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And So It Continues...

Hey out there, plot participants! First and foremost, every one of us on the modteam wants to extend our sincerest and most enthusiastic congratulations for winning the first phase of the plot! We hope you all had a ton of fun with it so far; we were definitely getting hype ourselves as we watched the check-ins roll in!

So, because the requisite amount of check-ins was met before the 9:00 PM deadline, this post is designed to detail the rewards that players have unlocked for the Boss Battle Log, some further elaboration on how that's going to go, and the possible rewards in store if you successfully manage to defeat the Boss Battle Log as well!

Please read this entire post carefully! There are very important details about how this is going to work inside!

• A one-half win threshold instead of two-thirds on the Boss Battle Log, making the number to beat only 37 characters!
• The ability to sleep overnight in the Elite Four's residence and thereby heal up all of your Pokemon through the magic of "it's an NPC's house"!
• Access to select areas of the Elite Four's residence on the second log!
• Access to healing items and battle items found inside the Elite Four's residence!
• Access to running water and an actual bathroom!
• The ability to Mega Evolve one member of their roster during the Boss Battle Log!

We will be detailing how these rewards will be brought into play throughout the rest of this post.

Reminder: the events detailed herein take place on Wednesday, October 29 and Thursday, October 30 — the IC dates of the Intro Challenge and the Boss Battle!

As darkness begins to fall on the evening of Wednesday the 29th, the overwhelming might of the human reinforcements pouring in through those Mysterious Portals™ successfully manages to drive back the Team Aqua and Team Magma members. As the fighting has worn on over the course of the day, it's quickly become apparent to them that trying to take control of the house in the center of the clearing is a futile endeavor; they simply don't have the numbers to hold their own respective field positions and advance that far into the middle ground with these unexpected heroes from Johto and Kanto showing up to worry away at their forces, and it's possible that they could've managed it if they'd opted to team up with each other, but apparently Team Aqua and Team Magma refuse to embrace the concept of "let's beat up our mutual enemy first before we go back to our own rivalry" this time around.

Never mind, their respective commanders inform the troops. The house would've been a nice prize, but it's not necessary to the ultimate goal. Let them have it; it won't matter once the bosses get here, anyway.

Thus, as the day's battles draw to a close, the members of Team Magma draw back into the mountains, while Team Aqua draws back into the forest and back down the waterfall, leaving the majority of the clearing and the resort house in the middle free and clear for the winners of the day to utilize.

Player characters may not pursue the Grunts back into their respective strongholds. However, all areas of the clearing, plus the crystal structures and the Elite Four's house are now accessible to player characters both overnight and during the Boss Battle Log.


BROWN areas are outdoor areas of the Elite Four's estate, color-coded so it's a little easier to tell which parts are technically considered "outside" and which parts are the building proper. These are things like porches, patios, and so on — places exposed to open air, but still effectively part of the resort itself.

RED areas are inaccessible areas of the estate! Even while exploring, you will not be able to get into these parts of the house, unfortunately.

• The GREEN area is a hidden stairwell that, with a little poking around, your characters should be able to discover and follow down into the basement of the estate! Given that what's down there is effectively Lance's Man Cave™, it's probably a staircase that's been hidden for good reason.

• The BLUE area is, as many will remember from Prom, one of the Designated Sleeping Areas, otherwise known as a big empty room. Though it's a little dusty and cluttered in there this time of year, it's still open and roomy enough to house a lot of people, and there are a bunch of sleeping bags and blankets left over from prom if people are looking for a safe (and reasonably familiar) place to catch some Zs.

AREA A — The Ballroom
When it's not in use as exactly that, it seems the Elite Four use The Ballroom as a place for training their Pokémon (hey, it's a huge empty space and sometimes it's cold out there); the setup is very similar to the way people who attended Prom might remember it, though the classy artwork is no longer there because there's no sense in ripping the damn things, and the hardwood floors have been covered over.

AVAILABLE ITEMS: Max Potions, Revives, X-Items (Attack/Defend/Special/Sp Def/Speed/Accuracy)

AREA B — The Library
Again, this room looks virtually identical to the way it did at Prom: your standard "tall shelves of ancient identical books" sort of room with further specifics detailed here.

AVAILABLE ITEMS (ON SHELVES): Brightpowders, Destiny Knots, Eviolites, Expert Belts, Focus Sashes, King's Rocks, Light Clays, Rocky Helmets
AVAILABLE ITEMS (INSIDE A GLASS CASE): Assorted Rocks (Damp/Icy/Heat/Smooth)

AREA C — The Kitchen
This is where the humans can go to actually get food after taking the house; it's pretty well-stocked, though not limitless in its bounty. Be conscentious of your fellow battlers and share the foodstuffs around, won't you?

-- Vitamins (Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc and Carbos)
-- Berries (Oran, Persim, Rawst, Aspear, Chesto, Cheri, Pecha)
-- Lava Cookies

AREA D — The Basement
After following a hidden staircase down into what appears to be the basement of the estate, it quickly becomes clear that the area down here is a sanctuary belonging to Lance: there's a closet full of capes with tags bearing the logo of the Cape Emporium in Celadon City, a really nice couch, a TV, an assortment of snacks, a writing desk with some opened envelopes bearing a return address of Celestic Town, a bunch of Dragon-themed artwork, and god bless us all, a private bathroom. There is also a half-drafted letter addressed to "Steven" that mentions "weird crystals" and collecting "a few crates full" of something.

