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Then One Foggy Christmas Eve...

Happy Holidays, Route! We're getting towards the end of the month, and if you've checked the Calendar lately, you've seen that we're in for snow, snow, and more snow right up until the 25th! But a White Christmas Holiday Season isn't the only thing the snow is bringing...

Starting late in the evening on Sunday, December 22 and carrying through until 5:59 AM EST on Wednesday, December 25, both regions will be invaded by a Stantler swarm! But this isn't your average Stantler swarm, so make sure to read carefully for how this may affect your character!


Between the 22nd and the 25th, your character may spot two different varieties of Stantler milling around and generally wreaking havoc:

Brown-nosed Stantler, which are your standard variety and will have movesets traditional to what you might expect of a Stantler.
Red-nosed Stantler, which are slightly more magical in that — you guessed it — their moveset includes Fly.

(Yes. Yes, we went there. Yes we did.)

Now, since your characters will hopefully be making every effort to avoid getting run over by these hordes of flying- and non-flying reindeer, here's some further details on the swarm:

• For both red-nosed and brown-nosed Stantler, their levels will be approximately the equivalent of whatever levels the surrounding Pokemon in the area are at; the one exception to this is the Stantler running around in the vicinity of New Bark Town and Pallet Town, which will be found at level 1. Happy holidays!
• Characters may catch as many brown-nosed Stantler as they wish; they may only catch one red-nosed Stantler, for reasons detailed below!
• ONLY the red-nosed Stantler will be flying! Brown-nosed Stantler are regrettably grounded for the duration, so you will NOT see any of these variety being airborne!
• Both red-nosed and brown-nosed Stantler can be found anywhere in Johto or Kanto, with the red-nosed ones being slightly rarer than their brown-nosed counterparts. However, the red-nosed ones will also be the only ones you'll ever spot in the air, so if you see a Stantler in the air, there's a good bet it's a red-nosed one.
• Both red-nosed and brown-nosed Stantler are subject to all the same type weaknesses as a normal Stantler would be; however, red-nosed Stantler are also weak to Electric attacks, but resistant to Ice. What, you think a flying reindeer can't handle a little ice? Please.


As mentioned above, you are welcome to catch as many brown-nosed Stantler as you like! However, each character can catch only one red-nosed Stantler, and this is why:


• The item in question will appear in a cheerful gift-wrapped box with red and green paper and a big ornate bow in holiday colors — just right for the Christmas season!
• Yes, the gift box will actually emerge from the Pokeball instead of a Pokemon. Santa works in mysterious ways.
• The item inside that gift box will be subject to our usual item drop rules (no pets, no living creatures, no vehicles, no weapons, no grossly oversized death machines, etc.) — with a twist!


As a twist on our usual holiday bonus drop, we have tweaked the item-drop rules slightly! For this drop, your character is not confined to our usual rule that the possession must be something they specifically owned or was traditionally viewed as "theirs" in canon! For this item drop, because it's the holidays, we are also opening the potential up to wishful thinking! That means items your characters may not have had in canon, but may have wanted either in canon or in Route, are now fair game!

NOTE: Anybody who decides to ask for a dick in a box will universally receive a photo cube filled with photographs of Sam Spade. Merry Christmas.

Feel free to use common sense and personal judgment when deciding whether or not something is a valid item drop; however, if you're not sure and would like our input on the matter, or if you think there's a possibility of it violating one of our standard item-drop rules, feel free to ask us here! As usual, we reserve the right to veto or modify drops to keep them in line with our usual standards.

ETA: If your character wants to use this "item drop" to get a Pokemon Egg as an "item", please ask us for approval! Eggs for Pokemon that are currently available in Route are probably fair game; GEN VI POKEMON ARE NOT FAIR GAME.


Because our app weekend is falling so close to Christmas (and in the middle of a snowstorm), we are also providing a special option for newly apped characters to the game! If and only if your character has just entered the game in this most recent app round as a Trainer or a Breeder (and therefore are located in New Bark Town), you may have your character hitch a ride on one of our flying Stantler for a faster trip to Cherrygrove! The Stantler will be friendly and considerate in offering up their rides, and the trip will take slightly less than the usual length of time for flying travel. (What, they're Santa's reindeer, they can't be stopped by little things like physics.)

If your character is hitching a ride on one of the red-nosed Stantler, they can be in Cherrygrove within six hours of their departure from New Bark! A breakneck and chilly trip, perhaps, but with a nice warm payoff at the end. (And yes, you are welcome to catch that red-nosed Stantler at the end of the flight for your holiday gift, as well!)


Still got questions? Please feel free to utilize either:


Also, you may use the comments of this post to discuss shenanigans and make arrangements with other players! Though this is not a substitute for our usual CR/Plotting Post (which will be up on Sunday!), you are absolutely welcome to use this for event-specific discussion as you like!

And from the modteam to all of you, thank you so much for another wonderful year, and we're all really excited to carry on the Pokemon shenanigans into 2014!

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