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Lady of the Relics: The Return of the Remnants

DAY 16/7. 12:24.

"But we still need to find Ace Reporter Kennedy!" It wasn't every day that Anderson Cloyster, CEO of EVNews was this impassioned, but people were starting to get nervous. Rumors were starting to spread about how dangerous it is to be a reporter in Johto, and, as a result, the summer interns were merely trickling in.

"Last year, it was different! We had so many applications for interns, we had to turn some away and we could fire people freely! This year, we had to sacrifice the donut intern because there simply aren't enough interns!"

Depressed, commiserating, executives muttered in mourning. All but one executive seemed distracted by the concept of fetching their own donuts. She stood up, silently, knowing it was the only way to get a committee of starving adult men to stop paying attention to their stomachs.

"Yes, Katie Crobat, what is it?" Anderson held faith in Katie's ideas. Her new talk show, Katie, was off to a phenomenal start.

"Anderson, I believe we have something to find Ace Reporter Kennedy. You see, I noticed, in our EVNews special, that the gym leader Sabrina can communicate with the departed. At the very least, we can use this to locate Ace Reporter Kennedy, if he is indeed dead, and salvage our workplace image through that."

Anderson Cloyster's eyes lit up with the suggestion. He wanted to take it a step further, but he knew that, unlike most people, Katie had a tricky thing called morals and values. Someone else would have to jump in and make a suggestion quickly to keep the momentum going.

And, of course, the most soulless person in the room made it. Bill O'tillery, without missing a beat, chimed in, "Hey! We should broadcast it to the public at large! It'll show that we care about our newspeople, even in death to give them a proper burial and the ratings would be massive. Think about it! We can even bring in some other gym leaders that'd be interested. Gym leaders, seances, ghost stories? What's there not to like?!"

The room was dead quiet. A peaceful, hopeful expression crawled across Katie's face. Then the room broke up into loud cheering.

Anderson quickly turned to the secretary, who was feverishly typing away, "Isabelle! Contact Morty and Sabrina, ASAP! We have a show to put on!"

Hello, denizens of Kanto and Johto! We have a bit of excitement. As you noticed, we have a little rain and an event coming up for you guys. Now, you might be wondering what do Ace Reporter Kennedy and Sabrina have to do with an upcoming plot where the title implies fossils...

Here's what's going down. On the night of the Seance (July 23rd at 11:30 PM), Sabrina will use her psychic powers to try to connect with a possibly dead Ace Reporter Kennedy. Unfortunately, due to radio waves, the time being exactly 12:00 and a massive audience, Sabrina's call for Ace Reporter Kennedy to rise is going to cause, well, just about every fossilmon in existence to rise.

And they do not like the changes that happened. They'll start to swarm and run amok, trying to reclaim what was once theirs.

The Gym Leaders, and Kanto/Johto at large, are going to call on each and every trainer to assist, either by fighting off or catching the ancient pokémon to stave off the destruction of the entire region until Sabrina can find the right spell to placate them once more.

At first, only the first evolution of all fossilmons will be found. This includes Kabuto, Omanyte, Lileep, Anorith, Shieldon, Cranidos, Tirtouga, Relicanth and Archen. Their levels will be the same as other pokémon in the area.

However, on the 27th Aerodactyl and the evolutions will arrive and cause chaos. This means Kabutops, Omastar, Cradily, Armaldo, Bastiodon, Rampardos, Carracosta, and Archeops will be around to join the fray. Their levels will be five levels above other pokémon in the area, and they will tend to be more aggressive.

On the 29th, Sabrina will finally find a way to calm the pokémon and they will return to being just glorified rocks, including the ones you catch. But don't worry and don't get rid of them! Brock will make an announcement stating that he's perfected reviving fossilized pokémon and has made miniature copies of the machines to revive the ones that were caught and they'll be delivered to each pokémon center and ready for use on August 5th. You might want to beat the crowd, so arrive there bright and early! It's not like they ever close anyways.

To sum this all up in a pretty tl;dr timeline!
July 24th - Kabuto, Omanyte, Lileep, Anorith, Shieldon, Cranidos, Tirtouga, Relicanth and Archen show up after a botched seance.
July 27th - Aerodactyl, and the evolutions of the previous listed pokémon will show up.
July 29th - Sabrina will finally put the ancient pokémon to rest, petrifying them and ending the event. Brock will announce his invention.
August 5th - Brock's invention becomes available to use at PokéCenters everywhere.

Event Specific F.A.Q.

Now, time for some select questions, concerns and answers!

Will all fossil pokémon be available in every location?
No. Only Kabuto, Omanyte, Aerodactyl and its evolutions will be available everywhere, since they are Kanto fossil pokémon.

Anorith and Lileep and their evolutions will be near watery places (coasts, lakes, etc.) and surrounding locations (the routes around The Lake of Rage, for example).

Cranidos and Shieldon and their evolutions will be found in rocky places (Mt. Mortar, Dark Cave, etc.) and their surrounding locations (the routes around Mt. Mortar, the routes around Dark Cave, Blackthorn City and Violet City for example).

Tirtouga and its evolutions can be found in sea and coastal places (Route 40, Cianwood City, Olivine City, Goldenrod City, etc), but nowhere further. Relicanth will also swarm around here, making them easy to catch.

Anorith and Archen and their evolutions will be found in grassy plains, forest-like routes and the surrounding areas (Ilex Forest, Route 29, National Park, etc.)

I don't think my character can handle fighting all of these angry wild pokémon!
That's fine! Some ancient pokémon aren't going to be angry and swarming, but merely curious at all of these new changes. If you don't want to have some sort of final dramatic standoff with angry Kabuto, then maybe your character can just marvel at how one got into their house and is attempting to court your toaster!

Will we be able to keep the pokémon we catch?
Yes. At first, when Sabrina quells all of the pokémon, they'll return to being lifeless rocks. But, never to fear, because our lovely gym leader Brock will send miniature fossil revivers to each and every pokécenter, which means taking them to Nurse Joy to get them revived will be a snap and only take a couple of minutes.

Is there any limit to how many we catch?
A limit of two per trainer is encouraged so trading and breeding can be encouraged. These are extinct species, after all!

Will gyms be closed during the event?
Yes, they will because the Gym Leaders definitely want to protect the city. They'll be out and about fighting off the invasions with their elite teams, so behold the spectacular sights!

There's a lot of stuff to remember!
There will be coordinated EVNews posts to help people with what's going on/starting.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please let us know here!

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