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I'll be there when the world stops turning

Around the stroke of noon on Sunday, something causes a disturbance at our venue’s reception hall. It’s fairly quiet, as disturbances go, but it does involve a lot of growling. Wild Pokémon haven’t been turning up inside, so what could it…?

Well. It could be that.

Arceus stands in the entrance to your temporary lunar abode, looking...kind of amused, actually. Something dark is trying to huddle behind it, hissing first in the struggle to get to the door, and second at itself, uncomfortable with the attention. Arceus waits it out with the patience of the Dalai Llamagod.

Eventually, the reluctant shadow steps out to be seen. Well, hello, kitty.

It’s like the sky outside, for anyone who’s spent any time looking out that wide dome in the ballroom. Its fur is inky black, absorbing light but somehow hosting it: billions of tiny, glowing sparks lie scattered across the Pokémon’s body, yellows and reds and blues and whites, faint pink-green nebulae shimmering under its skin. Its eyes glow like stars themselves, shifting from yellow to a more sedate rose.

It flicks one of six ears uncertainly, looks back at Arceus, then sighs and plops its butt down, staring at the trainers before it. Its mouth and pawpads glow, too, as if inside all is starfire hidden in the vastness of space.


Its tail is so. Fluffy.

...Have you been having a good time?

Holy smokes guys it looks like your host is a brand-spanking new Legendary.

[Both Arceus and Route’s new game-specific Legendary are available to chat! Talk to Arceus here and New Guy here.]

Anyone visiting the Holodeck after noon on Sunday will find that, if no one else has been using it, its default selection is not the familiar yellow-gridded room but a scene of Kanto and Johto being remade from the ground up. Hidden glitch damage is restored as new, flowers dissolve and then bud and open again, brighter; even water seems a little more wet, now, as if the years have been lifted from the very material of the world.

People might catch sight of their houses or businesses being remade, too, exactly as they left them. Any Pokémon left behind sleep through it, safe, untouched.

It might be disturbing to watch at first, but it’s calming, too: The grass grows back soft and green, and who knows what new discoveries will be made in its tallest blades…

Seven forty-five P.M. Several of the wild Carbink, Elgyem, and members of the Clefairy line have been darting excitedly to and fro, whispering to each other and then sneaking off with barely-restrained glee.

At exactly eight, the first crystal rockets into the sky, and then bursts into fragments of pink, glittering light that drift slowly back down. Then another, and another: blue, violet, yellow, your favorite brilliant color or many at once, a small green star inside an orange sun, a cerulean flare. These are the moon Pokémon’s answer to fireworks, and they’re as quiet as they are beautiful. The moon’s reflected light refracts off of the falling shards in entrancing, magical ways, and the music plays on.

The light show goes on for half an hour, finishing with a glorious cascade of rainbow bursts.

Enjoy, everyone. Make this a night to remember forever.

[[Starting with what is undoubtedly the most important information in this section: Y’all get to name the cat. I mean legendary. I mean Mewssingno. Just leave a suggestion in the comment below any time before 11:59 P.M. Saturday, June 4th and we’ll put it to a vote starting Monday, June 6th.

Anyway, that concludes the final reveal of our Promageddon and our lead-in to the New Game. Thanks a ton to Alex for putting such a fabulous blowout together, and to her, Sunny, Steven, and Aren for all the rest of our events this month, the CRAPLOAD of work that’s gone and is still going into our move to Victory Road, and the combined years of love that have gone into making Route the wonderful, thriving playground that it is. You’ve all been a treat to work with and learn from, and I hope to continue the tradition of this game sporting super sweet mods over in Season 2!

Thanks also to Luc for the fantastic design and artwork for our own game-specific Legendary!

Don’t worry if you’re not done and/or have barely begun having the time of your life at prom: VR’s first event, while dramatic for our characters, will be neither high-commitment nor time-sensitive, so feel free to backtag prom and the rest of May’s closing events to your hearts’ content without fear of overwhelming yourselves.

A note: If you are planning on bringing a character with existing Route CR, whether or not that character is currently in game--e.g. if you played here three years ago but dropped last year--please fill out the easy-peasy lemon squeezy TRANSFER APP by 11:59 P.M. on Saturday, June 4th. After that, you will have to submit a normal app form like everyone else.

Speaking of apps, VR’s first round of apps WILL ALSO close at 11:59 P.M. on Saturday, June 4th. Because it’s so close, we’re doing an ATP/Enable Me meme so people can popcorn ideas for future apps, so tell your friends! And if you miss this one, the next round will close at 11:59 P.M. Saturday, June 18th.

