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In a nutshell, Pokemon Prom is an event we ran last year right around this time of year, in which Clair decided she wanted to throw a party and invite everyone in the region to it for the sake of wearing pretty dresses and generally having a good ol' time. Because it ended up being such a smash hit among the playerbase, we're bringing it back again this year for another go, with some new and exciting additions to help keep things fresh and fun in its second incarnation!

If you'd like to read up on the description we provided for last year's prom, you can do so here; if you weren't in the game at that time, we'd recommend looking that post over for the sake of context! However, everything you need to know about this year's prom will be included in this post, so checking that link is entirely optional (but again, recommended)!

This year, Prom will be taking place from April 4 to April 6 — that's three days this year, instead of only two! And like last year, the location will be at Clair and Lance's Super Classy Elite Four Exclusive Vacation Retreat in Scenic Tohjo Falls.

Since last year, when we totally made it up so we'd have a venue for throwing prom.

An excellent question! This year, rather than drafting the gym leaders into doing her dirty work, Clair and Lance will be personally supervising the ferry services that will get player characters to prom. That means this year there'll be Ace Trainers flying out to the Pokemon Center or Gym in every major city, and they'll be the ones tasked with picking up the partygoers and flying them to Scenic Tohjo Falls. This is completely handwavable and free of charge, so all your character has to do is get to one of the cities or towns and be waiting on the morning the Ace Trainers arrive. Think of it like a super classy bus service.

You bet it is. See, last year the Gym Leaders were our super special NPC guest stars.

This year, Clair doesn't want them upstaging her Bigger and Better Super Special NPC Guest Stars, so they're not invited. c:

Would they be interested in exploring a heretofore-closed area of the universe that people can apparently only access once a year? How about the potential for getting some information on the Elite Four — and our other guest stars? Or the chance to look at artwork, research, and other information about Pokemon species that aren't readily available anywhere else? Why, there might even be the chance to catch some fairly rare Pokemon from around the Tohjo area. The possibilities are endless.

Then, like last year, perhaps their Pokemon can encourage them into it! This event isn't just for the trainers — it's a get-together for your rosters, too! (Why should the humans be the only ones to have fun, right?) There will be a designated dance floor for accompanying Pokemon to spend time together, play, and interact as well, though for purposes of space, Clair will be requiring that rosters be limited to six, with a maximum of one Pokemon of excessive size. We can find room to accommodate one Wailord; six might be a little too much of a hassle!

In determining what a Pokemon "of excessive size" is, think one Pokemon big enough to ride or fly on, and the rest should be roughly person-sized or smaller. Most dragons, Torterra, Rapidash, and other 'mons like that, for example, will fall under the "excessive size" umbrella.

Nope! This event is entirely optional. Granted, we're hoping that most people will go, and as a result, characters who choose to stay behind will probably find that most of the rest of the nations are pretty deserted for the duration. But if you'd rather avoid this event altogether, you're perfectly welcome to.

No RSVP necessary! On Friday, March 21, Clair will begin having her dragons do fly-overs of Johto and Kanto. They'll be carrying with them a bunch of little plastic Pokeballs about the size of a Ping-Pong ball, which they'll be scattering from the air as they go. When opened, some of these Pokeballs will have a silver ticket inside! If your character gets one, they're invited to the shindig. (Note that for OOC purposes, there are obviously enough tickets for every character to find one; however, characters are also welcome to bring a date as their plus-one to the party, so you're welcome to play things out that way instead.)

NOTE: Clair and Lance will not be ICly telling people the identities of the Super Special NPC Guest Stars in the invitations to prom; that will remain a secret ICly until people are at prom in Tohjo and get to see them in person! They will foreshadow that it's a red-carpet gala for some Pretty Important People (So Don't Miss It) and etc, but there will be no indication of who those VIPs might be until prom actually happens.

Well, for starters, it looks like this:

BLUE areas are where the bulk of the party's events will be located! As you can see, the festivities will be taking place largely outdoors, and the grounds will reflect that; there'll be the usual decorations of pretty floral arrangements, little lights, things like that. Think upscale garden party! There'll also be a ballroom indoors for more traditionally fancy red-carpet goings-on, but most of the action (and volume of guests) will be found mingling out back.
GREEN areas are where guests will be staying overnight! Unfortunately, you'll be sleeping-bagging it up, since there's a limited amount of bedrooms in this house and they're all being occupied by Clair, Lance, the Elite Four, and guests who are regrettably way more important than you. However, this is where you'll be given space to leave your possessions, claim some sleeping room, and generally crash for the night once the festivities do you in. (Note: you're welcome to try to sleep elsewhere, but Clair might catch you and disapprove. You don't want that, do you?)
RED areas are unfortunately off-limits to guests! If asked about them, anyone will tell you that those are the rooms and areas that the Elite Four (and their special guests) have claimed for themselves, and they're sealed off tight. Please don't try to break into them anyway; you'll only be caught and punished.

AREA A is the designated Indoor Ballroom area, for the people who prefer the classy elegance of a formal red-carpet gala over the more whimsy outdoor garden party atmosphere in the back. There's a big skylight, hardwood floors, tasteful artwork, and classy music — a little more upscale than the shenanigans going on outside, for the people who'd rather that kind of thing.

