foolishwren: pls to be telling wtf is goin on (um excuse)
Heather Mason ([personal profile] foolishwren) wrote in [community profile] route_29 2016-05-30 03:22 am (UTC)

[So Heather had spoken to Llamagod exactly one (1) time before. And hadn't been very nice. Heather Mason and gods just don't get along.]

[But, uh.]

[She's done some growing up in the last year.]

[And while it would be easier to skulk around and pretend not to notice the dazzling deity and its magnificent hat... it's not every day that Llama Jesus is in the house and she owes it an apology. So a little awkwardly, Heather sidles up and clears her throat slightly.]

Uh... hey.

[That's definitely now how you're supposed to greet a god. But baby steps amirite?]

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