Sep. 7th, 2013

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Evening, Routians! We're well overdue on getting this out to you (and we have a lot of apologies to make for it, too), but in this post you'll find our thoughts and commentary on the Big Mod Feedback Post we did back in June. We know we should've gotten this out sooner, and for that you have our sincerest apologies, but we hope this explains some of where we're coming from on a lot of the feedback we received.

Under the cut, you'll find some of the things we've isolated as major points from the feedback post — that is, themes and questions that large numbers of people tended to be concerned about. If your specific question did not make it onto this list, that doesn't mean we didn't talk about it! We promise, we read every comment to the post, and we did discuss all of the points that were brought up. However, in the interest of keeping this from getting too tl;dr, we opted to keep this main post about the questions and concerns that we felt were the biggest issues to address. So if something you were concerned about didn't make this post, and you want an answer to it, we strongly encourage you to contact us privately and ask about it!

We also strongly encourage you to use the comments of this post to respond to us and to what we've said here. This process shouldn't end with your questions and our answers; if you have thoughts on what we've said here, please let us know about them. At the end of the day, it's our role as mods to make the final calls about what we think is best for the game, but this is a community and hearing your input is important to us.

That said, on to the responses!


Thank you all for your thoughts and feedback, and for your patience with us all this time. We're really looking forward to what lies ahead on this magical Pokemon journey for all of us!


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