Nov. 23rd, 2012

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Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Command Console.

Current List Count: 159

A friendly reminder! EVERYONE, PLEASE UPDATE YOUR FRIENDS LISTS! Especially with the fourth wall coming up, and the fact that quite a few lists are nearly fifty or a hundred short, especially with our new guys, it'd be good to have some updated and clean friends lists to check!

To doublecheck, try using [personal profile] fonic_sight, or comment to the bottom and someone will help you out! Or just re-run the mass add and make sure you're updated!

And don't forget, fourth wall starts tomorrow night!!! Continue plotting and spreading the word!
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The results are finally in, and your winners for tournament are...

drumroll please...! )

Winners, please comment to the winners thread with your prizes (one (1) fossil and one (1) reusable Unova TM!) You don't need mod approval, but it's nice to keep records.

ICly, the tournament officially ended with the final Elite battle yesterday (the 22nd) afternoon. There was a ceremony for all participants held a few hours after the battle where winners of all brackets were congratulated and given their prizes!

Thank you to everyone who participated! We hope you found the tournament enjoyable. Feel free to leave comments, questions, suggestions, etc. regarding this tournament and possibly future tournaments.
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DAY 24/11. 00:12.

Three scientists were either too few or too many to handle this machine. They were all in a great mood; any difficulties that arose didn’t have to do with anything regarding the opposite. While each of them would carry out any Admin order with fearful respect (and okay, two of them with glee, too) this was the first job in ages that either of them had actually been excited for.

Because this machine was practically a legendary thing, massive in ability if nothing else, although the actual size of it was no laughing matter either. It controlled time and space in a way no one understood. And ultimately that reverence was something the higher-ups hadn’t taken into consideration, not to mention the curiosity these people possessed (and were the reason they’d been put on a payroll to begin with). So as the scientists crowded around the machine just to look, to investigate this technical wonder, it kind of turned into a scuffle.

Not because they wanted to mess things up. Not even because they didn’t like each other. In fact they were all friendly, which maybe made what followed just a little bit worse.

“Hey, move over, will you?”

“I was here first- wow, just look at this …”

“Is that-- dude, seriously, cut it out.”

They didn’t mean to, of course, but everything in life is an accident, at least according to … well, someone. So when one of them gave the machine a loving pat on the steel casing and another reached over him and someone somehow brushed against a button and something happened, well.

It wasn’t their fault. Really.

The fourth wall begins now!
If you've got any questions, consult the mini-FAQ or go ahead and ask in the comments!

We're also using this post to track fourth wall threads!
Please put your character's name and series in the post (preferably in the subject line) with your link!
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