Jan. 23rd, 2015

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Want to know more about what's going on? Then please head over here for more information!
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Did you check out that Rocket Admin post? If you didn't, you should since it's relevant to what's going on here! Plus, it's some insight into how the Rocket Admins make decisions in case you've ever wondered about that.

Anyway, since that's a little vague, here's what's going on! Those Aqua and Magma Grunts from Halloween had bases here, remember? And Team Rocket's finally tracked them down, and doesn't really approve of the idea of other teams setting up shop here, so they're going to send in some Grunts (which means you guys) to go clear them out. That's right! We're having a Rocket plot. A completely optional, opt-in Rocket plot! Because we figured you Rocket players might enjoy having an official chance to put in some work towards a future promotion! So without further delay because you guys probably want to get to the details already, here's the important stuff:
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After you've done that, please go check out our Plotting Post in [community profile] rocket_hq if you're interested in plotting out teamups or anything like that with your fellow Rocket players!

Also, if you guys have any questions feel free to ask them here!


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