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Did you check out that Rocket Admin post? If you didn't, you should since it's relevant to what's going on here! Plus, it's some insight into how the Rocket Admins make decisions in case you've ever wondered about that.

Anyway, since that's a little vague, here's what's going on! Those Aqua and Magma Grunts from Halloween had bases here, remember? And Team Rocket's finally tracked them down, and doesn't really approve of the idea of other teams setting up shop here, so they're going to send in some Grunts (which means you guys) to go clear them out. That's right! We're having a Rocket plot. A completely optional, opt-in Rocket plot! Because we figured you Rocket players might enjoy having an official chance to put in some work towards a future promotion! So without further delay because you guys probably want to get to the details already, here's the important stuff:
The Important Stuff )

After you've done that, please go check out our Plotting Post in [community profile] rocket_hq if you're interested in plotting out teamups or anything like that with your fellow Rocket players!

Also, if you guys have any questions feel free to ask them here!
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The Report )

The Discussion )

The Orders )

Want to know more about what's going on? Then please head over here for more information!
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Mass text to ALL ROCKETS )

And a message from our sponsors! )

[ ooc: You can feel free to post IC reactions/plotting here; there will be no answers from NPCs. ]
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It’s early in Mahogany.

The sun is only just creeping over the evergreens that surround the little town at the base of the mountains—it hasn’t even yet started to dispel the wispy fog that drifts between the buildings.

Not, of course, that any of the Rocket grunts can see that from their rooms deep underground.

Most of them have had it pretty good the last couple of weeks. Nice rooms, nicer food, and how about that hot spring, guys? They’ve even been allowed to sleep in as long as they want. …. Well, until today.

Somewhere in the hallway, a loudspeaker crackles on... )

The evaluations are passed out on short notecards, each with the recipient’s name—or at least the name that shows up on their PokeGear ID—typed neatly at the top.

Grunt Evaluations )
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Let's have a change of icon from Ariana herpherp.

So, I BET ALL YOU ROCKETS ARE WONDERING WHATS UP???!? Well, we've got a little list I checked it twice by golly, and it's about our total Rockets! Who came along willingly, who is already there in Mahogany and just going 'what is this' to everyone being basically .... kept there. And then, there's the Rockets who said SHOVE OFF and are still out doing their own thing.

Little do they know that once they left Mahogany, they've been tracked via their PokeGears, as well as ...... birds. Pidgeys, Murkrow, Spearow.. all three species have been rounded in and have been keeping tabs on every character that's set out from Mahogany!

Ready or not, you can't run, you can't hide, they're gonna fiiiiind youuuu and take it slowly? and, here's the kicker, kidnap youuu!

Well, not the birds, they're just being used as trackers. Rockets who DID come willingly, thanks! The manpower is needed to haul these LOSERS in!

THE LISTTTT, and then some! )
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The day has come.

Secret locations all around Johto were set up several days before, with helicopters discretely (or as discretely as helicopters CAN) arriving to each of them to pick up the scattered Rockets in the dead of night.

Those who came were treated to a swift flight, whizzing over the miles of trees, rocks, and small mountainous areas that would normally take your average trainer weeks to traverse.

Anywhere from an hour to three or four, depending on where they were flying from, each one eventually landed in a little wooden grove just outside of Mahogany Town. From there? It’s on to the HQ. Under the cover of darkness and the watchful eye of some silent, vaguely threatening superiors wielding stun-guns and Grimers, the riders will be hurried into what seems to be a homey little Mom and Pop-style shop.

Needless to say, not everything is what it appears to be.

”Welcome )



A shadow entered the doorway of the office.

Watching the video screens before her, Arianna did not turn around.

“Yes? What’s your report?”

“The helicopters have all made it back, ma’am. The recruits are being shown to their rooms as we speak.”

“Excellent. What was the turnout?”

“Pretty good, ma’am! But there were a few no-shows.” Stepping inside, the grunt placed a slip of paper down on the admin’s desk, stepping away from it quickly once he did so, just in case Arianna was in one of her moods. “We’ve compiled their names and locations.”

