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Please use the code provided below. Remember, both participants must reply in order to for the victory to be valid.
If neither player replies, there will be no victor.

In the cases of matches against a gym leader, the mods will flip a coin.

Participants' pokemon can gain a maximum of 2 levels per week during the tournament, to preserve the local wildlife around Vermilion. Pokemon may exceed their level bracket by a maximum of 1 level per round during the tournament. If there are any changes in levels, let us know in your comment.

This post will only list the latest round for each bracket. To see the full participation, click on each bracket's chart listed below.


Junior Cup Winner )

Standard Cup Winner )

Advanced Cup Winner )

Elite Cup Round 4 )
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The below matchups are final and will not be changed, unless one participant is in the wrong bracket due to an oversight. Participants will have 7 days to give us Round 1 winners, at which point we'll be posting the next round's matches. Each round will be randomized to provide some diversity.

Due to the large number of rounds — 6 for Elite — we will be shortening the amount of time players will have to give us their answers, so that the last few Elite rounds will be spaced 3 days apart. If you're afraid of missing a date, just check the calendar for more information!

In the case that one partner goes missing, the person who attempted contact will win by default. If extenuating circumstances come into play, such as a personal emergency requiring a hiatus (with due warning to the mods and the battle partner), we will flip a coin.

Update: players facing off against gym leaders can have a coin flipped (default) or choose to strategize, in which case they should use the post here.

To post winners, please see this screened post! BOTH partners must comment with the name of winner in order for the victory to be valid. If not, see the above paragraph. If neither player comments, there will be no victor.

You can use this post to discuss your matches. If no consensus can be reached, the mods will flip a coin upon request.

Playing out the matches is highly encouraged, but optional! Here is an open log for all your battling needs! Bugsy, Whitney, Brock, Misty, Blaine, Surge and Blue will be competing in the tournament and will also be participating in the open log, under the account [personal profile] these_guys.

The prizes at the very end of the tournament will be one (1) fossil and one (1) reusable Unova TM, both chosen by the winners.

Without further ado, here are the matchups for round 1!

Junior Cup Winner )

Standard Cup Winner )

Advanced Cup Winner )

Elite Cup Round 4 )

Newest matchups will be listed on the screened post as soon as all the results have come in for that bracket, or on the deadline of the round (whichever comes first.) They will not be announced on the OOC community, because we don't want to spam.

If you have any questions, let us know!
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If you've glanced at the calendar, you'll notice that there's an upcoming swarm! It will run from the evening of October 23rd through the night of October 28th!

Lots of swarm information ahead! )
And, just to make things extra interesting, there are shinies involved, as well! That's right, there will be:
1 shiny Gastly
1 shiny Litwick
1 shiny Shuppet
1 shiny Duskull

If you'd like a chance for your character to catch one of these, please put down their name in this post. You can only sign up for one Pokémon per character! Sign-ups will end at 11:59pm EST on Monday, the 22nd, and we'll draw names on the 23rd with a randomizer!

The sign-up list so far! )

Questions about any of this? Direct them to this thread.
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On Monday the 15th, an announcement is broadcast over televisions and radios across both regions. The advert is about a minute long, and features everyone's favorite cutie gym leader — Lt. Surge!

Need more challenge in your life? Tourney info under the cut! )

Before, during and after the Tournament, there'll be related promotional events and trainer-friendly sales in Vermilion but also nearby Celadon, Saffron and Cerulean, so even non-participants can have fun!

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in this thread.

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Oh look, guys, it's September 12th. After that heavy wave of electrical storms we've been having, he power lines have definitely been a bit wonky, and the signals going to the gear have officially started glitching.

With one loud blast of lightning, the PGC communication network security system has officially gone down. While the network itself still works, as fickle and uncertain as it's going, it can't recognize the Trainer IDs at all. They've already called electricians to help, but the electricians are having a bit of trouble identifying who called for help to begin with! This will take a few days...

Have fun with your mischief, and good luck trying to identify people leaving you messages.
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September's around the corner, and the mods are planning some plots to help pick up the pace now that summer (and con season!) are behind us. With the school year starting, though, we understand that early/mid-September isn't always the best of times for a full-on plot, which is why we've decided to go for a mini-event while we hold out on the bigger stuff for later.

If you'll take a look at the calendar, you'll find there are thunder storms set to cover Johto and Kanto from the 9th to the 12th! These are gonna be some pretty epic electrical storms, so stay inside if you can, folks. But the main event will begin on the 12th, with the 'gear network going seriously hinky.

First, video and audio functions will be glitchy, warping voices or with cloudy visuals, when they're not shut off entirely. Individual 'gears will send completely random, automated text messages to anyone on the contacts list--even total strangers! And of course, to make matters worse, the 'gear ID network will be down, causing everyone to be completely anonymous.

