May. 1st, 2016

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Hey, Routers — Alex here. We're hard at work behind the scenes on a fair amount of mod stuff right now, which is why April's Activity Check and the calendar for May are a little bit delayed. For the time being, please sit tight, continue playing, and don't fret about the AC post not being up! Obviously we're not going to penalize the players for delays caused on our end, so please just carry on as usual and keep your eyes peeled for some other, forthcoming mod posts from us in the near future!

As for the weather, you can feel free to assume that the standard weather from April's calendar will be continuing forward until we get May's out to you — clear skies and moderate temperatures from here on out!

Additionally, because we know this question has been left hanging for a month — PokéProm will be making a return for yet another year, and this year we'll be having it coincide with our traditional Fourth Wall Event at the end of May! So stay tuned, PokéFans, because we'll have word on that and a lot of other exciting events in store for you coming up soon!

Though it may not appear that way on the surface, there's a lot going on behind the scenes right now, and we're working hard at getting it sorted out so that we can have some pretty exciting announcements for you ASAP! So thank you so much for your patience, and please keep your eyes peeled for some hot forthcoming news from us in the next few days!


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