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On Endings and New Beginnings...

Hey, Routians! Sunny here, to get this started off. Today, we've got some really big announcements. To avoid beating around the bush -

Route 29 will be closing on May 29th, 2016.
But that doesn't mean this game is over.

This game will be six years old at the end of May. We've gone through a lot of things, many changes, upgrades, the entire livejournal redux, and even two generations of more pokemon. I love this game with my heart and soul, and I adore each and every one of you. And the longer it's gone, the more it's felt to me that it's really needed something to shake it up, something I felt like I couldn't provide to you guys. I didn't want it to slowly fade to nothing. This isn't at any result of you all but my own doing.

I'd begun this game with Okami on a hot day in 2010, and we didn't think it would survive more than six months, much less six years. We started off as Johto only and branched into so much more. I'm still amazed at how big this has grown, at how wonderful it's become, and this is one of the hardest things I've ever had to write. This game has always had a huge impact on my soul, and it will always have a place in my heart.

To every player who's apped in, everyone who's played no matter how long or how short, to all of my techs, my ninja techs, my head mods, my helpers, the coders, and double special shout-out to everyone who waited until 12PM on May 22nd 2010 to completely wow my sleep-addled mind with way too many reserves and applications than I could handle:

Thank you so much!

I'll never regret a thing with this game. It was my ultimate decision in the end to close Route's chapter in this RP world. So with that, after the end of our final month of plots, this little Pokemon World will end.

To leave my cheesiest of dedications, I dedicate this song to each and every one of you:

Till the end I will be with you,
We will go where our dreams come true,
All the times that we have been through,
You will always be my best friends...

But where one door closes, another opens. Our moderator applications actually brought us two wonderful, amazing individuals who will be taking over Route 29's continuation...

It's going to be a whirlwind of sudden changes. The month of May will be a season of growth and excitement to wrap up one game and bring forth another. And on May 30th, all of you champions have the option to continue.

I'll leave it to the others to explain how this will work.

Please welcome your new head mods of Route 29's continuation...

Or, as you’ve known them in game, the players behind Dave Strider ([personal profile] callbacks) + Agent York ([personal profile] ratherbelocky), and Princess Anna of Arendelle ([personal profile] loveisanopendoor) + Asuka Shikinami ([personal profile] crimsonchin).

Hello, everyone, Alex here. As mentioned in an earlier modpost, when the necessity of opening mod applications had begun to loom on the horizon, I ended up letting the modteam know that I felt this would probably be the best possible time for me also to step down from my position as head mod, in the hopes of having just one round of fresh applications and a single smooth transition for the new team coming on board. I first joined on to the team in December of 2012 as a tech, and since then it’s been more than three years of app rounds, great events, and a lot of really good memories. From Nightmare Castle to PokéProm to Hoennween and beyond, I’ve had an absolutely amazing experience watching people have fun with the events we built in this game I’ve helped to run, and I couldn’t be more delighted about the new mods that we’re figuratively passing the torch to. They’re wonderful, involved, creative people who love Route and its setting a lot, and in my experience that’s one of the key things that makes for a great mod: a lot of love, and a strong desire to build fun things for the friends that you’ve made along the way.

Speaking of transitions, though, we know that this promises to be a somewhat chaotic time for new mods, old mods, and players both, so here’s the approximate rundown of what you can expect for the month to come:

• Behind the scenes, we’ll be spending the month of May teaching the new mods all the skills and tools they need to keep Victory Road going strong where Route 29 leaves off!

• On the IC side of the game, we’ll be using the month of May for a series of events we’re affectionately calling the Modteam’s Greatest Hits — a full month of our favorite events to run and for you all to play in!

• At the end of the month, our annual Fourth Wall Event (which coincides with Route’s six-year anniversary) will also coincide with one last return of PokéProm, so that everyone can have one last Great Ball before the changeover — old characters, new characters, friends you’ve made along the way, and ones you’ve still yet to meet!

This is Asher! Let me just say that I’m stoked to be involved in what quickly took over my heart as my home game and happy to ensure that all the work Sunny, Alex, Steve, Dal, and every other person who’s loved this game have put into shaping it WILL continue. The magic don’t stop here!

Aren here! Route was the very first long-term game I joined on Dreamwidth back when I was just a journal roleplay newbie, and since then, I’ve been absolutely enamored with the setting and with the lovely community behind it, both modstaff and players alike! You’re all a critical part of this game, and everyone reading this post has made it as fantastic and fun as it is today! It’s an absolute honor and privilege to be taking the helm with someone as fantastic and creative as Asher to keep things going here, and I really hope to see you all when we switch gears later this month! Thank you so much for having me!

