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On Endings and New Beginnings...

Hey, Routians! Sunny here, to get this started off. Today, we've got some really big announcements. To avoid beating around the bush -

Route 29 will be closing on May 29th, 2016.
But that doesn't mean this game is over.

Everything will be explained below, for it is long. )
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Hey, Routers — Alex here. We're hard at work behind the scenes on a fair amount of mod stuff right now, which is why April's Activity Check and the calendar for May are a little bit delayed. For the time being, please sit tight, continue playing, and don't fret about the AC post not being up! Obviously we're not going to penalize the players for delays caused on our end, so please just carry on as usual and keep your eyes peeled for some other, forthcoming mod posts from us in the near future!

As for the weather, you can feel free to assume that the standard weather from April's calendar will be continuing forward until we get May's out to you — clear skies and moderate temperatures from here on out!

Additionally, because we know this question has been left hanging for a month — PokéProm will be making a return for yet another year, and this year we'll be having it coincide with our traditional Fourth Wall Event at the end of May! So stay tuned, PokéFans, because we'll have word on that and a lot of other exciting events in store for you coming up soon!

Though it may not appear that way on the surface, there's a lot going on behind the scenes right now, and we're working hard at getting it sorted out so that we can have some pretty exciting announcements for you ASAP! So thank you so much for your patience, and please keep your eyes peeled for some hot forthcoming news from us in the next few days!
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Regarding Mod Applications

Hey, everyone! We just wanted to give a little announcement and update regarding moderator applications. We haven't received as many as we'd hoped, so we're going to leave them open for one week longer, going until April 27th.

To help illuminate our reasoning for this time extension, we'd also like to give you an update about the current status of the moderator team, and by extension the game as a whole.

At the beginning of the month, due to recent drops from the modteam and from the game, the need to open up moderator applications to re-staff the team became inevitable. It was at this time that Alex also expressed to us her intention to step down as an HM, once a new team had been recruited and transitioned into their roles as moderators. Therefore, as we noted on our moderator applications, we've been looking for candidates interested in being both tech mods and head mods, who might be interested in helping to carry the game forward from here.

It is at this point that we feel we must be candid: with the current turnout that we've received, and the moderator changes that will be coming in the future, we simply will not have the staff on board to keep Route maintained and running in the way that it ought to be.

Therefore, we have decided to extend the acceptance deadline for moderator applications by one week, and emphasize again that we would really appreciate the extra hands to keep Route moving smoothly forward.

If you're interested in assisting, please consider filling in an application here.

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New announcement!

Good evening, Routinos and Routinas!

We've got another somber announcement for the game tonight. Dal, one of our amazing tech mods, has decided to step down from mod team and the game. She has been on the team for over two years as well, and has been an amazing addition and helper. We'd like to recognize all of her assistance and hard work that she's put into this game to help us all progressing forward.

Due to this new change, we're opening moderator applications starting tonight. They'll be open from April 4th to April 20th, 11:59 PM EST, and we're hoping to have a new team picked by early May. We'll be taking on a new handful of assistants, looking at both the Head and Tech categories, so if you're interested please look into the form and consider submitting here!

Thank you again, Dal, for everything you've done in helping Route continue toward! We wish you luck in your future endeavors!

Your Modteam,
Sunny, Alex, and Steve
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(no subject)


We're putting out a call for New Moderators to join our team!

At this time, we've decided not to commit to filling a set number of slots; we'd like to stay flexible and gauge possible interest in the position before we start determining what the revamped structure of the modteam is ultimately going to look like. So please apply! We're eager to hear from you.

Before you apply, please:

- Check here for a description of the mod duties as well as an outline of the qualities we're looking for.

- Remember that this is an authority position, with all the pros and cons that entails. We've lost members of the modteam on account of misconduct before, and we sincerely hope we'll never have to take those steps again.

- The application does ask one's preference on being a head or tech moderator, but please note that it is up to us to make that final decision.

- Note that only current Route players may apply.

