Apr. 18th, 2014

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Hi there, Route! There's going to be some Rocket related shenanigans in the near future, so here's what's going on!

Lately, our NPC Rocket Grunts have gotten a little tired of the spotlight always being on the PC characters. I mean who's going to notice if one of them stole Joey's Rattata if everyone's busy freaking out about some guy blowing up Olivine or a mass wave of other Pokemon thefts? So tired of being in the background, a bunch of disgruntled Grunts got together and decided to hold a crime spree of their own to remind everybody that hey, miscellaneous local Rockets can do stuff too.

Now, the first part of their plan is pulling off some burglaries. Keep an eye out for a news bulletin about that soon. Those are going to happen without any advance warning, and will go off without a hitch. The second part's holding up the Magnet Train, but that one might not go so well. And that's where you guys come in! We're going to give you the opportunity to thwart this terrible terrible crimewave!

The details! )


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