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Event Cl-... What's this?!

DAY 29/7. 23:30.

Sabrina, in the same outfit as before, is sitting down on the table. She looks a little worse for wear. Her eyes have dark rings under them, and her skin is paler. It's obvious these past few days have not been very good on her health. In front of her is a tome. Not a book, as those things are slightly classy. This is a giant, large, ancient book that is miraculously half-intact. Behind her is Brock, who is standing there smiling, holding an Anorith in a jar.

"My apologies for the delay and silence, Johto. I've been discussing with various psychic trainers around the world, and I've consulted the Council of Psychics for aid. We were able to recover this book which will contain the spell to return this natural. Apparently, this isn't the first time this has happened in Johto, so, at least this isn't just something attached to my legacy. Now then..." Sabrina takes a deep breath before starting a chant. It's a low, husky tone. The single candle in front of her immediately goes out when she begins.

"Keeee heh ha mo-attatata. Keeeee ha ha mo-atatatatattata. Eee na ro sheho-to bati. Yeeeeeee!" The lights turn on and the earth lowly rumbles before the Anorith turns to a dusty husk.

Brock steps forward holding the jar, "You might think that all of them are gone and have returned to their states, but our team at the Pewter Science Museum has a scientific breakthrough. As we speak, we're sending genetic reconstructors that will revive your pokémon. They'll probably remember this and their history as prehistoric pokémon, but they won't be as aggressive. We hope. We'll be sending out the machines over the next week or so, and we expect to have them installed, operational, and available for use in every Pokemon Center by August 5th! Thank you for all of the help! I've been paying attention closely to reports everywhere and I can say that everyone has helped in a contribution towards understanding prehistoric pokémon and history."

Sabrina nods before adding her own comments, "I do not foresee a lawsuit in the future, but if you wish to file a lawsuit, I regret to inform you that cases against gym leaders are usually judged in favor of the gym leader. Have a nice day." At least that's something they win.

And with that, we conclude this event! We hope you guys had fun and will enjoy your new and not-so-shiny fossil Pokémon.

However, we’re not quite finished yet! There are a few more details we need to go over, and these are pertaining to our dear Team Rocket. We gave them a few things to think about and plan when it came to the event in their own community, and as such there are a few things the rest of you guys need to be aware of!

Please note that all of these Rockets will get away with these missions; though we encourage you to react to and plot with our mission participants, we've guaranteed their success (and even granted a few promotions) this time around!

• On the night of Wednesday, July 31st, the Viridian Dig Site will be raided. Although it’s not immediately clear who did it or why, there will be news coverage and speculation about missing artifacts and archeological finds. The dig site will be closed for two weeks following this as the police investigate the theft and the archeologists try to make records of what is missing.

• On Friday, August 2nd, the Fossil Museum in Pewter City will be robbed. The thieves made a clear getaway while the security guards were preoccupied with dealing with some hysterical screaming kid, and as a result there are no real traces or leads, but the police will be very grateful for any tips the general public can give. Several fossils are missing and the museum will be closed for a week following this.

• On Saturday, August 3, the Goldenrod Center will be robbed. Following a lot of commotion, including several workers and visitors of the Center being injured, the police will arrive at the scene and cause the thieves to blow a hole in the wall and flee, taking the revival machine with them. This means that the Goldenrod Center will be in for reconstruction; it will still be open to service, but there is no possibility of staying there, and you will not be able to revive your fossils in this location.

The thieves will be recognized by the police and other characters are welcome to spot them as they blow a hole in the wall with a Metagross and make their getaway on a Golurk. The characters in question are Dist ([personal profile] ortion), Ikuto ([personal profile] blacklynx) and Crocker ([personal profile] crackpotcrocker), and if you would like to plot with them, please comment below or contact them! The police will ask people to keep a lookout for people matching their description.


Speaking of Rockets – we have revamped the [community profile] rocket_hq!

Here is the new sticky; as you can see, there are a few links added to it now that we hope will help your experience in working for the bad guy organization.

• The Missions Post has been cleared out and you are encouraged to re-fill it – we should take better care of it from now on, and we apologise for not having been on top of it! It’s been added to the sticky post so it can be more easily found for both new and old members.

• We’ve also added a Performance Review Post to help both you and us better keep track of what your characters are up to! There’s also a handy chart here where you can easily view the ranks in the organization. We hope you take a look and make use of it!

• The Meet the Bosses page, while not new, is also added to the sticky so you’ll never forget who you’re working for.

• And finally, we’ve added a page about the Bases! We wanted to make the bases different from each other to hopefully offer a bit of inspiration and a better idea of what your characters are doing. For obvious reasons, this is the only new post that won’t be viewable to the rest of the playerbase.

Lastly, we have a request! For our own reference, could all Rockets please comment here with their names and current ranks? (Rockets, that's your rank post-mission — if you got a promotion, please note accordingly!) This is for our own reference as we’d like to keep a cohesive list. Thank you!

We want to make a better use of the Rocket community and we hope you’ll like these changes!

If you have any questions or concerns, be it about the Rockets, the plot or anything else, ask us here!

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