Arianna reached out to pick up the slip of paper, gaze lingering on the screens for just a moment longer before it turned to the list.

“… How disappointing. Oh well, it’s no matter. They’ll be with us soon enough.”

Swiveling her seat around, she gave her subordinate a smirk.

“Get the squads ready. They’ll be leaving in the morning.”

Congratulations! If your character went to the helicopters willingly and cooperated with their superiors, they are now awaiting their orders at the Rocket HQ and being treated like royalty! ... For now.

Please feel free to ask questions about the HQ setting or any other points of confusion in the QUESTIONS thread! Also, if your character was NOT taken by helicopter to the HQ and is instead someone who should be added to the compilation list of runaway Rockets that we're making, please let us know that too! (An OOC comment is fine, just mark it accordingly and yadda <3)

Otherwise, this post is an open log!

Let your character enjoy the hot springs, bother each other, and explore their new surroundings!
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It’s been a good long while since any of the Rockets heard that distinctive, deliberately-obnoxious ringtone blaring from their PokeGear’s speakers to announce an incoming message from the Rocket Admin channel.

Even the grunts, both native and—ahem, otherworldly—who are lingering around the HQ in Mahogany Town haven’t seen hide nor hair of their leaders.

What happened to them?

Did Petrel discover a hidden love for Budew farming and drag Arianna and the rest off with him to discover the joys of gardening tools and hay fever? )


TIME FOR SOME ROCKET MAYHEM. Arianna has arranged for Rocket helicopters to come pick up the rockets on the night of Friday, January 21. That night, we'll have more information for you!

Please tell us in the comments whether your character is willingly tagging along or not. You can do this either as an in-character response to Arianna or an out-of-character note (but please specify how you're responding [voice/vid/text/IC or OOC/question/omgfinally/etc] so we may appropriately reply!).

Please also note that, if your character chooses not to go with them... the consequences are involuntary. :)
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Hello Rocket grunts, did you miss the sound of your PokeGear going off in the middle of your relaxation/sleep time? Or are you new to it? Either way, you still don't get the option of answering or ignoring the call since the video feed is going to flip on.

For once, it's Proton in front of the camera instead of Arianna, and he's taking a moment to give whoever the camera-man is a nasty look before turning his attention to lens and grinning.

"Hey Grunts, do excuse the lack of communication from us. We had some important things to take care of and it took a little longer than we planned. I'm the bearer of good news though, and with permission from our boss, I will be the one in command of this next operation."

Chuckling a bit and beginning to walk off screen, the feed follows after him towards a large map of the Johto region. Giving the 'Ruins of Alph' section a good tap with his finger, Proton pulled a dart from his pocket and stabbed it into place there.

"This is where we will begin. All Rockets in Mahogany town, you will board the helicopters over at the Lake of Rage. Everyone else? Send a text of your location and a copter will pick you up at two in the morning. Do make sure you're at least partially out of town so it's not obvious to the local police what's going on, we don't want any problems."

Sighing lightly, he crossed his arms.

"If you're close enough to make it within a day, head to the Ruins of Alph. Our goal is to capture the Pokemon that are hiding in there, and there's more than just one kind of it's species."

A grunt moves onto the screen to hand Proton a large sheet of paper, and as he flips it around, it has several pictures of some Pokemon, but they're in different shapes. Included are A, O, P and strangely enough, one resembling an exclamation point, and instead of the eye being wide open like the others? It's half closed.

"These are just a few of the ones our undercover workers have managed to see, and those were in passing glimpses. There's one thing that will definitely draw these out though, and that's sound."

Grinning once more, Proton half-heartedly tossed the sheet of pictures to the side where the grunt clumsily made to catch it and held his arm off to the side, off camera.. then brought it back where a large Golbat now sat.

"Each of you will be issued a Zubat for this operation, and they've all been trained to specialize in noisy attacks. They will be given out in the helicopters, so make sure you have the space to carry them."

The Golbat chirped a little and made a snapping motion at the camera, the camera-man even letting out a yelp and backing up. Proton just laughs and pats the Pokemon, then lifts his arm again to let it flap away with a shrill sound. Pausing after a moment, he chuckled then and looked as if he just remembered something.

