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We're putting out a call for New Moderators to join our team!

At this time, we've decided not to commit to filling a set number of slots; we'd like to stay flexible and gauge possible interest in the position before we start determining what the revamped structure of the modteam is ultimately going to look like. So please apply! We're eager to hear from you.

Before you apply, please:

- Check here for a description of the mod duties as well as an outline of the qualities we're looking for.

- Remember that this is an authority position, with all the pros and cons that entails. We've lost members of the modteam on account of misconduct before, and we sincerely hope we'll never have to take those steps again.

- The application does ask one's preference on being a head or tech moderator, but please note that it is up to us to make that final decision.

- Note that only current Route players may apply.

Applications will be open until Saturday, April 20th at 11:59 PM, EST.

→ Applications will be screened, so it will be between you and us. However, everyone will get a confirmation message (just so you know that we did get your application). We will privately tell you afterward if you haven't been picked.
→ Once we've read the applications and found our candidates, we will message you individually to get to know you a bit more and to ask a few more questions. Think of this part as a call-back interview! It's very low-pressure, don't worry.
→ After talking to all of those picked for interviews, we'll discuss again and tell you the decision.

We'd like to request that you use your personal journals for this. If you don't have one, you may use a character journal.

Please state your name in the subject line. Normally they aren't longer than one comment, but if your app just so happens to be crazy long, or if you plan on writing us some sort of sonnet, number the comments in the subject line. This is to make sure we have all of your comments in order, in the case that another posts at the same time as you. We will not accept linked applications.

For those who applied, whether you're chosen or not, all of us would like to thank you for taking the time to fill this out and step up to the challenge. We really appreciate the fact that you're willing to help out and were honest with us. The points brought up in your responses will also go towards the overall goal of making Route an ideal game to play in.

Thank you. And good luck!