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Regarding Mod Applications

Hey, everyone! We just wanted to give a little announcement and update regarding moderator applications. We haven't received as many as we'd hoped, so we're going to leave them open for one week longer, going until April 27th.

To help illuminate our reasoning for this time extension, we'd also like to give you an update about the current status of the moderator team, and by extension the game as a whole.

At the beginning of the month, due to recent drops from the modteam and from the game, the need to open up moderator applications to re-staff the team became inevitable. It was at this time that Alex also expressed to us her intention to step down as an HM, once a new team had been recruited and transitioned into their roles as moderators. Therefore, as we noted on our moderator applications, we've been looking for candidates interested in being both tech mods and head mods, who might be interested in helping to carry the game forward from here.

It is at this point that we feel we must be candid: with the current turnout that we've received, and the moderator changes that will be coming in the future, we simply will not have the staff on board to keep Route maintained and running in the way that it ought to be.

Therefore, we have decided to extend the acceptance deadline for moderator applications by one week, and emphasize again that we would really appreciate the extra hands to keep Route moving smoothly forward.

If you're interested in assisting, please consider filling in an application here.