AREA B will be the area of interest for anyone hoping to sneak a little Pokemon research on the side: this is the Library/Gallery area of the house. While most of it is your standard "tall shelves of ancient identical books" fare, there are a few points of interest — we've detailed them further right here. Guests are welcome to look around a little, but burying themselves in research the whole time will be highly frowned upon, and you'll be politely encouraged to leave the library alone and go rejoin the festivities if you hole up in there for too long.

AREA C is...well, the Parking Lot. More importantly, it's where you take your Pokemon battles if you simply gotta get your battle on; keep it out and away from the house, please, and try not to make too much of a mess. Skirmishes, sorties, and sparring will be tolerated here and here alone. Do it anywhere else and you'll be facing some very displeased hosts.

AREA D is the Elite Four's Trophy Room. Please be quiet and respectful if you come up here to have a look around; it's a solemn kind of place. Here you'll find various collections of badges, ribbons, awards, and trophies put on display, with one wall devoted to each member of the Elite Four. There are also pictures of the Elite Four members themselves, though it seems there's been a changeover since the last prom; the candids and Official Portraits™ depict different people entirely now (with the exception of Bruno) and there are a few photos of some sort of ceremony among the others. These photos include Lance being declared Champion of both regions by Professor Oak, while the rest of the Elite Four look on; Lorelai hugging Will and Karen immediately after their promotion to Elite Four; Agatha and Koga having an exhibition battle between her Gengar and his Crobat; all six of them piling into the frame for what amounts to a massive group selfie, etc.

• This is a red-carpet event! That means a formal dress code is going to be enforced; you don't have to be haute couture levels of fancy, but you can't show up in jeans and a polo, either. (Let us all never forget how brave Morty spent the entirety of prom in the parking lot last year because he wore socks with sandals and got kicked out by Clair.) Naturally, you should bring something comfortable to change into — it's a three-day event, after all — but if you don't have something formal to wear to the Main Event, Clair's likely to boot you to the parking lot, so.

• The music will be more classical/orchestral stuff indoors and more upbeat, pop dance stuff outdoors. Feel free to make requests of the DJ; if you're lucky you might even be able to persuade her to open up the microphones for some impromptu karaoke.

• Yes, that is actually a pool in the backyard. You're welcome to go swimming if you like, though we recommend not doing it in your red-carpet attire. (Hopefully you brought a bathing suit; if not, maybe someone will let you borrow one?)

• Refreshments suitable for both humans and Pokemon will be available, with enough leftovers that people are welcome to steal some to take home with them afterward. Drinks are mostly punch and soft drinks, but you are welcome to BYOB if you are of age for it. This is prom, after all.

• Yes, you may spike the punch bowl. One of them.

Sort of! If you need an itinerary for how the three-day event is laid out, it's going to go roughly something like this:

Day/Night One: Guests arrive, Clair and Lance put on the big dazzling red-carpet gala for their newly-arrived VIPs, everyone wears fancy dresses and has a big party.

Day/Night Two: The event NPCs go casual to actually take care of the business that has actually brought them Tohjo in the first place; the PC guests (aka you guys) are welcome to continue partying, socializing, and enjoying yourselves on your own while they go off and be fabulous.

Day Three: Things wrap up, the Ace Trainers assemble, and everyone leaves.

We're willing to entertain suggestions for player plots and other small shenanigans taking place during the party! However, there will be no massive attacks or huge displays of chaos this time around. ICly speaking, the Rocket Execs will have handed down the word that they Strongly Frown On™ any disruptive Rocket shenanigans taking place at the event; for one thing it's just plain inadvisable to start trouble with so many flagrantly kickass bruisers there, and for another there's much more to be gained by keeping a low profile and taking advantage of the once-a-year opportunity to infiltrate the Elite Four's digs instead. OOCly, we're once again enforcing mandatory consequences for people who do start trouble, so while we're not outright banning Rocket shenanigans on a small and unobtrusive scale, we won't be allowing massive party-disrupting things, either.

Arceus (and Dreamwidth servers) willing. However, while we will be putting up an event log in [community profile] route_1065, that doesn't mean the log post is the only place you can play and thread! We highly encourage players to make their own posts set in and around the Elite Four's resort, the same as you would any other city or town in the game. The guest star NPCs will only be available in the main log post, though; we want to make sure we can keep their involvement manageable for everyone concerned, so we don't end up dropping NPC threads all over the place because we got overwhelmed.

Also, because of player feedback, this year we'll be structuring the log format slightly differently than we did last year! Rather than having subthreads at given locations and having people post their starters beneath those threads (which, while organized, kept all the comment threads on the first page and made the load times outrageous), this year we'll be keeping the IC log post a free-for-all where people just post their starters, presumably with a location in the header, directly to the post itself.

However, we will also be maintaining an OOC directory post for prom, and this directory will have subthreads with the various locations; that way, people can link their starters off the directory post and hopefully maintain the same amount of organization while increasing functionality in terms of gameplay. And we'll provide the directions and stuff for that again when the posts themselves go up, don't worry!

Since this is technically a three-day event, we'll be having two official logs for it — one for the "red carpet" day of mingling and another for the second-day, less formal mingling and partying. The OOC directory post will reflect that!

