Apr. 12th, 2015

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Hello, Routers! As a reminder, today and tomorrow mark the start of the preliminary stage of our dream plot! On April 12 and 13, the regions will be blanketed in these faintly glowing feathers, which will be available for characters to pick up as they see fit!

REMEMBER: if you intend to participate in our dream plot (and by extension plan to attend Dream Prom), YOU MUST HAVE YOUR CHARACTER ACQUIRE ONE OF THESE FEATHERS!

(It's fine to handwave the acquiring process if you want, but everyone participating should be presumed to have one by the time plot kicks off.)

After that, it's a quiet few days before the event officially kicks off on April 17th and runs through the end of April 19th — if you'd like to review how it's going to play out, have a look at our original infopost about the plot!

Thanks, everyone, and have a great week!


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