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Hey there, Routers! With this final infopost, Hoennween is now officially behind us, and [community profile] route_29 has made its transition into the Wonderful World of Gen VI! Please have a look at this post to see what alterations have been made, and therefore what will be applicable to your gameplay experience from here on out!

Updates: Movesets, Items, Evolutions, and More! )

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Having received several questions relating to our linking-for-spoilers policy on applications, we would like to clarify our stance on when it is appropriate to link an application for spoilers, and when that application should be posted to the comments of our applications page.

Please Make Sure to Familiarize Yourself With This Update! )

We appreciate your time and understanding, and now return you to your regularly scheduled gameplay.
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We've decided to establish a Three-Strike policy regarding Activity Checks.

For the past few months, we've given out unofficial strikes, but with a new month (and the new year!) we've decided to set it down in stone. Strikes will be officially awarded on the activity check going up on February 1st, so activity for the month of January and onward is subject to the new rules.

Three Strikes Policy - Activity Check

Strike One: You have not passed AC for the first round.
* You'll need to pass Activity Check the next month for the strike to be removed.
* If you are on hiatus through one activity check and cannot pass activity during the following month's check, this results in a Strike One.
* This is exactly the same as our current AC rules; nothing has changed on this point.

Strike Two: You've been given one strike but have not passed AC the second round.
* You'll need to provide six proofs of activity per character as opposed to three on the following AC check.
* Hiatusing for more than two activity checks without consulting a mod will result in a Strike Two for your next full month of activity. This is seen as squatting, using hiatuses without consulting a mod in order to evade having to complete the activity check.

Strike Three: You've been given two strikes but have not passed AC the third round.
* Your character(s) will be dropped from the game.

* If we notice a pattern of behavior resulting in repeated strikes, we reserve the right to discuss with the player and make arrangements from there.
* These rules apply on an individual character basis. If a player is active with three of their characters but inactive with a fourth, only the fourth will be subject to the strike rules.

*If your character is dropped from the game from a strike, you must wait one month before reapplying for them.

We want to stress that we are absolutely not seeking to punish people for taking hiatuses! We are extremely sympathetic to players' needs, and we encourage our players to be responsible about taking hiatuses if they anticipate that they need them. However, we want to encourage people to talk to us if they anticipate the need for long hiatuses, and talk to us in advance, rather than retrospectively. Our activity policy here is aimed at cracking down on abuse of hiatuses; it is not in any way attempting to discourage use of hiatuses in a responsible manner.
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 Ignore the incredibly pretentious title, but my shorts has an announcement! The calendar has been updated, so, like, get some sunblock because it's hotter than an Arizona barbecue! My sincerest apologies for the lack of one for April. I was attempting to pursue other options but they quite didn't pan out. Still no excuse for a shirk of my duties, however. I will note that this will be the last time that happens, as I have templates up until August that I'll be working on throughout the week. 

We now return you to your locally scheduled player related announcements! 

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Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Command Console.

Current List Count: 205

And with that, we've got a few more changes! Because of the new breeding policy on egg species, there's a new edit to egg move rules.

Egg moves, you mean?
That's right. To determine a clutch's egg moves, simply ask yourself:
- Do both parents know it, and can the babies learn it by leveling up (but without evolving)? If yes, they will have that move.
- Is it a TM move that the father knows, that the babies can learn without evolving? If yes, they'll have that move. TM moves comes from the mother if the babies are of the father's species.
- Is it an egg move that the father can transmit through breeding? (Check the wiki page to see!) If yes, they'll have that, too.

It's been added to the FAQ, along with a handy little Egg Species Calculation Post, courtesy of the wonderful Cassie! Thank you so much!
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Hi, Route!

So, as I'm sure all of us can agree, with 200 characters and a huge sandbox to play in, Route needs a little more attention than only two head mods can provide. That's right:

Mod Apps
Will be open from March 1st to March 15th.

We'll be taking on one (1) new Head Mod and one or two (1-2) new Techs.

Head mods deal with players on AIM and Plurk, answer concerns and questions, and approve badges. They judge apps and edit content such as the Starter List, Maps and FAQ. They make announcements and handle stuff like plots. Sunny does the weekly add/remove, but other head mods may be asked to do it if she is unavailable. Time investment is relatively high.

Tech mods handle the day-to-day maintenance of one or more specific pages, such as the Taken Pages, starter slots or Reserves. They may be asked to join in on app judging if they are comfortable with it and their availabilities allow it. They may contribute to (but are not asked to lead) plots. Time investment is relatively low.

Qualities we're looking for:

- Time/Availability.
The big one. If you don't have the free time to do apps every week, if you're seldom on AIM/plurk/other contact point to field player questions, this isn't the job for you. Please check your expected schedule for the next six months or so before you apply, and be realistic with regards to what you can handle. Unfortunately, we've had mods step down because the job was too demanding, so thinking ahead about time constraints is really important; we don't want to gain new mods and lose them just as fast!

- Good communication skills.
You don't have to know Ara, Sunny, Kit or Linlin, but you do have to be willing to work with them, as well as the players, on a near-daily basis. (We don't bite, promise.) You have to be able to express yourself as calmly and clearly as a mod is expected to.

- Creativity.
Two hundred characters and a lot of space to do things with, but we need all the help we can get when it comes to plot. Ideas, ideas, ideas!

- Friendly disposition.
You don't have to be a PR poster child, but without sugar-coating anything, this is a high-stress, often thankless job with no pay and limited benefits. Be prepared to deal with that with a smile.

- Investment.
This isn't a requirement for Assist TMs, but those considering becoming head mods should have been in Route for at least 3 AC cycles. It's not that we don't think our newbies are talented, wonderful people, but we'd like to see some vested interest in the game.

