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The results are finally in, and your winners for tournament are...

drumroll please...! )

Winners, please comment to the winners thread with your prizes (one (1) fossil and one (1) reusable Unova TM!) You don't need mod approval, but it's nice to keep records.

ICly, the tournament officially ended with the final Elite battle yesterday (the 22nd) afternoon. There was a ceremony for all participants held a few hours after the battle where winners of all brackets were congratulated and given their prizes!

Thank you to everyone who participated! We hope you found the tournament enjoyable. Feel free to leave comments, questions, suggestions, etc. regarding this tournament and possibly future tournaments.
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Please use the code provided below. Remember, both participants must reply in order to for the victory to be valid.
If neither player replies, there will be no victor.

In the cases of matches against a gym leader, the mods will flip a coin.

Participants' pokemon can gain a maximum of 2 levels per week during the tournament, to preserve the local wildlife around Vermilion. Pokemon may exceed their level bracket by a maximum of 1 level per round during the tournament. If there are any changes in levels, let us know in your comment.

This post will only list the latest round for each bracket. To see the full participation, click on each bracket's chart listed below.


Junior Cup Winner )

Standard Cup Winner )

Advanced Cup Winner )

Elite Cup Round 4 )
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The below matchups are final and will not be changed, unless one participant is in the wrong bracket due to an oversight. Participants will have 7 days to give us Round 1 winners, at which point we'll be posting the next round's matches. Each round will be randomized to provide some diversity.

Due to the large number of rounds — 6 for Elite — we will be shortening the amount of time players will have to give us their answers, so that the last few Elite rounds will be spaced 3 days apart. If you're afraid of missing a date, just check the calendar for more information!

In the case that one partner goes missing, the person who attempted contact will win by default. If extenuating circumstances come into play, such as a personal emergency requiring a hiatus (with due warning to the mods and the battle partner), we will flip a coin.

Update: players facing off against gym leaders can have a coin flipped (default) or choose to strategize, in which case they should use the post here.

To post winners, please see this screened post! BOTH partners must comment with the name of winner in order for the victory to be valid. If not, see the above paragraph. If neither player comments, there will be no victor.

You can use this post to discuss your matches. If no consensus can be reached, the mods will flip a coin upon request.

Playing out the matches is highly encouraged, but optional! Here is an open log for all your battling needs! Bugsy, Whitney, Brock, Misty, Blaine, Surge and Blue will be competing in the tournament and will also be participating in the open log, under the account [personal profile] these_guys.

The prizes at the very end of the tournament will be one (1) fossil and one (1) reusable Unova TM, both chosen by the winners.

Without further ado, here are the matchups for round 1!

Junior Cup Winner )

Standard Cup Winner )

Advanced Cup Winner )

Elite Cup Round 4 )

Newest matchups will be listed on the screened post as soon as all the results have come in for that bracket, or on the deadline of the round (whichever comes first.) They will not be announced on the OOC community, because we don't want to spam.

If you have any questions, let us know!


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