Because this is an event, and your esteemed hosts would really prefer it if the mass of incoming trainers didn't poach all the native wildlife from their lovely Tohjo hideaway, we will be capping the number of Cool And Rare Wild Pokemon™ that guests can encounter and capture at one apiece. That said, here's the list of what you're welcome to find, either in the forested areas surrounding the estate or down by the Falls themselves:

Electrike, Castform, Frillish, Rufflet, Vullaby, Shuppet, Pawniard, Roggenrola, Makuhita, Huntail, Gorebyss, Foongus, Poliwrath, Kingdra, Throh, Sawk, Gothita, Beldum, Swalot, Quilfish, Relicanth, Lotad, Slakoth, Spoink, Bibarel, Carvahna, Dwebble, Mantyke

There will also be Bloobers (Goomy), obviously, and a few tragically lost Bronzong milling around as well!

[Wild Pokemon will all be levels 20-30.]

They'll be primarily Johto and Kanto regional works, with the occasional mention of the other regions here and there. The "Gallery" portion of the Library/Gallery in particular seems to be displaying the best Johto has to offer in terms of history and lore. There are large statues of Lugia and Ho-Oh in the center of the room, and a few stone etchings of Fossil Pokémon; one of the walls is dominated by paintings — there's one depicting the Ecruteak City skyline before the Brass Tower burned down, and another of the Legendary Beasts standing atop what looks like a mountain peak, watching over the region and generally looking majestic, as they do.

The books that can be found in those tall shelves set against the other walls are a combination of pure research material, mythology and history; there are books to be found about Dark-, Psychic-, Fighting- and Poison-types in particular — several of which seem to have been written by the Elite Four themselves, if the title pages are any indication. There's also at least one book that looks like it's a scrapbook of sorts — a compilation of cut-out news articles, scholarly writings, photographs, and handwritten notes speculating about the work being done at the Pewter City digsite. Given that it's found near a stack of other volumes that all seem to be about ancient civilizations, it looks as though someone's been doing some research lately...

(Of course, there are a few things in there that seem to be purely fiction: one of them appears to be a highly sensationalized retelling of how Red, the former Champion of the Kanto region, rose to glory. Rather than the straightforward tale that most NPCs in the region seem familiar with, there's a lot of talk of false prophets, a messiah figure, and a central clash between democracy and anarchy in this one. Strange.)

Aside from the assorted bookstacks, though, there's one corner of a writing table that seems to have been claimed for someone's scholarly endeavors; given the amount of dragon-themed books scattered around (and the fact that half the pages of the "manuscript" are really just doodles of dragons breathing fire and such), it looks like this might be Lance's little authorial domain. Several of the books are recently-published scientific journals, all of which have been bookmarked on pages with articles debating the hypothetical existence of Pokemon that are immune to Dragon-type attacks. Most of these articles have been subjected to Lance's scathing critique, penciled into the margins — it seems he has some particularly strong thoughts on that possibility, most of which amount to "Inconceivable!"

Well, you can try, but you're not likely to succeed, since that's where our Super Swag Ultimate Guest Stars are bunking and Clair and Lance would really rather they not be disturbed by the riffraff intruders.

For people who decide to attempt a break-in, the consequences could range anywhere from a stern admonition of "HEY! GET AWAY FROM THERE!", to being actually dragged back downstairs by one of the displeased Pokemon on duty charged with keeping people away from there; you could hypothetically get shooed into the kitchen and put on dishwashing detail as a punishment, or sentenced to sleep outside rather than in one of the indoor areas. Or, if you're really gunning for a severe punishment, Clair could blow her stack and do something like convincing the gym leaders to temp-ban the person from challenging a gym for the next few weeks afterward.

Or Lance could Hyper Beam you into a wall. He does that sometimes.

Basically, if you want there to be consequences, we can get creative and work with you! All it takes is some idea of what you'd like to happen.

That's when the other perk of coming to Clair's big shindig kicks in! The Ace Trainers will be ferrying people back to the cities and towns across Johto and Kanto, but you do NOT have to go home with the same Ace Trainer that you arrived with! So if there's a particular gym you've been meaning to get to, or you've been looking for an excuse to get into Kanto or Johto but can't afford the train ticket, or otherwise just want to get somewhere or meet up with people that you haven't been able to before, we highly encourage you to use this opportunity to move your character around the world! Call it a freebie, on us.

Sorry, but no. OOCly, we're reserving Tohjo as an event-only location where trainers have to stay within the boundaries specified; once they're in, they can't take off and leave the area mid-plot, either. ICly, we're once again asking for some leeway and suspension of disbelief as to why your characters won't remember the way back afterward — maybe the flight was too complex to follow, or they fell asleep on the ride, or some other excuse you're free to come up with yourself. Once this event is over, Tohjo will go back to being closed, just as it was before. (Until next year...?)

We do not deny it.

No problem! Just ask us in this thread here. Operators will be standing by to take your call. o/


Remember that Bloober Swarm we had about a month ago? Well, as we mentioned, their migration led them toward Tohjo Falls, where they've lately been infesting the waterfalls, playing in the standing water, and generally having a good ol' time all over the Elite Four's phat palatial Pokemon estate. And naturally, the Elite Four have as little idea about what the Bloobers are as anyone else, so they did what any normal person would do when faced with a weird thing they'd never seen before and no idea what to think of it.

