Nov. 1st, 2015

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DAY 31/10. 5:30 .

The existence dubbed "Mewssingno" is left...confused.

For as long as it can remember, it has been confused. Of course, its memory is not so very long; it first remembers just a smattering of hours ago, when there were lights and mechanical sounds and these things, the humans, watching.

Yes. The humans.

Confusing. Why are they here? Their memories are long. Their names are strange. They carry with them awareness of other places, well beyond the reach of the boundaries of this universe. Yet here they are, and they fight. They adapt. They embrace while refusing to be assimilated. They consider the word "home", and conjure up images of things beyond the reach of this world.

They're very strange, the humans. Some don't even apply that term to themselves, deep in their subconscious mind.


What are they, the fusion of glitch and potential wonders with growing uncertainty. Some have battled; some have not. They form bonds. They cooperate. They share little in history yet share much of themselves in compensation. These humans...

They are enigmas.

They are not like the wish-granter, who appears with the friendliness of an old acquaintance, though they have never crossed paths before. In some fashion, Jirachi is half its creator, responsible for the thing that brought it into being. The humans are the other, having supplied the will to make its existence a reality.

The power of a Legendary Pokemon. The design of the humans. The potential of the ancestor of all Pokemon.

What am I? the glitching existence asks, horned head tipping sideways to regard Jirachi as it floats nearby, freed at last after its long confinement.

What is your wish? Jirachi answers, its wish tags wafting slightly as it spreads its arms wide in offer. a very good question. Wishes are precious things, after all. And it is living proof of how a hasty wish might go awry, or be used to ill ends when placed in the wrong hands.

I wish...


As abruptly as they were brought to Birth Island, the residents of Johto/Kanto are returned to the place they were standing before they left. Their Pokemon are with them, their reserves of Fusion Balls still at the ready, and in many cases, their bodies still fused with whatever Pokemon they were unlucky enough to be attacked by earlier in the month.

It's as though the battle never happened at all, except that everyone remembers being there — and there are a few things that are a little different.

One is that the damage to Celadon City is still intact, tangible proof that something escaped through there on its way to parts unknown.

Another is that somewhere on their person, every player character resident of Johto/Kanto will find a hard copy picture of the person they think about most — whether it be the person they hold in highest regard, their sworn nemesis, or simply someone they've been longing to see.

And the last, and perhaps most curious, is that a new entry has been added to everyone's Pokedex — or a partial one, at least. There is no name, no description, and no details, but it's definitely an entry, and definitely a type combination: FIRE/DARK.


Read on for some very cool information about the outcome of this plot! )

Thank you again for another excellent October plot, Routers! Happy Halloween, and we hope you've had as much fun with the Freaky Fusions as we have!
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This Activity Check encompasses activity made during the month of October. Posts and threads started between October 1 through November 8th may be used as long as they were not used for last month's activity.

• Each proof linked must be at least ten (10) comments long (meaning 5 from you and 5 from another, or with threadjacking, etc.).

Full requirements should make at minimum thirty (30) comments overall, or at least 15 from your character.
Half requirements should make at minimum twelve (12) comments overall, at least 6 from your character.

• Proofs must be completed with three different characters. If Character A submits threads with Characters B, C, and D, this is a valid form of AC. If Character A submits two threads with Character B and one thread with Character D, this is NOT a valid form of AC.

• Players in control of multiple characters are discouraged from making AC by threading several of their characters off of the same opposing character. The maximum number of threads a player may submit for AC with the same character (spread across different characters of their own) is two.

• Action tagging count as threads. Conversations in voicemails/inboxes also count as threads as long as they are started during that month of AC.

• Multiple-comment icon spams count as just one comment.

• Half requirements are for those who were on hiatus for up to half of the month and returned more than one week before the Activity Check.

• Posts and threads made during the week of the Activity Check can be used for that month's activity check!

• Those who returned within a week of the activity check are exempt from the month's check. Those who are also currently on hiatus are exempt.

Full Requirements are one post and two threads, or three threads, or two posts, one thread, or three posts.
Half Requirements are one post, and one thread of any length, or two threads, one of 10 comments and one of any length.

Characters who joined during the second app round of the month only need one post of any length or one thread of any length to verify that they have introduced.

The activity check ends on November 8th, 11:59 pm EST. Anyone who does not check in will be removed from the game on November 9th.


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