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And So It Concludes...

Congratulations, plot participants! For two logs in a row, you guys seriously knocked our win condition requirements out of the park, and we're incredibly proud of you for it! We really hope you've had as much fun with this plot as we have, and thank you all for helping to make it such an incredible success.

Because the requisite amount of check-ins was met before the 9:00 PM deadline, players have officially unlocked the Super-Swag Good End of the plot! This post is designed to tell you about what that means, and what to expect from here on out.

Please read this entire post carefully! There are very important details inside!

• The Super-Swag Good End of the plot!
• A full restoration of all of the damage incurred during the plot, both in Tohjo and throughout the Johto/Kanto region!
• A very special bonus Sylveon swarm that characters may catch!
• The opportunity to interact with Arceus!
• Some other Very Special Surprise NPCs straight from Kalos!
• Everything else we're detailing in this post!

So read on for more details!

Reminder: the events detailed herein will take place the evening of the 30th and all through the 31st!

As the brilliant flash and thunderous roar of the crystal explosion fades away into silence, the battle-weary characters summoned by Arceus to help defend the safety and future of their regions are left alone on the battlefield. For a few brief seconds, the shimmering remains of a Protect bubble are visible around each and every participant of the battle and their Pokemon; gradually, that fades away as well, leaving only a hollow echo in the air. Conspicuously absent are the Team Grunts, Groudon, and Kyogre — evidently they were all teleported away sometime during the blinding flash — but Maxie and Archie are still around, facedown and unconscious on their respective sides of the battlefield, and with the same shimmering remains disappearing around them as well.

Also, it appears the Elite Four's house survived via the same mass-Protect move that safeguarded all of you. That was awfully considerate of whoever did that.

The towering pink crystals are now gone; where previously they merely shattered, and thus left behind fragments and shards for people to collect, these have been utterly obliterated. The area is a chaotic mess, with scorched grass underfoot and the uneven terrain that resulted from all the upheavals and explosions. Quite simply, the place is looking pretty apocalyptic, which should hardly come as a surprise considering what's unfolded here over the past two days.

A cool breeze picks up, and gradually, you may begin to realize that you're not alone.

Floating effortlessly over the vast lake to the south is something brilliant white and glowing; as it begins to draw nearer to the shore, the sound of that familiar voice that called you here once again touches your mind:

Thank you.

And then, after a pause:

Rest now. You have fought bravely, and there is still much to be done.

As the brilliant ball of light reaches the shore, a contented (and probably much-needed) sleepiness washes over you and your Pokemon, and within seconds, you're all asleep for the rest of the night.

Come morning, when you awake, you're likely to notice at once that the war-torn battlefield no longer appears nearly as apocalyptic as before; though things are still scorched in places and the ground is still somewhat broken-up and uneven, it's now possible to sit and watch as the damage to the clearing at Tohjo Falls is set right in realtime. That brilliant ball of light you remember from before appears to be walking around solemnly and examining things seemingly at random; beneath its feet, fresh green grass springs up, and the look of things in general are growing brighter and healthier all the time.

So this is Arceus. Perhaps, if you're patient and a little daring, you might even be able to approach it — though that begs the question of what you intend to say to a llama god, anyway?

Fortunately, Arceus isn't the only one who'll be here to occupy the clearing, because around noon, a roar of jet engines fills the air as a vaguely bird-shaped shadow is thrown across the clearing. Kindly get out of the way, if you would, because that appears to be somebody's private jet landing, and as the engines die down and the ladder descends to the ground, a pigtailed head that some people may remember from Pokemon Prom pokes out the door, blinking in the sudden sunlight.

"Wow, we're finally here! That was such a fun ride, though, wasn't it?" Shauna exclaims. "See, we weren't that delayed. ...Gosh, what happened around here? Um...I feel like we missed something..."

In true Route Kalosian fashion, Shauna and Sina have arrived a few days late with Pokebucks. Well, that's a lie — but they did bring other fabulous prizes to the table. It may be a good idea to talk to them!


• The GRAY, GREEN, and BLUE areas remain as they have all plot; these are the mountains, forest, and lake areas (respectively) that are now devoid of Team Aqua and Magma Grunts and currently form the natural boundaries of the map area you're in!