They started texting their friends and family about it.

You can thank Koga for setting the whole thing off, initially; he made a passing remark to Janine about the Bloober infestation at Tohjo during one of their regular check-ins. And of course, that was hot news, so Janine told her buddy Falkner, who bumped the word on to Brock, who floated it to Misty who ended up telling Whitney and then it got to Jasmine, and that's where things got interesting.

Jasmine ended up bouncing the news to Volkner, who naturally had no damn idea what was going on with Bloobers either, but clearly news of a weird and unprecedented Pokemon invasion in Johto/Kanto was news enough to bear repeating, so Volkner mentioned it to Flint who figured it'd be the kind of thing Cynthia would be interested in (and rightfully so). And then Cynthia got excited and told her grandmother who promptly forwarded the word to her old buddy Professor Rowan, and it was such hot news that of course Rowan had to get his contemporaries, Professor Juniper and Professor Sycamore, in on this business.

And naturally, when you tell a story that many times, the fine details get blown way out of proportion, so a fair number of these people are now of the belief that Tohjo Falls has been infested by some kind of ridiculous new mutant species of Pokemon with all the freakish and outlandish attributes that a gossip chain usually attributes to baseline facts.

Consequently, when a lot of these people heard a story like that, they packed their bags and booked travel plans to Tohjo, wanting to see these mysterious Bloober things for themselves. And so, for the final link in this telephone chain, when Lance found out that a bunch of elite superstars from the surrounding regions were coming to Tohjo to check out the Bloobers, he naturally got excited and raved about it to Clair, and wouldn't you know it, now she's throwing them a red-carpet welcoming gala.

I know, right.

Yes they are, for a limited time only. And yes, they will be available for player interactions during prom; like last year, we'll each be taking a few of them and tossing them into the event log for people to hang out with if they'd like!

...Assuming you can catch them when they're not nerding out about the Bloobers, that is.

Currently on the NPC Guest List are:
• Professor Sycamore
• Professor Rowan
• Assistant Professor Bianca
• Champion Cynthia
• Champion Diantha
• Champion Lance
• Gym Leader Crasher Wake
• Gym Leader Clair
• Apprentice Shauna
• ?????

Bloobers are a big deal!

We still have answers! Ask us here.

So are we!

And we just can't hide it.

In fact, we're about to lose control and we think we like it.

Please feel free to use the comments of this post to discuss ideas, lay out plans, and plot things with other players!

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How many NPC guest stars will Joker be able to annoy chat about circus funds before Clair andor Lance starts to threaten him with bodily harm?

Also will Joker be able to find out Clair's favorite flowers with enough poking around?

Also I'm so sorry for this stupid circus obsessed loser, is this apology accepted?

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I switched accounts, but this is [personal profile] pipers_son's player and WHO WANTS TO LEARN HOW TO DANCE WITH THIS DORK? I need an excuse for him to learn how to tango or anything and everything.

Also if you just want to plot shenanigans with either him or Garry here, let's go for it.
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[personal profile] awesmazings 2014-03-14 11:34 pm (UTC)(link)
JOKER COME DANCE WITH JIMMY even though he can't really dance that well and he's like five million feet taller than everyone

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Re: Plotting??

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So, I have Kimblee here, as well as Ishimaru ([personal profile] ardent) and Alfred ([personal profile] twinsanity) up for plotting; Kimblee is actually not failing social forever and has managed to secure a date, but the other two are made of equal parts "eesh" and "oh my god" at managing to find partners so if anyone is interested then god help you I am down for working that out :|a

OTHERWISE I am down for literally anything plotting-wise, including in-person interactions that we haven't managed to secure before and Pokémon battling!
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Well, we did talk about a battle between these two...

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plot plot plot plot plot!

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so Asahina is likely going stag/with her friends so she's very free for dances and hanging out! She's not the best dancer but wow, does she have enthusiasm so try not to mind too many crushed toes.

also she's totally going to end up in the pool at some point, likely with her dress on because she cannot control herself around pools, someone please restrain this girl or at least remind her pool chemicals and certain fabrics don't do well together
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[personal profile] artificialrose 2014-03-14 11:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Joker is positively the worst person to ask about restraint, he'll probably end up in the pool with her, the jackass.

They should totally dance together 'tho

In super wet clothes or dry, doesn't matter

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[personal profile] awesmazings 2014-03-14 11:42 pm (UTC)(link)
I've just got Jimmy here for the moment, but I'd love to plot with you guys if there's anything anyone wants to do with him! He's not gonna be going with any dates because he's a bit too oblivious for that sort of thing (and who'd go with him anyway) and he's Kinda Already Spoken For(tm). He WILL, however, be there because wow party yes ok

gon' socialize with all the people

I also have an app in for Chihiro from DR currently but he's not relevant unless he's accepted
Edited (let's pretend for a moment Chi can type) 2014-03-14 23:44 (UTC)
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Well naturally Botan's going to drag everyone she knows down with her to prom because DRESSING UP FUN DANCING TIMES HELL YES. And promptly wear a modified yukata to it because lol what's a prom how do you do it when you're an 800+ year old spirit.

