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Evening, Routians! Or mornafternoon! We've got a bit of a surprise for you guys~

First off, if you may have poked around at the profile page, you'll notice that we've got a new tech mod! Everyone, give a warm welcome to Cassie/[personal profile] fishie (mun of Miyuki Chitose/[personal profile] comeatmibro) to the team!

And with Cassie came a pretty wonderful surprise. She's not only revamped our maps page, but it's also been split in two for Johto and Kanto respectively, including wonderful details and a slight change in travel times.

And they're absolutely gorgeous.

Seriously, guys. It's hotter than a Ponyta's mane, wouldn't you say so?

ETA: To note: The new travel times are not retroactive. That's right, you've all been glitched and you didn't even realize it! So feel free to be very confused when you reach your destination at a stranger timeframe than originally planned.

Some of the new constructions, like the Viridian Library and the Ecruteak History Museum, are totally new as well!

There's also a brand new ferry service between New Bark Town and Pallet, enabling characters who don't want to hike for three days to take a scenic detour and start their journey in Kanto instead!
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Hey guys! We've got a long list of beautiful updates for you all~

First off, time to introduce our new mods!

We're starting off strong... )
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Two things!

First off: Moderator elections! We're so sooooo sorry we've kept you all in the dark on that. Already a few vocal anons have wagged their fingers at us for that, and we're sorry about that. March was a pretty ill-timed month for both Ara and myself.

However, we have a few updates on the situation! Most of those who have applied know if they have or have not been chosen. The decision-making process has been underway for a while, and we've come down to a narrow few. However, we're not completely one with that just yet. Because of conflicting internet times and availabilities, we've made a near-final decision, but we're still working on finishing that. As we've done in the past, we're making sure our newer moderators know what they're up for before unleashing them to everyone - right now, the ones who have been chosen are currently in the process of getting adjusted to things. We'll announce them once we're secure on everything.

However, since Ara will be out of town for a little longer, we're going to hold back on an announcement for at least another week and a half. We're sorry about how long it's taking! We just want to make sure that the ones we choose are accustomed with their new positions and ready to handle any problems you throw at them once they're announced.

Weather for April 10 and 11 will be just as pleasant as it's been. You'll have a new report up on Thursday when I'm not making mod reports at 1am I'm no longer dying I have time to sit down and properly hash out things that make sense.

The Activity Check has also been extended to April 11th.

Warning list

You have until April 11 (an extension!) to check in, so please do so! If there's anyone we missed or someone went on hiatus or dropped, or if we accidentally skipped them and they checked in, please let us know here! Thanks guys!

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Hey, guys! We've been on an updating roll. (Ara is magical; worship her accordingly.)

First: Starters List has been updated!

Second: The FAQ has also been updated! It contains clarifying of older questions and some newer ones that have been asked. In short? Everything.

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Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Command Console.

Current List Count: 217

Not just that, but with the move, there's been a bit of an update with the Trading system!

Can we trade pokémon with other players?
Yes, you are allowed to trade with other Trainers, with the consent of the other player. Trading can only be done at a Pokémon Center, with either both trainers at the same one or over PCs at different Pokémon Centers, and only with the consent of both players. Currently, there is no trading with NPCs other than the already established game trades that can occur (such as trading a Bellsprout for an Onix in Violet City). Trading no longer needs to be mod-approved.

Just trade logically, please! And with that, everyone be safe and have fun this weekend~
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Hey, guys! We're testing out the new waters on dreamwidth with a bit of a reminder to everyone.

One: If you plan on staying in Route, please make sure to comment to your respective taken characters lists (found here) with the forms given. You have until the end of January 18th to do so. Also, please join the four/five communities so that you can keep informed! Some of you have commented but haven't joined the communities yet; that's important too!

Two: Word of the wise: It would be best to turn your Circle Update Notifications Off on January 18th.

On January 19th, I'll be posting the updated access/subscription (circle) list, and if you'd like to save your emails, you may want to turn those notifications off. Because dreamwidth doesn't have a limit, everyone can be added in one go. And that... will be a lot of updates.

On that note, you don't need to add the journals commenting to the lists if you don't need to. And if you do, please be sure to add the character journals, not the players' accounts!

Once that's happened, we'll return to our regularly scheduled updates, in which you can turn your notifications back on without risking your inbox.

Three: In case any of you missed it, we have a mid-move post dump sticky post up! Since we know that not everyone is following each other just yet, you can use that post to let everyone know you made an entry! It'll be stickied to the top of the OOC comm until the 19th.

Finally, Route on the new site will be starting with just myself and Ara as main mods, with our three Assist TMs. Please send all of your concerns and questions to us!

Happy Monday! (If... possible...ever...)

re: Poll

Jan. 6th, 2012 07:09 pm
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Alright guys, brief announcement.

We're going to end the poll on January 11, 11:59 PM EST.

There was an overwhelming majority leaning towards ending it early, but we want to make sure there's a plan in mind with all moderators on board when the poll results are calculated. Therefore, we've bumped it two extra days.

We'll announce the result and Route's next plan of action on January 12.
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Hey guys, brief announcement! (And a little delayed, but ssssh!)

We have changed the Application page and format!

HERE is a new link. The older page was getting a little cluttered, so we decided to create a fresh page. We also organized the application so it flowed a little better and explains a bit more of what we're looking for. Please use the new format for all future applications!
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It's ridiculously... ridiculous, yes, but ARE YOU GUYS ON IT NOW?! Sorry it took, well... forever. Again. I'll get better, I promise! But if you're not on it, please let me know so I can fix that. 8D
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Hey guys! We have a ton of updates for you all today! They're soooo biiiig that we decided to do them early!

First off, the friend add/remove.

Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Admin Console.

It got long... )
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Goooooood afternoon, guys! Have some updates! First off, we'd like to apologize for not having the Add/Remove in from last week. To make it up to you, this week's is twice as long!

In addition, we decided to add the introduction pages to the backpack section on the main page. So now the list is with a fancy "how did I get here?" mini-guide to make things a little easier to understand for newer players. (For those who were here shortly after Route opened in May/early-June, these will look astoundingly familiar...)

Also, the chat name has (finally) been added to the F.A.Q.! It's been on the OOC comm for ages but now it's easier to find. Yay!

Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Admin Console.
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Good Day, Trainers!

Stormy here. Okami and I were quite surprised at the amount of reserves and applications we've received! Sorry for being so delayed, we're still trying to spruce up the game.

A few things have changed in the past few days:

○ We've edited the Premise. Now it's in storymode and looks more like... a premise!
○ We've also made a ninth rule, which is #8 on the list. It's been added since around Sunday or Monday, but I don't know when you've all checked it so I'm alerting you all just to be keep you informed!
○ And our chat! We've finally decided to release the name of the AIM chat to you all. Our chat is...
Don't be shy, come say hi! Common courtesy and be-nice reminders go here.

We'll be tweaking the F.A.Q., explaining what every new arrival will get (I have a mental list! Problem is, it's mental), and possibly adding a navigation page in the next few days. And applications will be done tomorrow, hold us to that!

You've all been so patient, thank you very much! ♥ Can't wait to meet all of you! Thanks, guys! Three more days!

Stormy ☂


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