• The BROWN rectangle in the center of the map is still the Elite Four's Resort; because you did so well at fighting off the bosses and their legendaries, it escaped the conflict with minimal damage. For this log, that means it will also still be available to you as a bonus area map!

• The PINK triangle represents Shauna and Sina's private jet (or, well, someone's private jet, anyway), in which they just arrived from Kalos! Also, it sounds like they've got some kind of goodies for you in there, so you might want to stop by and have a chat with them to see what that's all about.

RED stars on either sides of the map are approximate locations where you are most likely to be able to find and approach Arceus! Note that it can be sighted pretty much anywhere on the map as it walks around restoring things to some semblance of normal, but if you intend to approach it directly, it should be in one of these two areas. Attempting to catch or battle Arceus will result in a character immediately whiting out and being booted to the Blackthorn City Pokemon Center, and thereby suspended from participation in the remainder of the event.

Yes, that's right! Now that you've gotten your battle on against adversaries Maxie and Archie, we're serving up some more benign NPCs for your threading pleasure. Now that we've discussed where you're likely to find Shauna, Sina, and Arceus over the course of the log, here's a little information on what all of them will be doing!

SHAUNA, as some of you may have guessed, is one of the "friends" that Professor Sycamore mentioned sending down several days ago! It appears she just missed the apocalyptic battle for the future of the region as we know it (this time), but maybe that's not such a bad thing, all things considered. She's brought her Sylveon with her, among the rest of her roster, and ended up being a little late to the party because she was busy stocking up the jet with PokePuffs, yarn, and cute hats for all of you! Hence, she'll not only be available to talk to you; she'll also be a living demonstration of the Amie mechanic, for characters who want to learn a new and fun way of bonding with their Pokemon!

SINA is the other "friend" that Professor Sycamore mentioned, and along with being around to supervise Shauna, help distribute goody bags, and generally just make sure that nothing explodes on her watch, she is also responsible for bringing the Kalos PokeDex to the region! Though you will not be receiving the Kalos PokeDex on this log, she'll be dropping it off at the local Pokemon Centers before she heads back to Kalos, where it will be available for all trainers to upgrade their PokeGears when we make the official Gen VI Mechanics Switch-Over in a few days. She'll also be helping Shauna out and likewise knows the Amie mechanic, so feel free to ask her about it as well!

ARCEUS has got its work cut out for it today, apparently, what with the aftermath of a cataclysmic Legendary battle to clean up, a bunch of freaky foreign crystals to eradicate, and a lot of structural damage to set to rights. It seems reasonably benign, though, if a little aloof; while it'd probably be best to avoid any actions that might translate as "deception" or "betrayal", it also looks as though you shouldn't have too much trouble getting close to it if you so desire. Pokemon, regardless of temperament, will grow unusually docile if they draw too close to Arceus; that's presumably their creator, after all.

For trainers who used a HONEDGE like a sword during the battle logs, this is also where we are asking you to experience some IC consequences! Namely, in exchange for picking up your Pokemon and rather unceremoniously winging it around by the head during battle, Arceus will be returning the favor by winging you around by the head a little at some point during the log! You're welcome to handwave this as you see fit, but we ask that you please accept this as the consequence of your choices!

On a related note, if your character has mistreated one of their Pokemon lately and you would like them to suffer a llamagod-delivered consequence for it (for the purposes of development or what have you), feel free to let us know and we'll work something out with you!

Come the afternoon, once the day's work is drawing to a close, one final swarm will be arriving in Tohjo Falls — a Sylveon swarm! In the interest of promoting peace and soothing the sorts of feelings that tend to provoke battles like the one you all saw yesterday, these precious little helpers will be arriving at Arceus's command to "hold hands" with the assembled characters in Tohjo Falls and get a general feeling of affection in the air.

And by "arriving", we mean "Arceus is going to make it literally rain fluffy pink ribbondancer Eeveelutions", and now you know where those Espurrs and Furfrous came from last month.

The Sylveons can be caught and generally will not resist capture (they want to be your friends!); like the other swarms, they will all be level 5 across the board. While this swarm is confined solely to the area at Tohjo Falls, Sylveons in general will become available as an Eevee evolution according to Gen VI mechanics once the switch-over happens.