Maka is less inclined to go but will end up there some way or another. She'll also be a super wallflower because what do you even do at parties besides eat and watch everyone dance?? Her hellhound--I mean Houndoom will most likely be stuck at her side too and give anyone that talks to Maka the old "I'm watchin you" stare.

But yes, I'm up for anything, let's have some fun this beat is sick.
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[personal profile] artificialrose 2014-03-14 11:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey Maka, dance with your not-dad

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[personal profile] justkeptswimming - 2014-03-15 00:42 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] in_praetego - 2014-03-15 07:40 (UTC) - Expand
paladinlost: (^_^)

[personal profile] paladinlost 2014-03-14 11:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Cecil Harvey and Captain Ash will both be present!

Cecil will be poking his nose around everywhere he can and speak to everyone who looks interesting, but he's also an excellent dancing partner who will be more than happy to teach people the basics.

Ash will spent at least a few hours looking for his Braviary's family, because d'awwww happy reunions. He also might or might not encourage the local Bloobers to wobble along to the music.

Both are completely open to additional plans and meetings!
lullabytes: official game sprite (SMILE ► you go girl)

[personal profile] lullabytes 2014-03-14 11:48 pm (UTC)(link)
HI GUYS. Nanami Chiaki (this account, SDR2) and Aradia Megido (~timelymaid, Homestuck) are both going to prom. I'm also going to be handling Shauna and Bianca on the NPC side, so there is that.

Neither of my two girls needs any incentive to go to the party, and will in fact be attending of their own free wills. They're also pretty open to dancing with whoever; Aradia doesn't have a date but Nanami is going to go with one of her friends so YES.

If you want anything in particular just lemme know and I'll pencil you in to my prom plans I LOVE PROM I was internetless last time THIS TIME I WILL ENJOY IT FULLY.
tallandproud: (It'll be alright.)

[personal profile] tallandproud 2014-03-15 12:14 am (UTC)(link)
If you need a friend nominated for going with Nanami, Hinata would do it in a heartbeat. I think we talked out our plans but I am giving myself a comment here to remind myself about it.

(no subject)

[personal profile] lullabytes - 2014-03-15 00:24 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] tallandproud - 2014-03-15 00:36 (UTC) - Expand
foolishwren: spoilers: they totally do (Dontcha think blondes have more fun?)

[personal profile] foolishwren 2014-03-14 11:52 pm (UTC)(link)
SO LIKE LAST YEAR, Heather here will be sneaking a bunch of booze into the prom and surreptitiously selling it under her snazzy suit-wearing secret alter-ego, Tuxedo Birdface. Everyone is invited to approach the suave motherfucker in the Murkrow mask for business. Or to try and shut her down. Or to try and steal a beer. Or just drink with her, she will be notably more subdued than she was last year (thanks to prominent CR missing) so SHE WOULDN'T EVEN MIND GIVING FREE BOOZE TO PEOPLE SHE CAN SIT AROUND AND BE TIPSY WITH.

In addition, several of her Pokemon are going to be out and about as well-- this probably includes Godzilla the Croconaw (who will be anxiously hanging around her and attempting to play bouncer), Wren the Murkrow (who will once again be tied to a balloon and floating around the party), and Tricia the Manectric (who will be Very Invested in performing amazing tricks like 'sit' and 'roll over' for table scraps). POSSIBLY OTHERS TOO.

In any case, if anyone wants to plot with me for this event, PLS HIT ME UP HERE or on Plurk where I will also be brainstorming! (Plurk is Phantastus!)
imthe_shit: (hmmmmmmm...)

[personal profile] imthe_shit 2014-03-23 04:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Knowing Snake, he'll probably be fooled by that disguise, too...

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[personal profile] foolishwren - 2014-03-24 22:59 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] imthe_shit - 2014-03-25 01:38 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] foolishwren - 2014-03-28 06:51 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] imthe_shit - 2014-03-28 19:19 (UTC) - Expand
ghostytrainer: (dance party!)

[personal profile] ghostytrainer 2014-03-14 11:58 pm (UTC)(link)
So I've got John and Kuzuryuu, one of whom will be ecstatic about this while the other would rather swallow a jar of needles BUT THEY WILL BOTH BE THERE ANYWAY. No points for guessing which one is which.

John will obviously have a date but is totally open to dancing with his friends. So he's easy enough to plot all sorts of silly/fun/dance-tastic shenanigans with. Kuzuryuu will not have a date, fuck dancing, he doesn't want to be here, fuck off, leave him alone, fuck you, and Nanami is literally the only reason he's here. But if you want to plot...something...with him then...yes.
awesmazings: (☼ without pain)

[personal profile] awesmazings 2014-03-15 12:01 am (UTC)(link)
I totally want Jimmy to visit John and Rose now to figure out what the heck you're supposed to wear to prom because how is he supposed to know

(no subject)

[personal profile] ghostytrainer - 2014-03-15 00:04 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] awesmazings - 2014-03-15 00:05 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] ghostytrainer - 2014-03-15 00:08 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] awesmazings - 2014-03-15 00:10 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] usedswift - 2014-03-15 23:49 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

[personal profile] impheired - 2014-03-16 06:48 (UTC) - Expand
doitrockapella: (CONFIDENT ❖ why yes i speak jive)

[personal profile] doitrockapella 2014-03-15 12:03 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, right, I this.

