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Name: Chi
Contact: [plurk.com profile] winterbolt
Other Characters: Karamatsu Matsuno

Character Name: Jimmy Two-Shoes
Age: 14
Canon: Jimmy Two-Shoes
Canon Point: Post Season 2
Character Information: Link to Jimmy’s Wiki Page!
(This wiki page for the series itself is, unfortunately, incredibly small and not really at all informative, so I’ve also included a short bit of history for this canon.)

The series "Jimmy Two-Shoes" is set in a city called Miseryville, which is located on a planet that is clearly not Earth. Miseryville has three suns, a red sky, lots of fire, lava and volcanic mountains, is consistently hot and some of the water is red (though there appears to be some normal water too). The City of Miseryville itself is similar to a regular large city, but is almost entire populated by demons and monsters and is centered around a large, menacing factory. This is the Misery Inc. factory. What's Misery Inc.? Misery Incorporated produces everything in Miseryville, and all products are designed for the customers' optimal dissatisfaction. So of course, Miseryville lives up to its name by being an extremely miserable place.

Misery Inc. is owned by the ruler of Miseryville, Lucius Heinous VII, a red devil-like demon who revels in making everyone as miserable as possible. He also has a son named Beezy.

Also, Miseryville appears to be the only civilization on the entire planet, with everything outside the city being no man's land; wilderness, wastelands, and lakes literally made out of fire.

So if it wasn't already obvious, the implication is that Miseryville is indeed, Hell. The world being ruled by a devil bent on making everybody miserable named similarly to Lucifer, with a son named similarly to Beelzebub, is an especially dead giveaway. Though never outright stated in canon, it is heavily implied that Jimmy is deceased. The reason he wound up in Hell, however, remains a mystery. Considering Jimmy’s personality as a whole, one might speculate that Jimmy ended up in this area of the afterlife on accident. Jimmy does not know how he died and has little to no memories of his life in the living world- in fact, he (and everyone else in Miseryville) don’t seem to be aware that they are dead, or whether or not they actually know that they are dead isn’t clear. He does seem to remember some small details about where he “used to live”, such as that it had snow. Otherwise, Jimmy rather enjoys his life in Miseryville with his best friends Beezy and Heloise.

There’s a reason why everyone calls Jimmy “Jimmy Two-Shoes”. Suffice it to say that the very essence of who Jimmy is as a person revolves around the fact that he’s almost in a constant state of happiness, nearly without regard to what horrible things might be going on in the world he lives in. This world being literal, actual Hell. He’s kind, helpful, and considerate to a fault, even to those kinds of people who would much rather you just stay kindly out of their way and let them be miserable in peace. The truth is, the more down in the dumps you are, the more likely it is that Jimmy’s going to go out of his way to see if he can turn that frown upside down. It’s hard to exactly say where Jimmy gets his overwhelming optimism from. He can’t remember anything from his previous life (nor does he even realize there ever was one), so it makes you wonder just exactly how he ended up in this afterlife to begin with. Whether it’s due to Jimmy doing terrible things in his past life or to some sort of clerical error, it’s clear that the kid is a good person with a heart of pure gold.

Jimmy tends to live life to the fullest without any responsibilities holding him back. He doesn’t seem to ever go to school nor does he have a job, and even with a dog to take care of he manages to spend almost nearly every waking moment of his existence doing whatever he wants. Usually, whatever he happens to be doing he does it to the fullest of his abilities, and has a darn good time doing it to boot. Jimmy usually spends an inordinate amount of time goofing off playing video games, playing with his dog, or coming up with insane (highly dangerous to a normal human) games to play with his friend Beezy.

Jimmy possesses a near limitless amount of energy that is both mental and physical, keeping him on the go constantly. It comes as no surprise that even in Hell Jimmy seems to be able to spread happiness wherever he goes. The thing about Jimmy is that this is just how he IS. He embodies happiness and optimism and it can have lasting effects on anyone he comes into contact with. To put it bluntly, Jimmy is such a happy person that the ruler of Miseryville- Lucius- constantly works to find some sort of way to make Jimmy miserable. If Jimmy can be made miserable in any capacity, then true Misery has been achieved. …Unfortunately, this is a task easier said than done. Even when Jimmy and Beezy are dragged to Misery Inc. to test some new, misery inducing products, they have absolutely zero effect on Jimmy. Each device causes Beezy despair and frustration, whereas Jimmy manages to find a way to turn each and every object into something he can both have fun with and enjoy.

While Jimmy’s optimism is the main trait of his personality, he’s not totally impervious to experiencing other emotions, such as anger, sadness, and- yes- even misery. The latter is rare, but certainly not unheard of. When Jimmy does get angry he can really get himself worked up if he lets something get to him, as any teenager is apt to do. Most of the time this can be seen in Jimmy’s rather competitive nature. This isn’t to say he would throw a tantrum if he lost, but there’s a very strong drive to succeed that pushes him to continue fighting against even the poorest of odds. He is also known to be severely protective of those he sees as friends and can easily find himself upset or concerned if they suddenly stopped spending time with him for whatever reason. In this way, Jimmy shows a bit of selfishness that he doesn’t even realize, a side of him that demands attention and companionship. That being said, this means that Jimmy isn’t at all fond of being alone. He would much rather be spending his time with others than he would being cooped up inside without anyone to talk to.

Jimmy is also prone to jealousy. Not so much would he be envious of someone having things he doesn’t, but when someone he’s very close to is involved he seems to take it as a personal thing, unintentionally or not. In the episode “Heloise’s Secret Admirer”, Heloise suddenly begins spending a lot of time with a fast-talking con artist known as Peep in an effort to make him jealous over Peep gaining her affection. However, Jimmy doesn’t see this as a romantic thing, but instead sees it as “I’d rather spend time with my good friend Peep than you, Jimmy.” Jimmy isn’t controlling by any means, but some subtle hints have the tendency to fly right over his head, leading him to unintentionally misconstrue the intention entirely.

Somewhat ironically, his ridiculous optimism has the tendency to trip him up as Jimmy will do anything he thinks is good, whether or not it’s actually the “right” thing to do. All of this is unintentional on Jimmy’s part, and his gullibility and naivety can be constant hindrances to him. If he isn’t careful, someone could easily manipulate him to do something as long as he’s under the impression that it’s “right.”

While Jimmy is gullible and a bit slow at times to pick up on certain cues, he is by no means stupid. In fact, he’s remarkably intelligent in ways that you might not expect. He might not be able to create insane inventions like Heloise can and he might not have a lot of street smarts on his side, but in a pinch Jimmy can solve problems and produce solutions that otherwise might not have been thought of. This solution might not be conventional or the most obvious, but it works.
5-10 Key Character Traits:
+ Optimistic
+ Positive
+ Energetic
+- Childish
+- Competitive
- Gullible
- Jealous
Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, EITHER, or opt for 100% RANDOMIZATION? Either please!
Faerie, Arachne, Demon, Goblin, Vampire, Werebear, Werewolf

Roleplay Sample:


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