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The event will take place from Friday, May 27 through Sunday, May 29!

That's right, Routers, it's that time of the year again! To commemorate six great years of Pokemon fun, we've scheduled our anniversary Fourth Wall event to coincide with our annual Pokémon Prom! You can find more information about Prom OVER HERE, and we strongly recommend reading it for a more in-depth rundown of how the intersection of Fourth Wall and Prom will unfold, but for the time being here are some further details of how a Fourth Wall event works here in Route 29!

What's a fourth wall, you ask?
The Fourth Wall event is where people from other games, random characters, even players themselves, just randomly interact with your characters. It's a literal breaking of that invisible "fourth wall" that separates the game-verse from... the rest of the internet.

How do you participate?
In short, a character makes a post in their journal and others tag it. You could tag other entries if you don't want to make a post. You do not have to use just your character journal to tag; you can use characters from other games, crack accounts, player accounts, and the like, to interact with the character who made the post. We would like to request that you keep all fourth wall activities to posts made to your character journals and not to the logs community!

Also, as we've done for previous fourth walls, we'll be putting up a mod-hosted catch-all post in [community profile] route_1065 where current characters and visitors alike can make top-levels and thread with each other! This time around, this post will also double as our Pokémon Prom log!

So essentially the event in a nutshell is: we're hosting prom, and everyone is invited to come whether you're currently a member of [community profile] route_29 or not!

What kind of characters can participate?
Anything and everything, from AU versions to characters in-game or those from other games, ponies, disembodied heads, zombies, Arceus with a saddle, the players, Hello Kitty, and the list goes on... You can choose whether your character remembers the previous fourth wall or not.

Will my character remember the 4th wall?
Your character will remember some events as an actual event in-game. Just like last time, memories will still be somewhat fractured and mixed up, but they are honest to goodness memories. If you need a number for reference, figure that a character can remember about 80% of what happens during this three-day period.

What about people coming in, can they have a pokémon too?
Sure thing! You can bring in any pokémon from any generation and challenge whoever you want for however much you want. Feel free to knock down or burn down anything. Current players are also allowed to have whatever else they want in their party, but your party will return to what you had in-game after the event.

What if I don't want to participate?
The fourth wall is not a required event. However, it does affect the game's setting, so logging would have to be backdated to before the fourth wall. NOTE: Because the transfer over to Victory Road will be occurring immediately after this event, posts may not be forward-dated to past the fourth wall event. We'll ask that you save your post-prom posts for the new community!

If you choose not to participate, your character may enter a glitch or be asleep during the event.

What if I just arrived and haven't made an in-character introduction post yet?
Feel free to arrive in the middle of the event! Your character will probably just be that much more confused. You may also hold off until after the event if you wish, in order to not become lost in the confusion.

Would my non-human character remain in their form for the event? What about powers?
Up to you! Your character can return to their original form, powers intact, or whatever you like! Have fun.

I get all that; what do I need to know about PokéProm specifically?
We recommend heading right on over here to check that half of the event out!