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A day late, I do apologize, but Saturday's wish-fest have ended on a calm note. Jirachi's wishes are on a steady decline throughout most of Saturday. He's sorry. For the flattened buildings, for ruined bikes, for the castle and Celadon's now damaged PokeMart (now undergoing renovations for the next three months), for the noise complaints. But with his week of fun drawing to a close, Jirachi's exhaustion begins to grow, and he prepares for another thousand years of slumber.

Except, that does not quite go as planned.

Our winner of the Writing Contest is.... Steve! All of the entries were wonderful and great reads with beautiful scenarios, but we could only have one winner. Jirachi is now in Team Rocket Possession as a result of Cobra Commander's rather amusing antics:

“Ssstand still you little-”

This is quickly becoming a complete disaster. Sure, Cobra pretty much had an entire motorpool of stuff he'd wished into existence, all of it nonfunctioning, a command center, also nonfunctioning, various Rocket goons (functioning but useless here), and his Pokemon, but this stupid legendary thing won't stay still long enough for any of them to grab it.

In fact, his most recent attempt sent him nosediving into the ground, which is slightly better than three attempts ago when his Talonflame accidentally torched one of the NPC Grunts. And as he gets back up, he'll start issuing orders again like he didn't just make a complete fool of himself.

“Corner him you idiots! Do I have to do everything mysssself? Ugh, I wish you'd sssstop moving so we could just...just...”

And even Cobra's at a loss for words because that really shouldn't have worked. Because it's completely ridiculous. Like wishing for more wishes levels of ridiculous. But apparently it did in fact work, because for the moment, Jirachi's standing completely still. Or floating. Or whatever it is Jirachi does.

So of course he's going to act now before it has a chance to snap out of it or someone wishes for something else.

“Quick throw it in the bag and alert the others!”

He could do it himself, but no, that's what he has henchRockets for. They can handle the ahem, Grunt work as it were.

Thank you to everyone who submitted, and congratulations to Steve! Cobra Commander is given P1000 and a coupon for a free weekend stay at the Ecruteak Hot Springs. Places damaged will be renovated or rebuilt over the next two months, so please don't tamper with the construction sites. Thanks to everyone for participating!
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From Sunday, the tree has been making its rounds.

As midnight comes, the familiar flash of light is accompanied by bright spurts of colors, and the fluttering of paper. As the light dims into darkness, a strange fog of sleepiness falls across everyone, welcoming them into a settled dreamland.

Fourth Wall is now over!
Thank you for participating, everyone!

I hope you guys made your wishes already. If not, feel free to continue doing so. Items begin appearing in the morning, starting at sunrise. A curious little pokemon begins to make his rounds by mid-afternoon. But a mild mess of items remaining, items that may have been wished for during the Fourth Wall, still remain in the cities. Things are a mess.

At approximately 8:00 AM on Monday morning, one message appears on every Rocket's gear:

Agents -
You all have one mission: Capture the pokemon Jirachi.
You have seven days. The one(s) to bring him to us will receive a wonderful bonus from The Boss.

The Wishes are underway. If you have any questions on this, please ask here.
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Following the first two chaotic days of fourth wall...

In the early morning of Sunday, May 31st, a small beam of light shines from beyond the horizon. The chaos from the past two days continues to run amok, but something just feels a little different. Call it a hunch if you want, ignore it if you feel like. But soon, you hear something:

It's a small, youthful voice that whispers, "Do you have a wish?" Is someone around you? Whispering from a distance? Or merely an echo in your mind? Who knows.

During the day, wish trees appear in every city. Colorful strips of paper lay in a small basket next to it, with a small piece of ribbon tied to it: write a wish, tie it to the tree. Given a slight wind, some pieces of the wish paper drift away from the city and along the trails.

On Monday, June 1st, as the portal to many other worlds glitches and closes... your wishes will start to come true.

What's summoning these wishes?


Reputed to have the power to grant wishes, Jirachi only awakens for seven days every thousand years.


As per the usual, normal is nothing but unrestrained chaos.

What did Team Rocket do now? )

So your days of interest are as follows:

May 28: last day for Rocket members to sign up for traveling
May 29 - May 31: Fourth Wall Event
May 31: Jirachi awakens. Wish trees begin.
June 1 - June 6: Wishes galore! Last day to submit a Scenario for bringing Jirachi to the boss.
June 6, evening: Jirachi returns the world to as it was, and is captured this
same night. Winner of writing scenario is revealed!

More questions? Ask us here!


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