Carmen has managed to secure herself a date but she will be available for pretty much anything outside of that, so hit me up for plotting — last year she got to beat people up in parking lots, and I am committed to similar levels of shenanigans this year if need be.

Parker is presumably going but has no date, naturally, so she's wide open in that respect GOING WITH HAGAKURE because clearly that can only end well. MAYBE SHE WILL STEAL SOMETHING AGAIN THIS YEAR, IDK.

Kirigiri has fallen prey to the wiles of Proswagonist and is going with Naegi, but she'll be snooping around failing at parties like a true Dangan, making out with aforementioned Proswagonist in closets, and possibly trying to break into the Elite Four's private rooms.

Edited 2014-03-15 00:21 (UTC)

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[personal profile] freshprints - 2014-03-15 00:33 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] superordinary - 2014-03-15 00:44 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] explosivecombat - 2014-03-15 00:52 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] doitrockapella - 2014-03-15 00:54 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] lieutenantantichrist - 2014-03-15 14:28 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] doitrockapella - 2014-03-15 15:02 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] lieutenantantichrist - 2014-03-15 15:39 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] doitrockapella - 2014-03-15 21:17 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] lieutenantantichrist - 2014-03-16 01:13 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] angerpoints - 2014-03-15 15:49 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] doitrockapella - 2014-03-15 21:17 (UTC) - Expand
konpeitoqueen: (less aggressive wtf)

[personal profile] konpeitoqueen 2014-03-15 12:09 am (UTC)(link)
SO THIS LITTLE SHIT TOTALLY DOESN'T NEED A DATE but unfortunately she doesn't know any kind of dance which involves partners. And unfortunately she's too proud to go to lessons without incentive and without knowing how to dance there's no way in hell she's going to prom to embarrass herself.

JOKER COULD MAKE FUN OF HER but that only lasts for so long. All of you fling shit at me can throw any suggestion on how they can harass Saionji into learning a slow waltz, at least!
lullabytes: official art (Default)

[personal profile] lullabytes 2014-03-15 12:25 am (UTC)(link)
Nanami could ask her to lessons as like a partner or...something I DON'T KNOW IF THAT WOULD HELP, but she's definitely taking them herself. :T

(no subject)

[personal profile] konpeitoqueen - 2014-03-15 01:05 (UTC) - Expand
tallandproud: (There's nothing to think about now.)

[personal profile] tallandproud 2014-03-15 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
Yo! Hajime Hinata (SDR2), and Dave Strider are both going! The first has to be worked over by his friend Nanami. Dave is going of his free will possibly with a date. Both will be around to talk to and dance with.

Dave will be trying to get some talks in with the professors about the Bloobers and other regions. Hinata will be getting a look in the library when he isn't wallflowering a bit. Just let me know what you're thinking of and you'll be in my prom plans.
Edited 2014-03-15 00:11 (UTC)
usedswift: (yes!)

[personal profile] usedswift 2014-03-15 11:43 pm (UTC)(link)
As soon as those Pokéballs with tickets in them start dropping, Tenten's going to hit Dave up because now they can get into that library!! She might casually hint that it could be as a date, but if she thinks he'd want to go with anyone else (or if she thinks he has a date already), she'd back off immediately and only insist that he go to the library with her haha.

Either way. Nerds reading books at prom.

(no subject)

[personal profile] tallandproud - 2014-03-17 00:33 (UTC) - Expand
crackpotcrocker: (Let me show you around)

[personal profile] crackpotcrocker 2014-03-15 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
Denzel is going to be poked by Joker to go to this social event and so far, he's just teaching Joker how to disco. Going to hit the library at some and open to any other shenanigans :3

As far as what Pokemon he'll just his Growlithe.
Edited 2014-03-15 00:12 (UTC)
superordinary: (pic#5714668)

[personal profile] superordinary 2014-03-15 12:19 am (UTC)(link)
I AM THE EXCITED BLOOBER EMOTE. IT IS ME. Naegi's going to prom with Kirigiri and will make out with her in a closet on at least one occasion and will probably try to keep her from breaking into the private rooms.

That said, I'm always up for plotting. o/
Edited 2014-03-15 00:28 (UTC)
freshprints: (KISSU ❈ i'll sore wa your chigau yo)

[personal profile] freshprints 2014-03-15 12:32 am (UTC)(link)
ok i kissdesu you now you cannot stop me

(no subject)

[personal profile] superordinary - 2014-03-15 00:36 (UTC) - Expand
cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: (NOT MY FACE MY BEAUTIFUL FASSSE)

[personal profile] cobraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2014-03-15 12:51 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, things that are for sure happening
-Investigating the library again
-Being chased by Shuppets in the wild Pokemon areas
-Getting stuck with dishwashing duty

Also open to just basically anything else! So if you want to get involved with some of that or have a Pokemon battle or just, anything, let me know! It's a rare opportunity for Cobra to get out there and meet people face to face with an insanely low risk of felonies or things exploding, so I'm definitely willing to throw him anywhere for anything!
ortion: (❀ gorgeous)

[personal profile] ortion 2014-03-15 12:54 am (UTC)(link)
Breaking from hiatus to plot since I'll be back by then! Here's what I've got so far...

