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Hey! So a pretty awesome player suggested we make a list of the little unofficial shops and other services run by the player characters. We'll be making a post for it soon, but it sounds like a neat resource to have, both IC and OOC! Like trade shops or little carts, training facilities, breeders' egg 'stores', etc., instead of something as high-tech as a PokéMart.

So... who runs things?

Please fill out the form! And don't go too insanely long on the descriptions! Keep it simple, keep it direct. If all else, I can edit them into bullet points, or either you or we could write a cute little blurb about it!

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Sorry guys, the gym leaders aren't out just yet (sorry to all of those I mistakenly told otherwise), because we'd like your input on how you'd want this run!

Many of you coming straight from Johto already have some pretty decent teams, so showing up at Kanto with your buffed up groups might not be as much fun for some of you if you're wiping out everyone from the get-go. So we've got some options on how you guys would like to battle for badges in Kanto.

Let's see if Stormy did the polls right...

[Poll #1798360]

Regular Team - this is basically starting afresh. You can take new pokémon, old pokémon, any pokémon that's under 100 and just have your way with the gym leaders. It's more of a "New Region, New Beginnings" kind of option.

Regular Team & Elite Team - this leaves the trainer with two options of matches: one's just a Regular Team, but the other is a battle of skill, your Level 100s vs the Gym Leader's Level 100s. With this, the player can choose to start with newer or lower-level pokémon, or start with the strongest ones.

Elite Team & Break the level 100 cap - Your powerhouse pokémon versus theirs, but the leveling won't stop at 100. So it's just a test of ridiculous amounts of skill and high levels.

Regular Team & Elite Team & Break the level 100 cap - a mixture of all three! Start at the beginning, or have your strongest versus their strongest that can go over level 100.

Other - if you've got any other suggestions, or if you choose any of the first options and still have input, please leave us a comment!

Thanks a bunch, guys!
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Three things:


There are now 140.

In addition, because Larvitar are pseudo-Legendary pokémon, they've been given a cap of 10. We've never actually had ten as starters so this should be alright.

2) We've also added the bugs from the swarm-plot to the Availability List, as well as the two found at the Ruins of Alph. You no longer need to contact us about what to find there! We've linked what's there and probably someday maybe we'll find a better way to add it there but until then have that link.


Two things:
1) Would you all prefer a breeders-specific community in order to keep free eggs and whatnot in order instead of using the OOC community? If so, any ideas for a name or would you like one of us to think of something?

and 2) We've heard from numerous people that there's an excess of eggs. Because of this, it will be capped. Although, we don't want to cap it too high or too low, so I had a question for you guys: How much do you think is too much? This can be in terms of too many eggs per pokémon, per week, from pokémon each week? etc. Anything you can think of, go ahead and list, and feel free to discuss amongst each other as well!
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Alright guys, we need a show of hands!

Question One: Which characters currently hold some sort of job at the Goldenrod Radio Tower?

ETA: Sorry, I didn't add this! Characters who work at the Radio Tower will be participating in a brief but important event in the plot! And even if the character didn't work there before, if they're in Goldenrod, feel free to assume that they recently got the job or they've had it for a few weeks/months/whatevs.

Question Two: ROCKET GRUNTS! For all of you guys who have been giving yourself a good name in terms of being a member of Team Rocket, what all have you done? Feel free to tell us the best--and worst--things during your stay!


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