As noted above, Shauna and Sina have arrived to Tohjo Falls (and subsequently the region in general) to deliver the Kalos PokeDex, and they've brought with them a bunch of goody bags for the residents of Johto/Kanto as well! Therefore, every character in the game, whether they participated in the plot or not, will be receiving a bag!

For plot participants at the falls, you can receive an amazing goody bag directly from Shauna herself! She'll wave you over — she's got a good memory for faces and several Pokemon assistants, so no sneaking back in line to try to get two — and happily offer you a cutesy pink gift bag. She's probably worked pretty hard on these things. There's glitter and everything. Characters who did not attend the plot can pick up their giftbags from any Pokecenter starting on the 1st, as Shauna needs some time to jet off to all of the Pokecenters and drop off all her goods. The Fabulous Kalos Goody Bags contain:

• Five Rare Candies (all in pastel-colored wrappers)
• A tin of assorted PokePuffs
• A tin of human-safe macaroons, since you guys deserve snacks, too
• A Gen VI-specific TM (one use only, NOT reusable) of your choice (though ICly Shauna randomized them)
• An incredibly fashionable Kalos hat
• A ball of yarn

It should be noted she also has crates of yarn (and even more PokePuffs) that she will be hanging out with, though. Maybe you should go ask her about that. Surely there's a reason for all this yarn?

One of the biggest questions still remaining, of course, is "when are we making the official switch-over to Gen VI mechanics." As many players observed, one of the great difficulties with that particular transition would be the retconning of existing Pokemon's movesets — and in some cases, of their entire Type. So, as a way of addressing this problem in a manner that would provide at least some IC explanation for that change, we gave you a cataclysm as an excuse for Arceus to rewrite the universe, making changes that will accommodate Gen VI mechanics as it does so.

We understand that everyone is really excited about the changes that are coming and how they're going to be put into effect; in the interest of not making this infopost reach novel-length, we will not be detailing those changes here, but will be giving them their own designated infopost for easy reference and more thorough examination. Please save your questions regarding Gen VI mechanics and the contents of the switch-over for that post; that will save us from the difficulties in releasing information bit by bit in the form of questions-and-answers, as opposed to just giving it all to you at once as a coherent whole. Here's some of what you can expect, though:

• All movesets will switch over to Gen VI; a Pokemon will instantly know every move up to its current level, including Gen VI-specific moves it should've learned at lower levels. There will be no move relearning necessary; this is a full retcon of the moveset to include the full Gen VI complement of moves for every Pokemon in game.

• New businesses will be moving in to the Johto/Kanto cities and setting up shop to accommodate you, because you're going to have to get your PokePuffs from somewhere and we can't leave those Furfrous ungroomed for very long.

• New items will be available in the department stores.

• The Fairy Type will be an officially recognized type; all type advantages and disadvantages will convert to Gen VI mechanics.

• We will be introducing Route-specific mechanics and evolutionary items to accommodate some of the more...unusual Gen VI evolution requirements.

On that last note, quite possibly the number-one question we've received about the change-over to Gen VI evolutionary mechanics is: how on earth are we going to evolve Inkay. There's been a lot of speculation as to how we intend to do this, so as a sneak preview of what's coming, we are now releasing the secret to Route Inkay Evolution: a game-specific item called the INKAY BOTTLE!

To evolve your Inkay, a trainer will be required to purchase one of these bottles from one of the Department Stores, stuff their level-thirty-or-above Inkay inside it, cork it, and spin the bottle vertically several times. Upon uncorking the Inkay Bottle, your Malamar will spray out of the Inkay Bottle like champagne, leaving you perplexed and abruptly in the possession of five feet of presumably very dizzy squid.

From all of us on the modteam, we really hope you've enjoyed our Gen VI Plot — from Swarm September to Hoennween, and all of the seemingly random lead-up events that came together to cause it. We've had a lot of fun putting it together for you and playing it out with you, and we especially hope you've had (and will have) an excellent time tagging with our special guest NPCs!

Here's the reveal of who's been behind the characters without whom this plot wouldn't have been possible:

Dal has been burning up your battles as Team Boss Maxie!
Steve has been rocking like a hurricane as Team Boss Archie!
Lucy is bringing girl power back again as Assistant Shauna!
Sunny is that masked marvel behind Assistant Sina!
Alex is the majestic unicorn bringing you Arceus!

Once again, we really hope you've had fun with us, because we've had a blast with all of you!

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