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Prom 2014: The Wrap-Up

Hey, Routers! As another successful POKEMON PROM draws to a close, we just wanted to give you some final thoughts and bits of gameplay information that have changed or come to light as a result of the event!


Thanks to some of our wonderful guest stars coming all the way from Kalos to see the new and mysterious Bloober Pokemon that had appeared in Johto...only to find that welp, turns out they were just Goomies after all, player characters will now have some IC information available on their Goomies. Please read carefully; that information is as follows:

• It is now available knowledge that Goomies are called "Goomies", and not Bloobers.

• It is now available knowledge that Goomies are Dragon-type.

• It is now available knowledge that Goomy evolves into Sliggoo at level 40, and that Sliggoo evolves into Goodra at level 50.

It is not available knowledge that Sliggoo evolves into Goodra during rain, but that is fair game for trainers to ICly discover for themselves as they evolve their Goomies.

• The Kalos Pokedex entry on Goomy and its evolutions will now be available at Pokemon Centers; interested trainers can go to the Center and ask to have it installed on their existing Dex, at which time they will be able to access all the usual standard Dex information like movesets, dex description data, and egg group.

• Non-Goomy Pokemon still cannot be bred with the Goomies at this time, but Goomies can be bred with each other.

• When communicated with via another Pokemon, Goomies will still be pretty oblivious, and they will in fact still have those faux-French accents.

Note that this information is not mandatory; it is simply available. You're more than welcome to continue calling them Bloobers or leave your characters in the dark about this information for as long as you want, for whatever IC reasons you want!


We hope you all had an excellent time tagging with our special guest-star NPCs this go-around! Here's the big reveal on who you were interacting with:

Alex: Champion Cynthia, Professor Rowan, Gym Leader Clair, International Police Agent Looker
Sunny: Gym Leader Maylene
Lucy: Assistant Professor Bianca, Apprentice Shauna
Dal: Champion Lance, Professor Sycamore, Champion Diantha, Who-Invited-This-Guy Lysandre
Steve: Gym Leader Crasher Wake

We all had a blast bringing them out and getting to play with all of you, and we hope we'll be able to continue to find plot venues in the future where we can bring them back for encore visits!


Yes, we have every intention of having Prom again next year. With two successful proms behind us, we might as well keep the good times rolling!


Well, next month marks Route's FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY, so presumably there'll be some of our usual shenanigans heading your way for that; afterward, as we head into the summer, we'll be gearing up to roll out Gen VI and continue our work on some of our other behind-the-scenes projects while we're at it.

In the meantime, though, we've got a few mini-events in mind to help tide things over, and we have a feeling you'll be seeing at least one of them heading your way soon! After all, it's not only the PC Rockets who are on the team's payroll to start trouble, and it seems as though some of the NPC Grunts have been getting impatient for their chance in the spotlight...

NOTE: Even though according to the IC timeline, PokeProm 2014 has now come to an end, we strongly encourage you to continue backdating your threads and tagging out to other people on the logs for as long as you like! This post is mostly just to make available some wrap-up details and chart out the course for our next horizon!

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to ask them here! Otherwise, please feel free to use the comments of this post for discussion and feedback for us on what you liked about prom, and how we can keep working to make it even better next time!

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