Applications will be open until Saturday, April 20th at 11:59 PM, EST.

Step up to the challenge! )

For those who applied, whether you're chosen or not, all of us would like to thank you for taking the time to fill this out and step up to the challenge. We really appreciate the fact that you're willing to help out and were honest with us. The points brought up in your responses will also go towards the overall goal of making Route an ideal game to play in.

Thank you. And good luck!
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An Announcement!

Good evening, Routers! We're coming to you with a bittersweet announcement tonight — one of our wonderful Tech Moderators, Lucy, has decided to step down from the team and the game. After more than two years on the team, she'll be very missed, so we wanted to take a moment and recognize all the hard work that she put into helping to keep the game running! We'll be updating the lists shortly to reflect this moderator change-up.

For the time being, we will not be opening moderator applications. In the event that this decision changes in the future, we will of course make an announcement to the game at large, and open applications through the same format we have used in the past. However, for the moment we will simply be reducing the team by one member and carrying forward with four moderators from here.

Thank you again to Lucy for all her contributions toward making Route a wonderful place!

Your Modteam,
Sunny, Alex, Dal, and Steve
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Event Used: Feather Fall!

Hello, Routers! As a reminder, today and tomorrow mark the start of the preliminary stage of our dream plot! On April 12 and 13, the regions will be blanketed in these faintly glowing feathers, which will be available for characters to pick up as they see fit!

REMEMBER: if you intend to participate in our dream plot (and by extension plan to attend Dream Prom), YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CHARACTER ACQUIRE ONE OF THESE FEATHERS!

(It's fine to handwave the acquiring process if you want, but everyone participating should be presumed to have one by the time plot kicks off.)

After that, it's a quiet few days before the event officially kicks off on April 17th and runs through the end of April 19th — if you'd like to review how it's going to play out, have a look at our original infopost about the plot!

Thanks, everyone, and have a great week!
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We've got that thing people dream about~

Look guys, a few more updates!!

• First, check out the Starters Page for new starter pokemon. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a new type?!

• Next, App This Plz is coming up this weekend! Feel free to add people to the Google Doc! Cut-off will be Saturday, January 31, 6PM EST.

• There will be a test drive coming up soon, closer to ATP. Keep an eye out for it!

We hope all of you are being safe, especially you guys in the Snover'ed-in regions right now! Stay warm!
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It's A Whole New World We Live In!

Hey there, Routers! With this final infopost, Hoennween is now officially behind us, and [community profile] route_29 has made its transition into the Wonderful World of Gen VI! Please have a look at this post to see what alterations have been made, and therefore what will be applicable to your gameplay experience from here on out!

Updates: Movesets, Items, Evolutions, and More! )

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A Clarification of Our Application Spoilers Policy!

Having received several questions relating to our linking-for-spoilers policy on applications, we would like to clarify our stance on when it is appropriate to link an application for spoilers, and when that application should be posted to the comments of our applications page.

Please Make Sure to Familiarize Yourself With This Update! )

We appreciate your time and understanding, and now return you to your regularly scheduled gameplay.
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You can be my little movie queen, up there on the silver screen!

Hey, everyone! Just a couple of quick reminders for you!

• As of Monday, June 2, our Fourth Wall Event has ended; you're welcome to backdate threads on existing posts as long as you like and keep tagging into the mingle log as you see fit, however!

• Remember that our Fourth Wall is also functioning as a Test Drive, so feel free to continue to entice new players to come join us!

• From today until 11:59 PM EST on Thursday, June 5, we are officially in Aftereffect Season; the calendar for June has been updated to reflect this!

• We've got a Heart Meme going on over in [community profile] slowpoke_gif, if you haven't stopped by yet!

• And of course, it's that time of the month again, so don't forget to do your AC!
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Prom 2014: The Wrap-Up

Hey, Routers! As another successful POKEMON PROM draws to a close, we just wanted to give you some final thoughts and bits of gameplay information that have changed or come to light as a result of the event!

