Jan. 26th, 2016

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Good evening, Routers! We're coming to you with a bittersweet announcement tonight — one of our wonderful Tech Moderators, Lucy, has decided to step down from the team and the game. After more than two years on the team, she'll be very missed, so we wanted to take a moment and recognize all the hard work that she put into helping to keep the game running! We'll be updating the lists shortly to reflect this moderator change-up.

For the time being, we will not be opening moderator applications. In the event that this decision changes in the future, we will of course make an announcement to the game at large, and open applications through the same format we have used in the past. However, for the moment we will simply be reducing the team by one member and carrying forward with four moderators from here.

Thank you again to Lucy for all her contributions toward making Route a wonderful place!

Your Modteam,
Sunny, Alex, Dal, and Steve


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