See you again at the Indigo Plateau, folks!

- Asher]]
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[Ah, yes, look at that. It's little deer-legs, who's evidently found her footing a little better in the time since last they met.

The look it gives her is one of silent half-amusement, and for a second the air around Heather shimmers with the translucent rainbow of Protect — like a soap bubble, almost, that dispels shortly after its creation.

Maybe that's Arceus's way of saying why yes, I remember the last time we crossed paths. Naturally; it is llamagod, after all.]
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[She remembers that iridescent bubble-shine, too. Swallowing, she scuffs the heel of one shoe on the floor. Better to get it over with.]

--Last time, uh... last time, I was pretty rude.

I... was working through some stuff, and I guess I was kinda desperate for something to blame, you know? But you've never just taken things away. You've always given, too.

Before I came here, everything was always defined by loss. And I guess it just took me awhile to realize...

[A pause in the stream of 'oh god IT'S GOD I'm just gonna make mouth noises until it comes out the way I want it to' babble as she glances away from Arceus and at the milling crowd in the rest of the ballroom (well, more specifically, at a few individuals, like a shy sleepy-eyed fellow with a Shellder at his feet, snapping a photo of some posing people, and someone in a dress with long green hair, standing nearby and offering pose suggestions while a VERY fat Pikachu munched on a bowl of potato chips next to the Shellder).]

... that it didn't have to be that way anymore.

So... thank you.

For everything.
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[Yeah, you super were, actually. But that's all right — did you know Deino bite anything that gets within reach of their teeth? Or Bagon sometimes launch themselves headfirst off cliffs, trying to fly so badly?

(The moral of the story here is that no one is perfect, save maybe Arceus. But we can't all be perfect, and that's okay.)

However, Deino grow out of their childish bad habits. And when Bagon evolve, they end up with those wings that they so desperately yearned for all along. Growing up is something worthy of recognition.

The air in front of Heather shimmers a minute, less like the rainbows of Protect and more like a pinprick nova of light slowly growing into existence; it's not altogether dissimilar to the lightshow that takes place when a Pokemon evolves, actually, save that this time it's not precisely an evolution, unless you call it nothing evolving into something.

Which is a bit poetic, innit?

When it's done, hanging in the air is what appears to be a locket, red and white and no bigger than a marble, but with a real clasp and hinge that would seem to suggest that it is in fact hollow inside, and capable of holding one tiny keepsake, if Heather can find one small enough to put inside.

It's decidedly not a real Pokeball. It's only a piece of jewelry. But maybe its purpose is for capturing something in a symbolic sense, rather than in a tangible one.]
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[But she has grown up, against all odds. Not that there isn't plenty more ground to cover, but hey. Perfection is, indeed, only for Arceus.]

[When the spark of light blooms in the air in front of her, her eyes widen a little and she steps back, reflexively-- even with the emotional maturation and everything, gods are still hella [unsure] territory for any Silent Hill survivor-- but then the locket visibly materializes, and she finds herself holding out a hand under it without even meaning to.]

Wh-- ... for me?

[No, dingus, the chick over there with the hat full of live Oddishes.]

[Realizing the answer to her own question already, she plucks it gently from the air and clasps the tiny chain around her neck. It can join the one her father had given her so long ago.]

... Thank you.

[From the very bottom of her heart.]
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[Naturally, Arceus doesn't say anything. But there's a bit of fading warmth in that locket that might almost feel like a you're welcome, with a bit of a stretch to the imagination.

That's the uncanny thing about the future, isn't it, little one? No matter what, people always keep moving forward — and the people we are one day might only be a fading memory by the next time we meet again. Who ever can say?

With a slight arc of its head, Arceus seems to indicate the other legendary in its midst. Perhaps it and you, little deer-legs, aren't so dissimilar.

There's still that outstanding question lingering, isn't there: what will the both of you do next? Only time will tell...]
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[Heather follows the Poke-god's all-seeing gaze over to the feline nebula glimmering through the crowd, and seems to get the unspoken message. Because perhaps they really aren't.]

[She coughs a little bit to clear her throat, letting the chain on the locket wind around one finger.]

[The first thing she'll do, she's decided, is go thank their host. As she starts to step away, though, she does turn and address Arceus one last time]

Right... well... keep on keepin' on, and... [Does she say it? ... She's gonna say it.] ... keep rockin' that awesome hat.

[And then she's gone. Off to make her own answer to that outstanding question, one way or another.]