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Mystery Event Is Exciting

Hello hello!! While we're sure everyone's thrilled for Promaggeddon later this week, we're rounding out the month with just one more event kicking off on the 22nd of May before everyone gets their moon shoes on! And this one's a little bit of a doozy, so, without further ado, let's get into...


...and what that means for you guys! Anyone familiar with Manaphy will probably be familiar with what its signature move can do (in the anime, at least!): Manaphy has the unique ability to use its psychic powers to make any two people swap bodies! And while the Seafaring Pokemon, unfortunately, is calling out sick for this particular event, we'll do it one better and put its talents on a more global scale!

So, you might ask, just what's going to be happening to my character(s), if you opt in? Well, there are a couple of ways this can go down, if you choose to have your character be affected:

  • On the morning of the 22nd, your character will find that he or she has woken up inside another character's body! Which character they've woken up as is totally up to you, so feel free to hash this out at your discretion with anyone you'd like; location doesn't matter, and the two characters who switched can be as close or as far away as you guys please! All we ask is please make sure you have permission to swap with another player: that is, please don't go bodyswapping with someone who doesn't know you're bodyswapping with them! If you're feeling particularly adventurous, three-way and four-way swaps (and so on!) for shenanigans involving bigger travelling parties are totally kosher too, as long as all the parties involved are fine with that! Be as creative as you'd like!

  • Another option is that your character will switch bodies with one of their Pokemon instead! In this instance, you can mess around with the details as you please: whether or not you'll still be able to speak, for instance, or just have all of your words come out as Poke-speak, is totally up to you, and you can feel free to thread out your character's Pokemon partner getting into trouble as a human for a few days as well, if that's what you wanna do!

  • If you'd like to swap with someone and you're not sure who you want to switch with, or if you'd really like to live dangerously and switch with another player at random, feel free to use this thread to hash out potential switch combinations!

Once your character is in another body, they won't swap with anyone else again for the duration of the event, so once they're switched, they'll be stuck that way until they switch back; when that happens is also completely up to player discretion and happens instantaneously without much rhyme or reason, so it can ICly be at any time before or on 12:01 EST on the 25th, which is when the event will end OOCly! The event is, of course, completely optional too, so if you want to have your characters just kind of gawking at this mess, that's also totally fine!

So, tl;dr: Freaky Friday, but with Pokemon shenanigans thrown into the mix! Go crazy with it and have lots of fun, but be respectful of your other players while your characters are switched! Make sure you communicate with each other if you're planning on doing something major in someone else's body! And above all, have fun as we prep for Route's last hurrah starting on Friday! If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment here and ask! Other things to look forward to this week include the app for the new comm and a preview of the new comm in general, so keep your eyes peeled for that as we get ready for our own heart swap! Take care and enjoy yourselves, guys!

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