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Good afternoon, Routians.

We regret that it's become necessary to make this post, but in light of recent events, we on the modteam feel we have to readdress our stance concerning the usage of anonymous communities like wankgate and rpanons. We understand that these communities are outside of our jurisdiction as moderators and have no intention of attempting to police our players based on whether or not they frequent them. However, there comes a point when we find it necessary to step in and take action, and this is unfortunately one of those times.

This is in regards to Rule #8, our policy on drama and wank:

  Drama and Wank is a No-No!
We're not going to outlaw being seen in the anonymous memes or places like roleplay!secrets. We just would like to keep the game free of people waging war through secrets or trying to bully or wank someone out of the game, attempt to bully/wank the game into closing. If you are caught causing severe wank, depending on the severity, you will receive a warning or a suspension up to three months. If you're caught a second time, you will be either given a second suspension up to three months or asked to leave the game. But I know I don't have to worry about this, right? Because we're all mature and can act like adults and have fun, right?
Needless to say, using these sites in order to 'reach a mod' will be questionable at best. Seeing as they are not part of the game, they will not be treated as viable means of reaching the moderators.

While the terminology is a little outdated, as roleplay!secrets has been replaced by rpanons and acj/wankgate (and will thus be updated shortly), the spirit of the rule has not changed. We want to promote a fun and friendly environment for our game, and ask that if our players find themselves unable to be friendly, then to at least be polite and civil. Causing drama and creating wank is not allowed, simple as that. We understand that we cannot and will not prohibit the usage of these communities, as it's near impossible and therefore entirely unfeasible to do so. However, we are firm in our policy that we will not stand for players who use these communities in ways that create a wanky or otherwise negative atmosphere for other players within Route.

We as moderators take our commitment to our players and to this game seriously. That's why we highly regret that an individual on our own team chose to use one of these communities in a way that violated our Rule #8 policy. He acted as an individual, without regard for the fact that as a moderator, his actions reflected back as a representation of this team. This is not the standard of integrity we ask from our moderators, and it is not the quality of modship we seek to give to our players. Our rules apply to all of us, and we aren't going to tolerate any moderators who break them with such blatant disregard. Though an apology has since been made, we regret that this situation is not something just a slap on the wrists can fix.

Therefore, effective immediately, Kev has been removed of his technical moderator position.

We'd like to remind you all that if you have a dispute with another player or a group of players, please come discuss it with us or the player directly. Do not count on us to simply see it on one of the anoncomms; it's better still if any issues never make it to one in the first place. We appreciate it more when you discuss with us face-to-face, instead of having situations like these occur. We're all (mostly) adults here, and we need to behave as such and take accountability for our actions. We also know that not everyone is going to like everyone else, but please do your best to get along and be civil with one another, not just in the game but in other outlets as well.

While on the subject of the anonymous communities, we noticed a discussion that brought confusion to a few of you regarding a character reset, and we decided it was worth clarifying. While in practice such a reset hasn't happened before, we have received questions about the availability of one before, and our stance has been roughly the same each time. This is our policy on character resets:

Canon downgrades are treated like canon updates. If a person is having difficulty or wishes to play a character from an earlier point in canon, just like if they wished to play them from a later point in canon, they will need to obtain moderator permission. For those who aren't aware, with canon updates, we ask for the canon point in question and how your character has progressed during that difference. With downgrading to an earlier point, while we won't know how your character has grown in canon, we still ask for an explanation on how their personality has changed between the two canonpoints and how the important traits and canon involvement from the current canonpoint have been degraded. In those instances, because it would make no sense for one to remember the future when one reverts to the past, the canonpoint shift is treated as a complete reset.

As a general rule of thumb, we reserve approval for canon downgrades for compelling circumstances only, such as if a player feels they cannot progress at all with their current character. However, when we do approve them, we don't require the formality of a reapp because the explanation of changes in characterization will be given to us directly. The player is already in the game, so there is no need to ask them to drop. We feel it is simply more efficient to handle matters in this way, as the same outcome of a full reapp is achieved but with less red tape to cut through on either side. A player who canon downgrades, subject to our approval of the shift, reenters the game "back at the beginning" at whatever starting point the player opts to set. As with our policy on affiliation-changing, they also become subject to the three-month change rule at that time. Like canon updates, we approve canon downgrades on a case-by-case basis, exercising discretion so as to ensure that it isn't abused.

This will be added to the FAQ to prevent further confusion.

If you've got questions or comments, please go ahead and express them. We hope everyone's had a good weekend, and hopefully a good Monday.

ETA: Applications will be done on Monday evening. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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