Nov. 30th, 2014

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And just as midnight strikes, a large clap of thunder echoes through the sky as lightning engulfs the surroundings once more. It doesn't take long at all, but rain clouds scatter in, and soon, it's pouring. Assisting with the new wave of uncomfortable sleeping powder in the air (thanks again, Professor Elm), there's a light fog, a haze encouraging everyone to dream away the past few days, that will clear up before sunrise. The rain stays a little heavy until early morning hours, leading into scattered showers once the sun rises.

Fourth Wall is now over!
Thank you for participating, everyone!

As the music returns to normal, the scenery remaining untouched as it had been as of Thursday evening, things fall back into place. The footage on the gears remains as it had been filmed, although the times and dates are all missing. It's not too hard to remember what took place, but the professors have nothing to say about it.

If you listen closely, you may hear a softly spoken, "We're sorry," upon waking. Was it someone in the room? From your gears? A pokemon? Who knows.

To assist with forced normalcy, station 18.5J - Let's All Sing, has decided to celebrate the season of celebrations by playing a plethora of holiday songs, of many different holidays, and some songs of many holidays in one. They'll be playing this until New Year's.


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