That was a lot, huh. But to break it down a bit more easily, here's a little rundown -


Victory Road will be a direct continuation of Route 29 with the same regions, same Pokemon, and similar gameplay style. The head mods will be Asher and Aren. Most aspects of the game will be pretty much what you already know and love; both of us adore the game, after all, and changing too many parts of what’s already such a phenomenal game would be almost criminal! That said, we’ve decided to make just a couple of structural changes to make the Route experience a tiny bit more streamlined, along with adding a few new gameplay elements to make players and characters a bit more involved in the world-building process!


One big difference is that Victory Road will be a community-based DWRP game. This means that, rather than adding the game’s whole cast to your reading circle, you will only need to join the Victory Road communities and make your posts to the appropriate comm, not unlike the way logs are currently posted! With the new system, character logs, posts on the Gear of all forms, and event mingle logs will be posted in one place, hopefully making things a lot more convenient and less scattered for those with big reading pages!


The game will officially open May 30th, the Monday after Route’s closing. The goal is to make the transition from Route to Victory Road as seamless as possible for players currently in-game, so you won’t have a period of waiting for the new comm to be broken in after Route closes its doors on the 29th!


YOU! All characters currently in Route 29 will be able to join Victory Road prior to opening day by submitting a special Route CRAU application. Going forward, regular applications will be processed on the first and third Saturdays of each month.


Q: What sort of gameplay changes are you both planning on bringing in?
A: Without fully spoiling the surprises we have in store, we can say that a few changes we have in mind for the transition to Victory Road include, well, opening Victory Road, of course! Players will be given the chance to try their hand against the Pokemon League after obtaining all sixteen badges, and requests for defeating them will be handled in much the same way as badge requests are currently handled, though there will be quite a bit more emphasis on strategy for success! There’ll be a neat reward for clearing the League Challenge as well, if you’re so bold as to try your hand at it, so keep your eyes peeled for that! For the non-Gym Challenge minded, though, we’re also planning on implementing a system allowing player requests for facilities and construction projects within reason to be carried out via community labor efforts as time goes by!

Q: What will AC be like?
A: We’ll be waiving Activity Check for the month of April and May, just as a bit of a grace period, but as for the new game, the Activity Check will be pretty much the same as what you’re used to!

Q: What will events/plots be like?
A: Each month will have at least one big event (e.g. a holiday event, Fourth Wall, a Rocket plot, etc.) AND/OR multiple one-day mini-events a la Aromatherapy, Misty Terrain, and so on. The game will largely remain the light-hearted slice-of-life Pokémon adventure you already know and love.

Q: When will applications for characters not currently in Route open for Victory Road?
A: Hoping to follow the same application schedule as Route; that is, the first and third weekend of each month will be app weekend, and applications will be processed by that Sunday!

Q: What sort of characters can I app to Victory Road?
A: At this time, the restrictions on what kind of characters a player can bring to Victory Road are the same as Route’s; the only exception is that a character coming from Route, though technically a CRAU, will obviously be allowed to join the new game with all memories and roster intact. That aside, for now, restrictions on OCs, Pokemon characters, other AUs (CRAU or otherwise), etc. will remain in place.

Q: What about rosters, etc. etc. Can they still use their journals for organizing?
A: Absolutely! Character journals will still, ideally, have IC inboxes and status/inventory/roster pages; while main posts to the network at large will be posted to the comm, more private conversations can absolutely take place on a character’s journal page just as before. As many or as few of a character’s Pokemon as a player likes can be brought with you from Route to Victory Road, so don’t worry about having to start from scratch!

Q: Will Rockets and Breeders still have their own comms?
A: While Rockets are slated to have their own locked community for their own little nefarious purposes, Egg posts for Breeders will now be part of the OOC comm instead of in a specific community.

Q: How will the switch between the games be handled ICly?
A: After the events of our Poke-Prom/Fourth Wall event, characters will arrive in a version of Johto/Kanto that’s, without question, similar to where they’ve been, but different from what they’re used to in some pretty major ways! What they decide to do from there, of course, is up to you, but don’t expect the environment to be exactly the same as it was before you left for prom!

So there you have it, folks! Route 29 will officially come to a close, and with that, Victory Road will be going forth. Please give Asher and Aren a warm welcome and let’s get this show on the road! We’re on our way to Victory!

Got any other questions for us? Ask away!

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On that note, I remember the FAQ mentioning that it's possible for returning characters to very slowly regain some of their old rosters. Will that still apply here? It's not a deal breaker for me, but I was always curious how that worked.