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Regarding the Fourth Wall Events:

We've heard around the grapevine that having a fourth wall event every six months might be a little too frequent, so we're considering switching it to just a once-a-year thing. But we'd like to hear from you guys: would you guys prefer the switch to having Fourth Wall Events only in May, or would you prefer having two per year, in November and May?

Leave your vote in the comments! Thanks, guys!

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As I am sure you are all aware of, Livejournal has undergone a good handful of changes that have made roleplaying here just a little more difficult. With how the staff of Livejournal and the ones in charge of the code have responded and interacted with the members, it looks as though these changes will be permanent.

Therefore, we have been considering moving our game to another site altogether. This is a poll for all of the current players of Route 29, as we are leaving the decision to a majority vote. Please only vote with one journal per player, be it character or personal.

We request that everyone vote in this poll so that your opinions are heard. If you choose not to vote, then we will assume that your decision is to follow whichever decision is reached at the end.

Now, our choices:
- Move to
- Move to
- Move to
- Move elsewhere? (Suggest location in comments)
- Remain on

Stay or Go? )


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