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The admins reappear!

DAY 22/01. 17:00.

Archer can't help but frown as he hears the Grunt's report. They absolutely should have expected this and planned ahead for it, but they didn't, and now here he is, hearing what he's hearing today.

“You're certain about this?”

The reporting Grunt doesn't necessarily like telling his boss bad news. Any of his bosses, actually. But it's got to be done. So despite his nervousness, he repeats what he's just said.

“Yes sir, we've located one underneath Cinnabar Island and one in the Whirl Islands.”

Mulling this over, Archer just rubs his hands against his face for a moment before thinking of how to proceed. There's no way they can turn a blind eye to this one. Nobody tries to set up shop in their regions and gets away with it. But what to do first?

“Well then, we'll have to take care of this right away. Thanks for verifying this. You're dismissed for now.”

And not wanting to stick around anymore, our nameless Grunt takes this opportunity to go back to his regular day job of spinning records for one of the radio tower shows.

DAY 23/01. 00:30.

A few hours later after Archer was able to contact all the admins because Proton was off doing who knows what with his tablet and the others were busy going through reports of who blew up what city and who gave who what metal coated scientific abomination, he's able to outline the problem to his fellow Rocket leaders.

“So then, looks like we've got quite the problem on our hands. Two bases trying to encroach on our turf. We need to take out both, but the question is which one's first?”

He yields the floor to Arianna, who more or less immediately gives her thoughts on the subject. To her, it's pretty clear where they should strike first.

“I say Cinnabar. It's pretty isolated, we can head in there and clean them up quickly. Then we can deal with the Whirl Islands. That's bound to take longer and who knows how many Grunts we might lose in that maze?”

Petrel doesn't quite see it that way, so he interjects with his own opinion.

“I'm gonna disagree Arianna. We should hit the Whirl Islands and wash those Aqua goons away. We can turn the heat up on Team Magma later.”

An awkward silence fills the room before the entire admin team sans Petrel groans at that joke. A few floors up, a visitor to Goldenrod's radio tower hears the noise and swears the place is haunted.


“What? That one wasn't that bad.”

Before anyone can argue to the contrary, Proton speaks up for the first time, after prying his eyes away from his tablet. Which is either running some data from a prior report or a freemium game where you can overrun towns with hordes of Cryogonals.

“Whichever one we take out first, we definitely need to make sure to collect the data on their Pokemon. We were caught off guard in October, and according to my projections, we could certainly put it to good use. Imagine what we could inflict on the world with that in addition to what we've collected previously.”

The debate continues for a while without reaching any sort of consensus, especially since the admins can't verify whether the brief truce between Team Aqua and Magma is still a thing. But eventually they manage to make some sort of decision, and as a result every Rocket Pokegear goes off. Some of you might not know what's going on, but a quick check of the Gear should make everything somewhat clearer.

[ Mass text to ALL ROCKETS on 01/23/15 at 5:30AM ]

[ATTN: This message will auto-delete in one minute.]

Report to the nearest base immediately for new orders. There's a situation that requires your immediate attention. This order comes directly from your Team Rocket admins. Disobey at your own peril.

Want to know more about what's going on? Then please head over here for more information!

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