"Oh, I almost forgot. We had a few of you who did good work and got us a nice rare Shuckle! For that, you two will be issued Golbats, and since I won't be physically there for this operation..."

[ profile] used_perishsong, [ profile] serpensrex, you both have information photos up now for everyone to see.

"You two will be in charge of making sure this goes nice and smooth. I've been told there are twenty four different 'letters' and two odd shapes, so I expect to see all of those Pokemon when this operation is done."

Giving a slow applause for them at actually getting this opportunity, Proton chuckles again and continues, addressing all of the Rockets once again.

"When all twenty six of these Pokemon have been captured, send a text to this frequency and we'll send the helicopters. Everyone will stay in Mahogany until Arianna finishes deciding what she wants to do next."

Rolling his eyes, he then gives the feed a little wave.

"See you all later! I look forward to a successful mission!"


Hey guys, here's the beginning of some real Rocket involvement! I'm sorry about the orders not coming out on a regular basis, but I didn't want to send them off doing something earlier when we had this in the works.

ANYHOW, the mission will begin Monday evening well into Tuesday, and by then we'll have assumed all of the different Unown have been caught and the Rockets are getting pulled out by Tuesday evening (the 17th). If you have any questions, feel free to hit up the mods and ask, or shoot us a PM!

Fasten your seat-belts, it's gonna be fun~!
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Weekly Friend Add/Remove
Please copy the following into the Admin Console.

Now that that's out of the way...


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Did you miss this loud, attention catching beeping, Rockets?

You can thank someone for causing Arianna to be in a terrible looking mood when she slaps the video on, her expression sour and her hair fairly messed up, something smoldering smoke behind her.

"Let's get this dealt with quickly, Grunts. Helicopters will bring the new members out to the locations released after this message. There may be some changes to your current location or missions, so do make sure you arrive there."

A slow smirk slides onto her face.

"A reminder that if you are not there at your new location within twenty four hours, we will cut you loose and you will be dealt with in our favorite Team Rocket manner."

Before the video can totally cut out, there's a sharp scowl spreading to her face, replacing that smirk when something pops loudly behind her, the feed lowering and pointing at the floor.

"Proton, make it stop smoking. We don't need to go and lose more than we've already lost!"


Each Team Rocket member will get their own fancy text message, and the only ones who get helicopter lifts are new grunts. The rest of you get to hoof it!

+ Sho Minamimoto [ profile] itssextillion will move into Violet city to sell Magikarp.

+ Megumi Kitaniji [ profile] hipsnake will be sent to the Ruins of Alph. Create a sandstorm with an issued Larvitar (that is not to be used for battle) and kick the locals out.

+ Cobra Commander [ profile] serpensrex will move to the Ruins of Alph to also kick locals out and secure the area for later searching.

+ Shirou Machi [ profile] lastminutepilot will take all current Slowpoke tails into Violet City for selling, do stick to a different part of town from Sho Minamimoto.

+ Konoka Konoe [ profile] konoka_chan will move into the Lake of Rage that is now secured and set up three radio antenna all around the lake. Watch out for Totodile and Squirtle, large groups are there along with many many Magikarp.

+ Mayako Makishima [ profile] pretendpilot will be sent to the Goldenrod Station to work with Kida Masaomi [ profile] scarfidol and do undercover work.

+ Boomer [ profile] qtip_boom and Ken Amada [ profile] usedrage will be sent to Cherrygrove City to scope out the newer trainers, and steal Pokemon that look rare or powerful.

+ Vexen [ profile] icyempiricism and Gendo Ikari [ profile] become_tang will be sent to Ecruteak City to inspect the Burned Tower for researching the local tales about the legendary Rainbow Pokemon that is said to appear there.

+ Ryoma Echizen [ profile] kuuderedrive will be dropped off to join Vanitas [ profile] smellyalaterven and Grell Sutcliff [ profile] redcinematics undercover as trainers. Those two will be continuing their previous missions. Do find some rare Pokemon to steal.