And Here It Is! )

NOTE: Even though according to the IC timeline, PokeProm 2014 has now come to an end, we strongly encourage you to continue backdating your threads and tagging out to other people on the logs for as long as you like! This post is mostly just to make available some wrap-up details and chart out the course for our next horizon!

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to ask them here! Otherwise, please feel free to use the comments of this post for discussion and feedback for us on what you liked about prom, and how we can keep working to make it even better next time!
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Please feel free to use the comments of this post to discuss ideas, lay out plans, and plot things with other players!

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A Swarm of Wild Updates Appeared!

Happy Pi Day, White Day, Ides of March Eve, or just plain old Friday, Route! We've got a fair number of announcements for you today, so we've decided to consolidate them into one (well, technically two) big infodump posts for your perusal!

Events, Updates, and More! )

Thanks again for your time, Route; we hope to see you over on the PokeProm Informational Post!
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Then One Foggy Christmas Eve...

Happy Holidays, Route! We're getting towards the end of the month, and if you've checked the Calendar lately, you've seen that we're in for snow, snow, and more snow right up until the 25th! But a White Christmas Holiday Season isn't the only thing the snow is bringing...

Starting late in the evening on Sunday, December 22 and carrying through until 5:59 AM EST on Wednesday, December 25, both regions will be invaded by a Stantler swarm! But this isn't your average Stantler swarm, so make sure to read carefully for how this may affect your character!

It'll Go Down In History! )

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Evening, Route!

Guess what time it is...


So we'll start this off with introductions and welcomes. Moderator applications closed a few weeks ago and it was a tough decision, as we got a lot of applications! Thank you to everyone who applied! But out of the many submissions we received, we managed to narrow it down to three new TMs, who have been doing their best to help us get everything nice and polished just in time for October!


Lucy ([personal profile] fleeting)
mun of Aradia Megido/[personal profile] timelymaid and Mitsukuni Haninozuka/[personal profile] cakelover

Steve ([personal profile] chargingstar)
mun of Cobra Commander/[personal profile] cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Dal ([personal profile] dalicious)
mun of Kiyotaka Ishimaru/[personal profile] ardent, Solf J Kimblee/[personal profile] explosivecombat, Alfred Ashford/[personal profile] twinsanity and GLaDOS/[personal profile] neurotoxined

Their information will be added to Route's main page and the mod account's profile, and they are all officially up for poking!

In addition to a few new hands, we have another shiny little thing.

[ profile] RouteMods


All notifications posted on plurk will also be posted on the main commuity or the OOC community - we made this for convenience of reblogging and sharing.

However, we'd like to warn you now that private plurks or pings to the moderator account will not be considered reliable methods of contact. Please continue to contact us using our personal plurks or the moderator dw account. We will answer questions in the moderator plurk when announcements are made, but don't rely on this as a primary means of contact.

Now, as we rejoice over here, please take a look over here for more plot information!!
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Feedback Post: The Return

Evening, Routians! We're well overdue on getting this out to you (and we have a lot of apologies to make for it, too), but in this post you'll find our thoughts and commentary on the Big Mod Feedback Post we did back in June. We know we should've gotten this out sooner, and for that you have our sincerest apologies, but we hope this explains some of where we're coming from on a lot of the feedback we received.

Under the cut, you'll find some of the things we've isolated as major points from the feedback post — that is, themes and questions that large numbers of people tended to be concerned about. If your specific question did not make it onto this list, that doesn't mean we didn't talk about it! We promise, we read every comment to the post, and we did discuss all of the points that were brought up. However, in the interest of keeping this from getting too tl;dr, we opted to keep this main post about the questions and concerns that we felt were the biggest issues to address. So if something you were concerned about didn't make this post, and you want an answer to it, we strongly encourage you to contact us privately and ask about it!

