! And then I'll be here to fix whichever hiccups you may have over here!
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Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Admin Console.

Current Buddy List Count: 341

Hey, guys! This whole DDoS and varnish error are driving us all nuts! So don't worry, we're still as annoyed as you are.

So we've made the Safari_Zone, an insanejournal musebox/spam play site (this works more like a community-based game, where you'll post to the community instead of your journals). The only thing I ask is that you note if your post is going to be game-canon or not, just in case you choose to use it as a scenario that would have taken place during the downtime. This doesn't have to be used just for this incident, but for any other times we have random spouts of downtime, so you can get your creative outlets out over there if you'd like.

As of this moment, I'm only half capable of loading LJ, and I think it might be a bit worse for Okami (I don't know if she's tried today). So unless the gracious internet gods decide to have this problem magically fixed, we'll be getting to applications when we're capable. We're going to do our best to try to get them started tonight but... we'll see how that goes. Because of how LJ is going, we're going to just gradually do them over a few days until the wonkytime stops.

All of the reserves were given an extra few days. For those who had pendings on your applications, we're going to extend that to Wednesday if you're able to get them in to us. I'm sorry we can't comment to your posts individually!

Hang in there, guys!
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Heeey guys, brief announcement!

We finally sat down and fixed that How-Long-It-Takes-To-Fly debate going on. It even comes with an adjustment to how long it takes to surf!

Read it here. :D
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Three things:


There are now 140.

In addition, because Larvitar are pseudo-Legendary pokémon, they've been given a cap of 10. We've never actually had ten as starters so this should be alright.

2) We've also added the bugs from the swarm-plot to the Availability List, as well as the two found at the Ruins of Alph. You no longer need to contact us about what to find there! We've linked what's there and probably someday maybe we'll find a better way to add it there but until then have that link.


Two things:
1) Would you all prefer a breeders-specific community in order to keep free eggs and whatnot in order instead of using the OOC community? If so, any ideas for a name or would you like one of us to think of something?

and 2) We've heard from numerous people that there's an excess of eggs. Because of this, it will be capped. Although, we don't want to cap it too high or too low, so I had a question for you guys: How much do you think is too much? This can be in terms of too many eggs per pokémon, per week, from pokémon each week? etc. Anything you can think of, go ahead and list, and feel free to discuss amongst each other as well!
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Weekly Friend Add/Remove + Activity Check Remove
Please copy the following into the Admin Console.

Current Buddy List Count: 306

April's Activity Check has officially concluded! Characters who did not respond were placed on this list. If you were removed by accident, or if you would like to reclaim your character, please contact one of the moderators or respond to this post by May 16, 10:00 PM EST.

Also an announcement: From this point forward, we will not continue checking [ profile] route_006 for hiatuses. We have a Hiatus Post, linked on the main page and the directory, which is for alerting the mods of hiatuses. The OOC community is more for alerting the other players overall. If you're on the activity check but a post was made in the OOC community, someone will need to link us and we'll still accept it, we will just not search for them.


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