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Glitch City~

Starting off this slew of events for our grand finale, we get a very old fun favorite.

At the stroke of midnight of May 9th, things get a little... pixelated... again.

It's noticeable almost immediately, where the buildings and the paths take on a block-like appearance. Everything is made of cubes, the ground is perfectly, evenly flat. Even ledges are like sharp, straight-edge walls to cross over.

The weather will also be an even temperature all day - no wind, no breeze, no drizzle, not even burning sun or moving clouds. Nice and mild. At exactly 8:00PM, it will be nightfall. Sunrise--to a midday sun--is at 8:00AM. No gradual sunrise, no sunset.

The local citizens and your pokemon almost seem this way too. At first glance, they'll look small and evenly pixel-shaped, but if you blink they look normal and proportionate. Their appearances will change at random, and they're very inconsistent. If you ask them, they'll deny any notice of this; in fact, they may be worried for your well-being. They won't notice it at all.

Items will also be impacted by this. They'll still have that sharp, rocky look to them. However, most of them will feel the same as they would were they shaped normally, or food and drinks will taste and feel normal. Block squares of water will still feel and act like water; it'll soak into clothing or roll off in drops.

Gears will malfunction at random as well. A response may fail to go through, maybe a Network announcement gets completely deleted and posted as a blank. Some comments come out muffled by static and hard to hear.

And your music? Radio silence, or spoops.

There is a bonus to the pixel world, at least! Each path takes a grand total of two hours to cross at a walking pace. Feel free to travel to your heart’s content.

It'll end at exactly 12:00AM on Wednesday, May 11th.
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Does the shortened travel time apply to ferries too, or are they moving at a normal pace?
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