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I would like to announce that we have approximately 193 characters on our taken lists! Your friends list should read at 194 (or 193 if you joined after June 19th) now because of the mod account.

Route 29 is one month and one day old, and we've had few ups and downs but I would like to say one thing:


On behalf of probably-drugged-up Okami as well, I just want to thank you guys for making this game so exciting and fun. Sure, we're still working on the kinks and making sure everything runs smoothly, but we're all doing our best and it's been lots of fun! I opened this game thinking we would have just twenty people at most and that's if we tried hard. Not... over a hundred, let alone almost two! I'm... just so proud, you guys!

...but enough of sappy stuff. Go fix yer flists!

Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Admin Console.

For full updates, please run the friend remove list as well! We accidentally left some people in the friend add who shouldn't be there. I thiiiink it's all fixed; if not, let me know!

Also, our first activity check is starting tomorrow! Be on the look-out! The requirement for Route is one post per month. Tomorrow, we'll explain how we do it.
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Okay, guys! We've been hearing about a few problems between knowing how long it takes to get to different cities and which pokemon you can get.

Okami and I have been having really hectic lives for this weekend (wow guys... wow), so we're making an announcement here to clarify. It'll be "written in stone", so to speak, in the upcoming days.

First off, we would like to say it takes at least three days to arrive in Cherrygrove. Because we're not just burning through on a GBA, your character is walking. Lots of walking and running into fairly easy pokemon, like hoppips and ratatas and bellsprouts and other low-level pokemon. Not only that, but your pokemon are probably not going to be able to battle all day as of yet.

They'll get harder and the routes grow a bit longer.

And yes, we'll fix the region map.

We're just trying to keep you all from finishing the route too quickly, and this is so you can all pace yourselves and have a few more interactions with others along the way or in cities. For any questions or concerns, IM one of us or comment here.

Also, we would like to add that most of you trainers and breeders won't be in Cherrygrove until Mid Monday or later, depends on how fast your character travels!

Sorry guys, hope this helps! Happy trails!

~Stormy ☂
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Good Day, Trainers!

Stormy here. Okami and I were quite surprised at the amount of reserves and applications we've received! Sorry for being so delayed, we're still trying to spruce up the game.

A few things have changed in the past few days:

○ We've edited the Premise. Now it's in storymode and looks more like... a premise!
○ We've also made a ninth rule, which is #8 on the list. It's been added since around Sunday or Monday, but I don't know when you've all checked it so I'm alerting you all just to be keep you informed!
○ And our chat! We've finally decided to release the name of the AIM chat to you all. Our chat is...
Don't be shy, come say hi! Common courtesy and be-nice reminders go here.

We'll be tweaking the F.A.Q., explaining what every new arrival will get (I have a mental list! Problem is, it's mental), and possibly adding a navigation page in the next few days. And applications will be done tomorrow, hold us to that!

You've all been so patient, thank you very much! ♥ Can't wait to meet all of you! Thanks, guys! Three more days!

Stormy ☂


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