Ever wanted to prank someone, but were too afraid they'd find out it was you? Now's the perfect time! The IC Anon mini-event is on from the 12th to the 14th!

If you have any comments or questions, let us know here!
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Is it love? )


Here we go! See here for more details, in case you missed it. Remember, on Saturday, only the weather is affected. The wild pokemon don't start appearing until the 12th.


ONE FINAL NOTE: The poll results were counted and option 3 was the victor. The FAQ will consequently be updated.

Have fun, Routesters!
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Valentine's Day is just over two weeks away, and boy, do we have stuff planned for you! First, we'd like to thank all of you, our loyal players, for sticking by our side through the move, which was rough and drive-sapping for all of us. We appreciate each and every one of you, from those who've been here for more than eighteen months to those who got accepted last app round. You're all such a passionate, talented bunch, and we thought that for this Valentine's day we'd give you a token of our love.

There's something about the way you look tonight )

It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside )

Near, far, wherever you are )

Like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire )

And I don't wanna miss a thing )

We hope that answers most of your questions! You can use this post to note down which pokémon you'd like to get, and plot with other players!
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Hey Routians! We've got a few awesome things for you this update!

First off, the moment you've all been waiting for... our new moderators! Drumroll please...

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We hope you guys had fun with the fourth wall! However, you're not getting off that easy.

After all, there's trouble brewing in the midst...

deeeeets )
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Helicopters whiz in the air, and a gentle blue powder rains from the sky, blanketing everything. The powder begins to cloud about the place, getting into buildings, into the water, through the water... As people begin to gently cave in and slumber, including Ariana, Proton, and Petrel, Archer manages to reconnect the machine to the power socket. Messing with the gears a little, he angrily yanks out a cord, which causes a large flash. The machine, for the time being, dies.

A large shadow appears from the front window, reflecting white and gold from the glowing moonlight. And soon, an electric burst strikes from the ceiling and hits the machine. It reboots. Whatever had happened begins to... un-happen, before Archer's eyes.

The machine itself tries to fix what it had done, and it doesn't manage to end everything, but it does calmly reverse the majority of the damage. With it, it takes visitors, strange guests, foreign pokémon, proper memories...

Another glitch.

And yet another Fourth Wall has come to an end!
Thank you, everyone!

Five minutes of glitching and rebuilding pass, time trying to reconstruct itself but unable to make up for the lost days. Three days have come and gone with no proper reason why.

Your PokéGears register the proper time and date. You may wake up where you were transported, or where you had left off. Your pokémon may have leveled, but your party is still the same. You may or may not be missing items. Your mind cannot fully connect the details, but you know something strange just happened. Maybe you'll remember bits and pieces in a dream.

...and then the routine music continues and all is well. All is normal... or as normal as this place can get.

The event is done! All posts after this are back to the game's setting in normal time. If you want to continue your fourth wall posts, feel free to continue and backtag! Thank you!


May. 22nd, 2011 01:14 pm
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Enjoying your rain, guys? Well, besides the chaos introduced in the last post, things got a bit crazier.

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So it's been six months, and I know there's a good portion of you all dying for this. So, to celebrate Route 29's one year anniversary...


The year-anniversary fourth wall event will take place from Saturday, May 28 to Monday, May 30.

This sparks off shortly after the conclusion of the Lugia insanity, when, of course, one of Team Rocket's nefarious schemes doesn't go according to plan.

How did this one happen?

Well, Arianna wanted to move the Rockets to Goldenrod. Since they have seized control of the Radio Tower, she figured they could take over the abandoned hotel they were already using as base. But, you see, she's not the type of person to get her hands dirty, so she told Petrel to find Proton and move it to the helicopter.

But Petrel, being Petrel, tripped a cord. And the machine flickered. Another rift opened and summoned anything it felt like summoning, which shattered the fourth wall and sparked the beginning of this event.

After the cue from a mod post, there will be a loud crack and a flash of white light in Johto. When your characters blink a few times, the scene before their eyes will return to normal... however... there will be a lot more people, or beings, in the cities, or along the routes, or even just trolling about on the PokéConnect.

Paths will be ridiculously easy to pass, or, if you want, ridiculously difficult. It can take as long or as little as you want it to in order to go from city to city, and you can check out whatever building you want. Hell, if your character is accidentally caught in the glitch, they may wake up in an unfamiliar place!

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We also have some AWESOME PLAYER RUN EASTER PLOTS going on right now!
You can find the Easter Egg hunt summary post here and the Log is here!
By the same amazing people, we have An Easter Festival going on! And here is the log for that one!

