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How To Dreamwidth

Since we know Dreamwidth's a bit new for many of you, we've compiled a few helpful links to make the transition a little easier for everyone.

It's new to just about all of us, but here are a few beginners steps:

A Guide to Dreamwidth for Livejournal Users

[community profile] getting_started, a community dedicated to the basics

And, very important: a visual guide to turning off custom comment pages!

Then, the shinies:

[community profile] dreamwidthlayouts, a layouts community

For Customizing Layouts: A Handy Tutorial
Works for: Flexible Squares, Smooth Sailing, Mixit, and Nebula

[community profile] dreamcodes, a community with profile, CR, and miscellaneous codes

If you have any other tutorial or helpful communities to add to the list, please let us know in the comments! Likewise, if you need help or are offering help, shoot us a comment as well!