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a switch behind the poster?!

Hey Routers, having fun so far? Then let's keep things going with a


So it's been about a million years, but try and think back to the days of Gen I and Gen II. Back when dealing with a Rocket base meant investing time into figuring out the warp panels or dealing with encounter after encounter until you managed to find the secret statue? Good thing nobody in Route has to deal with that anymore, right?



Starting on May 17th you might find yourself thrown into one of those awful old school Rocket bases. But where is it? That's the fun part! It could be anywhere! See, whatever's been going on hasn't entirely worked itself out yet, so remember those glitches we just had? There might be some unused code still laying in wait. And it could be activated by something so simple as changing screens. Opening a door, heading out of town, maybe going from one room to the next, that's all it takes and you might not find yourself where you were before, but somewhere completely different.

Now then, let's go over the important stuff. For starters, this is completely optional. If you don't want to get glitched into Game Boy era Rocket hell, you don't have to. And don't worry, you won't be wandering around alone, it's entirely possible that other people got warped in at the same time and have to deal with the same NPC grunts and warp tiles and all the other frustrations that everyone else does.

Another thing to not worry about? You guys won't be stuck there for three days. The base has exits (which can lead to wherever you want, feel free to use it as another chance to move around the map as a whole), and Escape Ropes, Teleport, all that stuff works just fine. The only downside is, well, the next time you guys go somewhere, the glitch could trigger again and you could end up right back in the base. Apparently, no one's learned how to patch the world yet, so please bear with us.

As far as what's in the base, besides traps, NPC Grunts, and other annoyances, there are some opportunities to earn some goodies here! There's plenty of items laying around: Escape Ropes, Super Potions, Nuggets, and even some TMs (Double-Edge, Snatch and Swords Dance)! And as far as Pokemon go, here's a chance to obtain Voltorb, Electrode, Koffing, Weezing, and Lapras, all of them between levels 15 and 20. There's nothing from the Zubat or Rattata lines, but you'll be seeing plenty of that from the NPC Grunts lurking the base!

And for this event, rather than setting up a log for structured battles, we're going to let you guys decide how you want to tackle the NPC Grunts. Feel free to NPC as many as you want during your posts or logs because they'll keep popping up in the glitch base every time people enter it (just like Zubats in a cave, there's really no end to these guys).

That's about it, so if you have any questions, feel free to let us know here! Have fun, and by the end of the 19th the glitch will have worked itself out!

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