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The winners of the lottery were...
Cut text for suspense... )

Go take a look at the original swarm post for a refresher of what will be happening in these next few days.

There is also a player-created plot going on for anywhere in the vicinity of Moo Moo Farm, Route 38 and Route 39! More information on that is here.

There will be no signal post, so go crazy.
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Hello trainers!

Starting on the morning of Wednesday, June 13th and running until night time on Saturday the 16th, Elgyem, Solosis, Munna, and Chimeco will be swarming everywhere in Kanto and Johto! Also during these dates, all psychic-types everywhere will get one less rarity star on their respective routes! The availability of the four swarming Pokemon will change as well, after this, but you'll have to wait to find out!

The exciting news? We've got opportunities for trainers to catch themselves a shiny Pokemon during this swarm! There will be:
1 shiny Munna
1 shiny Solosis
1 shiny Chimeco

If you'd like a chance for your character to catch one of these, please put down their name in this post. You can only sign up for one Pokemon per character! Sign-ups will end at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday the 12th, and we'll draw names on the 13th with a randomizer! If you have questions, please direct them in this thread.

The sign-up list so far! )


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