Dist ([personal profile] ortion) will be attending with Kato as his date and they will most likely be fabulous-ing it up everywhere. He'll be interested in catching up with old friends (or enemies?) and introducing Kato to them if they haven't properly met. He'll also spend way too much time in the library until he's dragged out, similar to last year I'm guessing. Otherwise I'm up for dancing, Pokemon battles because he hasn't done nearly enough of those lately, and other random shenanigans. It'll be a good excuse for him to be social.

Hagakure ([personal profile] crystalballer) is also spoken for date-wise, he's asking Alice-chi (Parker) out. far I have planned that he's going to get kicked out to the parking lot at some point for improper dress code, because sandals are way more comfortable than dress shoes okay. He's also learning how to do disco dancing from Crocker. Aaand he's definitely going to be interested in those notes about ancient civilizations and Psychic-types in library if he ever manages to get lost and wander into the library by mistake. Other comments are the same with Dist! I'm up for him dancing with anyone who asks, battles even though his team is still really underleveled but he'll be conveniently in the parking lot for battles, and maybe some promgoers would like late-night fortune readings? Hagakure can be all over the place, really.
enjoymyatelier: look at him, gesturing flamboyantly. what a twit. (I'M A GENIUS!)

[personal profile] enjoymyatelier 2014-03-15 01:01 am (UTC)(link)
Kayneth will very definitely be attending because he enjoyed himself last time (and so did his Pokemon)!

He will very definitely be hobnobbing with the special guest NPCs when they show up!

...and he is likely going alone unless someone actively offers but hahahaha. But I think he will be very open to battling!
Edited 2014-03-15 01:06 (UTC)
doitrockapella: (ATTITUDE ❖ i'm the motherflippin')

[personal profile] doitrockapella 2014-03-15 01:34 am (UTC)(link)

and none for Kayneth bye

(no subject)

[personal profile] enjoymyatelier - 2014-03-15 01:39 (UTC) - Expand
angerpoints: (GRIN ☞ bump it)

[personal profile] angerpoints 2014-03-15 01:25 am (UTC)(link)
HEY, GUYS! So Yusuke here will definitely be attending Prom again this year! He'll be dateless once again because his girlfriend went home a few weeks ago and he's... still pretty bent about that, BUT WITH THAT SAID he will still be available for dances and stuff anyway, assuming your character can figure out a way to peel him away from the spiked punch bowl. Daring him to dance, physically dragging him out there, OR wallflowering it up and therefore prompting him to be the person going "YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS OUT THERE BEFORE I MAKE YOU" (because he is nothing if not hypocritical and also kind of a Team Dad in his own special way) are all good ways of doing this; otherwise, he might just get really drunk on punch and end up weaving his way out onto the dance floor anyway, leaving your character to nearly lose an eye trying to get the fuck out of his way as he's aggressively busting a move. (I am so sorry in advance if this actually happens.)

OTHERWISE, Yusuke'll be in a much better mood this time around now that he's been here a while and has a few people from home with him and is overall considerably less pissed off and homesick, so he'll probably be a lot more active in terms of getting into mischief, challenging people to scraps in the parking lot (because that nice white dress shirt of his'd look way much better with a big ol' smear of blood on it), and... well. ANYTHING ELSE ANYONE MIGHT WANT HIM FOR, really!

So uh, yeah! PLOT WITH ME, DUDES. Let me throw this greaser jerk at your characters with all the force of a great typhoon.
usedswift: (hee~)

[personal profile] usedswift 2014-03-15 11:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Tenten will dare him to dance with her. :T Bet you can't dance, Yusuke!!!

(no subject)

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[personal profile] usedswift - 2014-03-17 01:57 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] notchinese - 2014-03-16 05:12 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] angerpoints - 2014-03-22 01:34 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] notchinese - 2014-03-25 04:47 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] angerpoints - 2014-03-25 04:51 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] notchinese - 2014-03-25 05:02 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] pianosongs - 2014-03-21 18:21 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] angerpoints - 2014-03-22 01:35 (UTC) - Expand
beholdmydemons: (happy - how bout a drink)

[personal profile] beholdmydemons 2014-03-15 01:35 am (UTC)(link)
okay holy shit this is one of those times where I play a character 1000000x more social than I am and have to figure shit out

SOMEHOW I AM GETTING WALTER INTO A SUIT AND HE'S GONNA LOOK PRETTY DAMN GOOD but this peasant does not know how to be classy so we'll see how this goes.


- Dancing. Or trying to. He's only familiar with the kind of lively, whirling, no-real-rules partner dance you see lower-class people doing in movies set in old rural villages and stuff (I don't know what this is called but I know I'm not imagining it being a thing.) BUT THIS WILL NOT STOP HIM FROM DOING HIS DAMNEDEST. Walter does not have a date (and probably won't get one because somehow he...just doesn't have female CR uh), so he will probably be approaching and attempting to woo any blatantly unpaired girls. It'll be dumb as hell and I apologize for it and him.

