Dec. 26th, 2014

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Happy Holidays, Route! We're here with a few brief updates and reminders for you as we finish out the last week of 2014 and head forward into the new year!

• As of now, everyone should have received their shiny egg for Christmas! Remember that these eggs do not appear different in any way from a normal unhatched egg, and that they are still subject to their standard hatch times as determined by their breed's number of egg cycles!

• As you may recall, we've got a New Year's party event coming up next week! If you haven't checked out the information yet, or need a refresher on how all that's going down, hop on over to that post and give it a look-over! You can also reach us for any questions about it here!

• ICly speaking, characters will be receiving their IC invitations and requests to RSVP today, December 26th. These invitations will be automatically mailed to their Gears, so everyone should get at least one (and some people may get more than one!), and you're welcome to handwave the actual act of RSVPing.

• For people who signed up for our Room Assignments Roulette, we've made our lists (and checked them twice), so here are the people you'll be rooming with!

Table Under the Cut! )

• The room numbers assigned are generally unofficial and we're not strictly policing or enforcing much of that aspect of things, but for people who'd like a little more information for the purposes of flavor text, all the guests from Johto/Kanto will be housed on the fourth and fifth floors of the hotel for the event.

Please feel free to use the comments of this post to plot with your new buddy, if you so choose! Also, if you missed the roulette but are still interested in looking for a IC buddy to room up with, feel free to shop around for one in the comments of this post as well! It's not mandatory by any means, but it's a great opportunity for new CR and all in good fun.


• Please don't forget to check out our APP THIS PLEASE Google Doc! We've also got our TEST DRIVE MEME up and available for business in [community profile] slowpoke_gif for people eager to test out some new characters for the new year!

• We've also got a LOVE MEME going on over in [community profile] slowpoke_gif at the moment, so head on over and spread some love around!

We hope you had a great holiday, Routers!


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