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Team Rocket still came out on top. )

And so this plot winds down! All powers should be gone by now, but the mutations will stay with you for quite a while. Feel free to enjoy the side effects while they last.

Remember that the Saffron, Ecruteak and Goldenrod Pokémon Centers will be down until September. Until then, temporary camps are set up, where people may volunteer to help out with various chores or construction. For now, they’re setting up free computers and healing areas to care for the wounded people and pokémon, but at the moment there are no healing machines in these cities which means that the quick healing will be unavailable for now. Stock up on potions!

Another important thing: the Gyms in Blackthorn, Mahogany, Vermillion, Ecruteak, Goldenrod, Saffron and Violet will be down for two weeks thanks to Rocket attacks.

We hope you enjoyed this event and if you have any questions or would like to know more, feel free to contact a mod!


Jun. 30th, 2012 01:30 pm
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Hello, Route! Pretty sure you all remember the legendary beasts that visited last time something went down? Well, Team Rocket’s been pretty busy with what they took from those beasts before letting them go. And the result of whatever they did? Well … They figured out a way to get powers. Yep, we’re doing a power plot!

(Don’t get too excited though, because you’re not getting your own. At least, not yet. We wanted to make this somewhat more organic than 4th wall.)

This event will start on July 9 and last for roughly three weeks until the end of the month.

wait wait wait what's going on? )


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