Have fun guys and have a good Easter holiday <3
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DAY 27/11. 23:58.

"Professor Oak... I think--"

"Just one moment, Professor Elm, I think I've got i--"

"B-but Professor Oak!"

"Just a minute... Aha! I've got it!" In his zone, Professor Oak doesn't stop being hunched over his machine until he's solved the problem. Or at least until he thinks he has. It's finally stopped beeping.

"Professor... it's smoking."


And in a matter of seconds... it begins to beep again. Both professors stare in shock. A few seconds later, it begins to flash. They just duck, and as the machine explodes, an unearthly light pours from the laboratory and out into the land above.

By the time the smoke clears, both professors are quite certain that something went awry...

The fourth wall begins now!
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As some of you may know, Route 29 opened on May 29th. To celebrate its sixth month anniversary, those "nefarious schemes" we had? Not so nefarious... Actually, we're having our first...


Route 29's first ever fourth wall event will take place from Saturday (11/27) to Monday (11/29).

How did this happen?

Well, Professor Oak and Professor Elm have been trying to make their own transportation machine. They're not sure what Team Rocket has, but they're trying to imitate the effects. However, their machine... is chockful of problems. And the first thing it does is, well... go haywire.

Thus, it opened a rift in time and space and summoned whatever it could into their tiny world of Johto, and a fourth wall event was born.

After the cue from a mod post, there will be a loud crack and a flash of white light in Johto. When your characters blink a few times, the scene before their eyes will return to normal... however... there will be a lot more people, or beings, in the cities, or along the routes, or even just trolling about on the PokéConnect.

Paths will be ridiculously easy to pass, or, if you want, ridiculously difficult. It can take as long or as little as you want it to in order to go from city to city, and you can check out whatever building you want. Hell, if your character is accidentally caught in the glitch, they may wake up in an unfamiliar place!

What's a fourth wall, you ask?
The Fourth Wall event is where people from other games, random characters, even players themselves, just randomly interact with your characters. It's a literal breaking of that invisible "fourth wall" that separates the game-verse from... the rest of the internet.

How do you participate?
In short, a character makes a post in their journal and others tag it. You could tag other entries if you don't want to make a post. You do not have to use just your character journal to tag; you can use characters from other games, crack accounts, player accounts, and the like, to interact with the character who made the post. We would like to request that you keep all fourth wall activities to your character journals and not the logs community because of the security settings on the logs community (however, feel free to log in your journals).

Will my character remember the 4th wall?
Your character will not remember it as an actual event in-game. Professor Oak and Professor Elm used a coalition of Abras in order to mindwipe all of the citizens of Johto. However, the event may still be remembered in bizarre, sometimes-vivid details, in the form of very wild and incoherent dreams.

As well as the three-day time difference. There's no explanation for that one. The Professors will just say everyone fell asleep. Feel free to not believe that. To make it worse, you may not be where you were last... feel free to remain where you traveled during the incident, or anywhere else...

What about people coming in, can they have a pokémon too?
Sure thing! You can bring in any pokémon from any generation and challenge whoever you want for however much you want. Feel free to knock down or burn down anything. Current players are also allowed to have whatever else they want in their party, but your party will return to what you had in-game after the event.

What if I don't want to participate?
The fourth wall is not a required event. However, it does affect the game's setting, so logging would have to be backdated or forward-dated to before or after the fourth wall. Please keep in mind that due to the size of the game, your posts may get lost in the posts.

What if I just arrived and haven't made an in-character introduction post yet?
Feel free to arrive in the middle of the event! Your character will probably just be that much more confused. You may also hold off until after the event if you wish, in order to not become lost in the confusion.

Does this count for the activity check?
Yes. Yes, it does. :D

We'll try to make the mod post as close to midnight EST on Saturday, so you guys can start early and end late. Just like any awesome party. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask below!
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...'cause everyone likes pokemanz.

On Friday the 13th... Professor Elm's phone rings. Professor Rowan just tells him to look out of the window for a few pokémon just... drifting along the current.

You know how that wind was picking up?

It brought in 200 Drifloons to Johto.

Professor Elm would just love it if everyone were to catch one to add to their PokéDex databases. Hell, even if you don't have a PokéDex, there are more than enough to go around!

After all, everyone loves balloons!

With 200 Drifloons, that makes it just enough for everyone to catch just one! The rest will float away and out of your throwing range if you start stealing their buddies. They range from levels 6 to 10, and they'll be floating all over the place. So there you have it, guys! Your first higher-than-Gen-II pokémon in Route... Balloons. WE LOVE BALLOONS!

Remember, our monthly HMD is on August 16th! And update your friends lists!

Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Admin Console.


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