Jul. 16th, 2013

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DAY 16/7. 12:24.

"But we still need to find Ace Reporter Kennedy!" It wasn't every day that Anderson Cloyster, CEO of EVNews was this impassioned, but people were starting to get nervous. Rumors were starting to spread about how dangerous it is to be a reporter in Johto, and, as a result, the summer interns were merely trickling in.

"Last year, it was different! We had so many applications for interns, we had to turn some away and we could fire people freely! This year, we had to sacrifice the donut intern because there simply aren't enough interns!"

Depressed, commiserating, executives muttered in mourning. All but one executive seemed distracted by the concept of fetching their own donuts. She stood up, silently, knowing it was the only way to get a committee of starving adult men to stop paying attention to their stomachs.

"Yes, Katie Crobat, what is it?" Anderson held faith in Katie's ideas. Her new talk show, Katie, was off to a phenomenal start.

"Anderson, I believe we have something to find Ace Reporter Kennedy. You see, I noticed, in our EVNews special, that the gym leader Sabrina can communicate with the departed. At the very least, we can use this to locate Ace Reporter Kennedy, if he is indeed dead, and salvage our workplace image through that."

Anderson Cloyster's eyes lit up with the suggestion. He wanted to take it a step further, but he knew that, unlike most people, Katie had a tricky thing called morals and values. Someone else would have to jump in and make a suggestion quickly to keep the momentum going.

And, of course, the most soulless person in the room made it. Bill O'tillery, without missing a beat, chimed in, "Hey! We should broadcast it to the public at large! It'll show that we care about our newspeople, even in death to give them a proper burial and the ratings would be massive. Think about it! We can even bring in some other gym leaders that'd be interested. Gym leaders, seances, ghost stories? What's there not to like?!"

The room was dead quiet. A peaceful, hopeful expression crawled across Katie's face. Then the room broke up into loud cheering.

Anderson quickly turned to the secretary, who was feverishly typing away, "Isabelle! Contact Morty and Sabrina, ASAP! We have a show to put on!"

Hello, denizens of Kanto and Johto! We have a bit of excitement. As you noticed, we have a little rain and an event coming up for you guys. Now, you might be wondering what do Ace Reporter Kennedy and Sabrina have to do with an upcoming plot where the title implies fossils...

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