+ Mao [ profile] maocontent will take over for Kana Ushiro [ profile] kana_ushiro in the Lake of Rage gate, and Kana will return to base to be helicoptered south to Azalea Town to work undercover as an apprentice to Kurt, the rare Pokeball maker. Learn the secrets and steal any works he has made presently. Wait until instructions to return before stealing said items.
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Suddenly, all Rocketeers hear their PokeGears going off. There's a fat chance of it being ignored, as whether you turn it on or not, the video feed turns on to show three figures, two of them masked in shadow and the third being an older woman dressed in a white Rocket uniform. Her smug confidence is easy to see as she begins to speak.

"Now that you have all settled, it's time to get down to business.

There will be helicopters waiting for some of you at the Lake of Rage, and I want you all to take extra care in reading your missions that will be sent after this message is completed."

Oh my, it seems this was pre-recorded, as she doesn't seem to listen or even hear any protests to the screen.

"I will not tolerate anyone sneaking off to do a mission that isn't theirs, so do keep that in mind..."

Giving a terrible little smile, she snapped her fingers once. One of the shadowed figures moved forward to reveal a slightly younger man dressed in a black uniform with a hat, who chuckled and removed his hands from his pockets to spread his arms out in lightly sweeping gesture.

"She isn't joking, I'll tell you that right now.

Some of you may receive missions that require undercover work, so let's not spoil the fun so early. If any of you have any objections to our goal, feel free to complain about it all you like."

With a lighthearted laugh, he clapped his hands slowly as the lights dimmed out, leaving all of the Rocketeers with a final message.

"Just remember, you're here because we brought you here. Work well for us and we will send you home as soon as our goals are completed! Do poorly, and we will take everything from you."


Rocketeers will soon find individual texts appearing on their PokeGears that will have these missions as follows:

- Four Rockets will stay on site at the Lake of Rage and slowly filter all the tourists out to clear it for a test. Sneaky witnesses who try to stay anyway are to be dealt with quietly.
* Until we have more Rockets, NPCs will take care of this.

- Two Rockets will stay at the gate to the Lake of Rage and take place of the current police who are stationed there.
* One NPC will be here with Kana [ profile] kana_ushiro

- Six Rockets will take a helicoptor to Azalea Town and will be dropped off at the Slowpoke Well. Two will dress undercover and pass through town, leading the locally owned Slowpoke to the well so tail removal can begin. Two others will pass through town and investigate the Ilex Forest, due to rumors of a legendary time traveling Pokemon. The last two will take the product (Slowpoke Tails) and go through the Union Cave to sell them to trainers that try to pass through. They should sell for P3000. Use any means necessary to ensure a sale.
* NPC grunts will bring Slowpokes to the well. Cobra [ profile] serpensrex will be working with one NPC grunt for slicing off Slowpoke tails. Mayako [ profile] pretendpilot and one NPC grunt will inspect Ilex Forest, and Shirou [ profile] lastminutepilot with one NPC grunt will be selling the tails.

- After collecting up to twelve Magikarp from the Lake of Rage, two Rockets will be flown to Violet City to sell the Magikarp for P1000 each. Use any means necessary to ensure a sale. Do make sure they don't already know how useless these Pokemon actually are or they will contact the Police.
* Sho [ profile] itssextillion and one NPC grunt will sell Magikarp.

- Two Rockets will be flown to Goldenrod City and are to work undercover at the Radio Station. Earn the producers trust and stand by for later orders.
* Kida [ profile] scarfidol and one NPC grunt will partake in this mission.

- The rest of you, until further notice, are to work undercover as regular trainers. Do not give away any information regarding who you are working for, or you will be dealt with. Steal powerful Pokemon as you see them and bring them back to Mahogany Town. You will be brought to New Bark Town to blend in properly.
* This would include a random assortment of NPC grunts, Vanitas [ profile] smellyalaterven and Grell [ profile] redcinematics.

(For clarification, Rockets may use this post to gripe or discuss with each other since they will all be jumping onto the helicopter and being dumped off in various places. There will be more posts like this in the future as more Rockets are applied for!)


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