- Knowledge of Pokemon is not required, but a plus.

We hope that doesn't frighten you! If you think you'd do a good job, keep your eyes peeled, we'll be posting the actual app for you to fill out on the 1st!

Feel free to field any questions you might have here.
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Some housekeeping!
Just to let you know, we've added a few entries in the availabilities, including Houndour, more Growlithes, the Gen IV starters, Cherubi, Exeggcute and...Shuckle. If there's a pokemon you'd like to see, that isn't listed but would feel like a natural addition, let us know!

Also, the FAQ has been updated with section links for easier navigation, and we've also added perks for Trainers, since we felt the Breeders getting extra eggs and the Rockets getting swanky rec rooms and an allowance was kind of unfair:
Do Trainers get any special perks?
Registered Trainers (as opposed to Breeders or Rockets) get a 15% discount on products in pokemarts, department stores and other sales venues, including places like restaurants and flower shops! That means everywhere, essentially: museums, too. They get one extra % per badge, and an extra 5% per completion of a whole region's badge sets. That's right--by the time they've polished off Johto and Kanto, they'll have 41% off! Plus, they also get 30% more prize money from gyms.
This change is retroactive. Please note that this discount only applies to businesses running under the Johto/Kanto Trade Commission, so PC-run shops like the Breeding Center don't have to lower their prices (unless they want to).

If you have any questions, let us know!

Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Command Console.

Current List Count: 212
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Valentine's Day is just over two weeks away, and boy, do we have stuff planned for you! First, we'd like to thank all of you, our loyal players, for sticking by our side through the move, which was rough and drive-sapping for all of us. We appreciate each and every one of you, from those who've been here for more than eighteen months to those who got accepted last app round. You're all such a passionate, talented bunch, and we thought that for this Valentine's day we'd give you a token of our love.

There's something about the way you look tonight )

It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside )

Near, far, wherever you are )

Like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire )

And I don't wanna miss a thing )

We hope that answers most of your questions! You can use this post to note down which pokémon you'd like to get, and plot with other players!
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Since we know Dreamwidth's a bit new for many of you, we've compiled a few helpful links to make the transition a little easier for everyone.

It's new to just about all of us, but here are a few beginners steps:

A Guide to Dreamwidth for Livejournal Users

[community profile] getting_started, a community dedicated to the basics

And, very important: a visual guide to turning off custom comment pages!

Then, the shinies:

[community profile] dreamwidthlayouts, a layouts community

For Customizing Layouts: A Handy Tutorial
Works for: Flexible Squares, Smooth Sailing, Mixit, and Nebula

[community profile] dreamcodes, a community with profile, CR, and miscellaneous codes

If you have any other tutorial or helpful communities to add to the list, please let us know in the comments! Likewise, if you need help or are offering help, shoot us a comment as well!
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First things first: please don't forget that the new Eevee distribution system is now in place! If you've been hankering to app a character and wanted an Eevee starter, both the Starters list and the app have been updated!

And on to the second part...

You've been waiting for a while, we know. We hope the wait is worth it—we've really tried to work in a total revamp. None of the changes outlined here will come into effect immediately, and they're not retroactive, so just let us know if you have any concerns.

Our goals:
1. Make being a Rocket both more difficult and more rewarding.
2. Make Team Rocket a legitimate threat, both to non-members and members.

To do this? First of all, Team Rocket will phase in a new code of conduct.
Hang on, the ride's about to get bumpy. )

IMPORTANT!!!! ROCKET STARTERS! We want your opinions! )


What now? AKA: I want to get off the ride!/Let's do this! )

Last but not least, a Rocket (re-)intro plot! )
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Hey, Route!

Yes, more new stuff. Everything chaaanges, chaaaanges, it's evolutionary~


About the password system! )

If you have grievances, comments, suggestions or ideas concerning either the new app rule or the password system, you can: PM the mod account, PM any of us individually, catch us on AIM, or post (anonymously or not) to our (screened) Suggestions post.

Looking forward to hear from you!
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aaaah my first mod post be gentle with me

Hi, everybody! Aramod here, with a few notes on some recent policy clarifications and changes. Sorry to have this so close on the tail of the previous announcement, but we didn't want to delay a heads-up.


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Hey guys!


[identity profile]
Due to a little confusion, we decided to compile a list on what Pokemon are in the routes your characters will be traveling through! Here is also a small list of how long it will take to get from destination to destination:

From Cherrygrove to Violet = One week.
From Violet to Union Cave = Six days.
Getting through Union Cave = Depends on how lost your character gets. Two days is the least amount of time they can spend there.
From Union Cave to Azalea = One day from morning to sunset if at a brisk pace. Otherwise, One day and halfway through the night if at a leisurely pace.
Through the Ilex Forest = Five days, if you're lucky. At most without getting lost, six days. Hey, it's a big forest!
From exiting Ilex Forest to Goldenrod = Four days.

There will be more distance information when players have finally reached Goldenrod :)


That is all I will cover for now, as it should take quite a bit of time for characters to arrive all the way in Goldenrod :)

BEFORE YOU CLICK OFF THIS, I have one last announcement for you all! This week's ~*~weather forecast~*~!
Tuesday: Sunny weather.
Wednesday: Sunny weather.
Thursday: Sunny weather with a few clouds.
Friday: Sunny weather, excessive heat and high humidity.
Saturday and Sunday: RAAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN. And lots of it! Humidity will drop slowly between the two days.
Monday: Drizzly, cloudy, not as humid as before.
Tuesday: Mild fog, when it eventually lifts midday, partially cloudy.


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