- Battling. I like threading battles and Walter likes battling and he will gladly skip out to the parking lot to let Pokemon duke it out, one-on-one or in any other configuration. He'll have Houndoom, Skarmory, Drapion, Volcarona, Blaziken, and a baby Larvesta with him.

- Socializing. If you know him, he'll be all up in your face. If you don't know him, he'll probably find an excuse to mingle anyways. If you know him and you're not partying sufficiently he'll nag you until you party harder.

- Nosing around. This place is fancy, Walter is not, he's going to be touching everything without a care in the world.

- Socializing more during the sleepovers. More bothering people he knows goes here! Except quieter this time.

- He's going to have a, um, minor incident involving a few of those incredible aquatic wild Pokemon. A Kingdra will come to his rescue and be captured and nobody will ever be allowed to speak of this again.

Edited 2014-03-15 01:43 (UTC)
friendyousohard: (Gala dress)

[personal profile] friendyousohard 2014-03-15 03:16 am (UTC)(link)
It's pony time.

Twilight will be showing up with Applejack on her arm, somehow having convinced her to dress up nicely (miracle of miracles). She'll mix between being social and friendly and sneaking off to go the library. AJ may have to drag her out of there a few times. We'll see. She won't be battling even if asked. This is not that sort of function, in her opinion.

Ilya does not have a date yet, so feel free to start fighting each other to the death over that position (she would actually kind of encourage that, the little monster). She'll be bringing her Rhyperior, Dusknoir, Garchomp, Metagross, Aerodactyl, and Hydreigon with, but only the Rhyperior will be out most of the time, flanking her and dressed in a suit. Yes, she managed to get a Rhyperior in a suit, don't even ask how. Expect the epitome of class and sophistication with a side of mockery and amorality. If she sees someone she knows, she'll say high. If she sees someone she can discomfit by asking them to dance, she'll do so. And if challenged to a battle, she'll do everything she can to stomp the challenger into the dirt.
lieutenantantichrist: (just got more fierce)

[personal profile] lieutenantantichrist 2014-03-15 04:01 am (UTC)(link)
Blake'll be just intrigued enough by the prospect of information to let his hyperexcited Snubbull drag him along.

While Steve dances, Blake'll be hanging around in a suit he's obviously not real used to with his tie askew, avoiding the parking lot where he got his ass kicked last time and being ready to bite the head off anybody who even hints at that goddamn old "policemen don't have balls" joke. He might go off and try to interrogate some NPCs, though lately he's a little less eager about finding a way back to the real world.
angerpoints: and by "get lucky" i mean "punch everybody" (EAGER ☞ up all night to get lucky)

[personal profile] angerpoints 2014-03-15 03:39 pm (UTC)(link)
SO IN LIEU OF BLAKE GETTING A FACE FULL OF SMOKE AND THESE TWO TRYING TO SMACK THE CRAP OUT OF EACH OTHER AGAIN THIS YEAR... maybe they should finally have that Pokemon battle. In their fancy outfits. I mean, technically they could probably do that at any time, since they're actually in the same city right now (? BLAKE'S STILL IN OLIVINE, RIGHT), but I think everything is better and more hilarious when it happens in fancy outfits, so. Yeah! ANIMAL FIGHT, YES/NO?

(Also I think it goes without saying that Yusuke will want to see Steve again. It's been a while!)

(no subject)

[personal profile] lieutenantantichrist - 2014-03-16 00:43 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] usedswift - 2014-03-15 23:46 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] lieutenantantichrist - 2014-03-16 01:11 (UTC) - Expand

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[personal profile] usedswift - 2014-03-16 01:25 (UTC) - Expand
tearsofademon: (to reveal what you've found)

[personal profile] tearsofademon 2014-03-15 04:05 am (UTC)(link)
Someone drag Ryner out of the library and force him to awkwardly dance or something.

...okay he's probably going to try to talk to the professors too, but still.
punches: (Default)

[personal profile] punches 2014-03-15 04:25 am (UTC)(link)
'-' I only have this lovely lady for now, there may be an extra character before then who will have just celebrated her eighteenth birthday so MAYBE SOMEONE WILL TAKE HER ON A NICE DATE


So Sakura will likely be holing herself up in the library and may pester a couple of the more knowledgeable NPCs (the professors and champions preferably) for more information. I'll hopefully have something lined out by then, but any suggestions from cr who will be too busy partying it up will be appreciated.
usedswift: (peek |)

[personal profile] usedswift 2014-03-15 11:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Sakura, help her find information about the history of weapons in Johto/Kanto in the library! Tenten's going to be combing through the books like a total nerd trying to see if there was ever a history of person-on-person combat or how people started using Pokémon to fight each other.

(no subject)

[personal profile] punches - 2014-03-20 09:12 (UTC) - Expand
imthe_shit: (SIIIIIIIIGH.)

[personal profile] imthe_shit 2014-03-15 06:24 am (UTC)(link)
Snake will be going pretty much unwillingly, because while he'd be uninterested, I'm sure his Pokemon if no one else he's around would love to go. So plotting is available for this old fart, too.

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