Jun. 3rd, 2013

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DAY 03/06. 00:01.

"--and then I told them to scram before I hit them. Really, I don't get it. It's been six whole months and the Johto factor's being hit with these strange visitors. I don't know what's causing it, but whatever was built..."

Ariana glared over at Petrel from the desk her pokégear pressed against her ear. She was in the middle of a conversation, but her eyes and her mind were roaming in multiple directions. One: this room was still empty, large and simple. The wall had been repaired, for the most part... There were still a few holes here and there, only small enough for the rodent-types. However, it wasn't the holes that were the problem: it was the space, the vacant, empty space, that shouldn't be there. The machine had been gone for six months, and she was surprised the Boss hadn't skinned them alive.

And two: They needed to find it. Grunts had been going on search and rescue missions for months, all to no avail. And here she was, making a call over to Hoenn to see if she could collect any information. Even Proton was out doing a bit of scouting on his own. But here she was, being the only one productive in this trio of nonsense. Archer stood by the window, merely watching the chaos with his mug of hot coffee--in this heat? What was his problem?!--while Petrel...

"It's that youngster kid's," Petrel explained once he caught Ariana's eye, still petting the rodent in his arms. "I dunno, she seems kinda fond of me. Probably looking for a new trainer. If she's in the top ten percentage of her type, I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted a new one."

"...hey, you two. It's quiet outside," piped in a third voice. Petrel glanced over to Archer, who finally released his hold on the curtain he was holding. "The visitors are gone."

"Heh. Guess they weren't staying this time either, huh?"

That was when Ariana angrily stomped her foot. "Are you two even listening to me?! We need to find the machine, not worry about these stupid intruders or a dumb Rattata!"

Petrel turned to the little pokémon. "It's okay, she didn't mean it. She's just cranky."

Ariana rolled her eyes and kept talking to her Hoenn contact. "Anyway, as I was saying... uh-huh? Yeah, my team is as much of a nightmare as yours. W-wait, Annie, are you there? I think your reception's going bad-- Annie? Where'd you go!?"

Normally, the Gears worked perfectly. Perhaps a Rotom got into the system again? With a heavy sigh, she just stared at the screen, trying to see if the reception had been compromised, but the only thing visible on the display was one application's start-up menu, animated circles bouncing underneath one simple phrase: Gotta draw 'em all!


And that concludes Fourth Wall! We hope you enjoyed your new encounters with our bi-yearly visitors. However, the confusion doesn’t quite end here!


Happy third birthday, Route!

If you have any questions about this event, feel free to ask us here!


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