We also strongly encourage you to use the comments of this post to respond to us and to what we've said here. This process shouldn't end with your questions and our answers; if you have thoughts on what we've said here, please let us know about them. At the end of the day, it's our role as mods to make the final calls about what we think is best for the game, but this is a community and hearing your input is important to us.

That said, on to the responses!


Thank you all for your thoughts and feedback, and for your patience with us all this time. We're really looking forward to what lies ahead on this magical Pokemon journey for all of us!
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Hey, Routers! Things have been pretty eventful for the game over the past few months, and we've seen a fair number of changes along the way — the introduction of EV News, the extra-detailed badge acceptances, the experiment with making the Gym Leaders more interactive for the playerbase, and a handful of big plots, including our recent Glitch Plot, Fourth Wall, and of course, the game's big three-year anniversary! But with all of that excitement finally reaching something of a lull for the moment, we on the modteam would really like to check in with you, the players, and get your feedback on how the game experience has been for you so far, and what you'd like to see out of us in the future.

Beneath the cut, we've got a fairly detailed survey we'd like to ask you to fill out, to let us know how we've been doing on a handful of topics, and to get your input on what new things we might attempt, modify, or outright change in the future! When filling it out, please feel free to be as specific or general as you like; we'd prefer specifics, as those tend to be more helpful to us as a team, but please don't feel bound to strictly answer every question if a more general answer will do. Likewise, if there's something you'd like to tell us that isn't covered with the survey, please feel free! This post is here for your thoughts and feedback on Route, and to open up channels of communication with us to answer questions and discuss what might be in store for the game from here on out.

Once you've filled out the survey, please also feel free to make subsequent comments to this post with other topics you might like to discuss with us or with your fellow members of the playerbase! However, please keep in mind that this is NOT an HMD post, nor will we be tolerating any bickering in the comments. It's fine to disagree, but please keep any disagreements civil and discussion-focused; we reserve the right to step in and halt discussion if we feel the conversation is no longer productive, or dissolving into an argument as opposed to a healthy debate.

Also, please keep in mind that while we value your opinions and want to take them into consideration as we move the game forward, we must also as moderators exercise our own personal judgment in determining what will be best for the game. Some suggestions, however popular among the playerbase, simply may not be feasible from a moderator standpoint — and if we do feel that way, we'll try to explain why, but ultimately this discussion comes with the caveat that not everyone is going to get what they want. So please be patient and understanding with us as we try to do our best for the game and for you!

Note: ANONYMOUS COMMENTING IS ENABLED! (For real this time!) We want to encourage honesty here, so please feel free to go anon if it makes you more comfortable. Just please don't abuse the privilege!



We'll be doing our best to keep up with the discussion as it unfolds, but if you have a question or the need to get hold of us (or one of us specifically), feel free to use the PING-A-MOD thread included in the comments to flag us down!

Thanks again for all your input and cooperation, Route, and we're really looking forward to hearing from you!
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Attention all lovely denizens!

 Ignore the incredibly pretentious title, but my shorts has an announcement! The calendar has been updated, so, like, get some sunblock because it's hotter than an Arizona barbecue! My sincerest apologies for the lack of one for April. I was attempting to pursue other options but they quite didn't pan out. Still no excuse for a shirk of my duties, however. I will note that this will be the last time that happens, as I have templates up until August that I'll be working on throughout the week. 

We now return you to your locally scheduled player related announcements! 

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Good afternoon, Routians.

We regret that it's become necessary to make this post, but in light of recent events, we on the modteam feel we have to readdress our stance concerning the usage of anonymous communities like wankgate and rpanons. We understand that these communities are outside of our jurisdiction as moderators and have no intention of attempting to police our players based on whether or not they frequent them. However, there comes a point when we find it necessary to step in and take action, and this is unfortunately one of those times.

Policy regarding anonymous communities )

Regarding Canon Updates and Resets )

If you've got questions or comments, please go ahead and express them. We hope everyone's had a good weekend, and hopefully a good Monday.

ETA: Applications will be done on Monday evening. We apologize for the inconvenience.