AVAILABLE ITEMS: Crates full of loose Key Stones

In order to use Mega Evolution, characters must have obtained one of the Key Stones from Lance's basement and have it with them when battling! While you are welcome to handwave the acquisition of the keystone, please mention having it somewhere in your tag when using Mega Evolution!

Because characters successfully won control of the Elite Four's estate and gained access to the crates of Key Stones in Lance's basement, Mega Evolution can now be utilized during the Boss Battle Log of the Hoennween plot! Here are some details and restrictions on how Mega Evolution may be utilized:

• Mega Evolution is limited to one Pokemon per character. Even if multiple Pokemon on a character's roster have Mega Evolved forms, only one may be chosen.

• The choice of which Pokemon on a character's roster Mega Evolves is left to the player's discretion.

• A player's first choice of Pokemon to Mega Evolve is final. A player may not switch between or cycle through multiple Mega Evolutions, even if only one is used at a time. The one Mega Evolution is one total, so choose wisely!

• There are no Mega Stones necessary to activate Mega Evolution during this battle. Instead, the Mysterious Plot Crystals will be resonating to create an irradiated zone across the entire battlefield that will facilitate a Mega Evolution instead. A Pokemon does not have to be holding a shard of Plot Crystal to Mega Evolve; it simply must be present on the battlefield.

• For players intending to use Mega Charizard, the determination of whether or not the Charizard evolves into Mega Charizard X or Mega Charizard Y will be based on which Team Leader (or team in general, should the character opt not to fight one of the bosses) the character chooses to gun for.

Going against Archie will get you Mega Charizard X, while Maxie will get you Mega Charizard Y.

• For the purposes of Mega Evolution, the entire log will be considered "a battle"; therefore, a Pokemon that has Mega Evolved is not required to continually evolve and devolve between multiple skirmishes. It may stay Mega Evolved for the entire duration of the log; when the log reaches its IC end as indicated by the mods, all Pokemon that are Mega Evolved at the time will devolve in unison.

• The use of Mega Evolution is restricted to this log and this plot. Characters will not be permitted to keep their Key Stones or shards of the Plot Crystals once the plot concludes, so have your fun while it lasts!

It's day two of the Epic Battle for the Future of the World, and as a new day dawns, the clearing in Tohjo Falls will be met with one final Really Big Earthquake™ — but today, it will be very apparent as to what's caused it. In the north, a massive red behemoth has taken up residence in the mountains, while in the south a good half of that lake has been occupied by an equally imposing blue monstrosity.

Groudon and Kyogre have arrived, and so have Maxie and Archie.

There will still be Grunts around from both teams, so you are not obligated to fight one of the Bosses. However, for those who intend to, please review these details:

• Maxie and Archie will be arriving with the start of the log and will have first priority to set up top-level comments on the log. Players who intend to battle them will respond to their top levels; they will not be tagging out anywhere else on the log save for their own threads.

• Because of the way the battlefield is arranged (see below), and to prevent our amazing NPC mods from potentially getting overwhelmed by battle threads, YOU MAY ONLY FIGHT ONE TEAM BOSS PER CHARACTER. ICly this will make sense because they'll be on opposite sides of a massive battlefield from each other, but OOCly speaking, you'll have to pick one boss only if you intend to do battle with them.

• Like you, the bosses will have Mega Evolution at their disposal. So watch out!

• We are asking that battlers please keep their battles concise. In the interest of being fair to everyone who wants a shot at fighting the NPCs, and as a way of helping to bail out the NPC mods if they start getting swamped, the Bosses will also have limited access to their Legendaries during this battle. For the vast majority of the log, Kyogre and Groudon will be preoccupied with blasting the ever-living daylights out of each other, and will not be responding to Maxie and Archie's commands. However, the NPC mods reserve the right to end a battle via Legendary if need be, so please take that into consideration! Our intent here is not to stonewall anyone's fun, but rather to make sure that everyone has a reasonably equal shot at the bosses; this mechanic will be used sparingly, if at all, and the NPC mods will warn you in advance if it's coming so that players can wrap threads and avoid it by ending the thread via a different means if so desired.

On the plot masterpost, we have created a Boss Battle Participation Subthread. Between the time when the log for the Boss Battle goes up (we're aiming for around 3:00 PM EST on the 29th) and 9:00 PM EST on October 30, participating characters must tag into the log with either one top-level comment or one response to a top-level comment and then link us to it in that thread. We will be using that proof of participation to determine whether or not the participating characters have achieved the win condition for the plot.


If 37 or more characters tag into the intro challenge log before the 9:00 PM EST deadline on October 30, a number of fun and excellent rewards will be unlocked for you, going into the final stages of the plot! If players do not meet the win threshold before the deadline, they will receive the Bad End Aftermath ending of the plot.

NOTE ONCE AGAIN THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FIGHT THE GRUNTS OR ONE OF THE TEAM BOSSES IN ORDER TO HAVE "PARTICIPATED". So long as your character is there in some capacity for at least one tag, they get credit for showing up and will be counted toward the final total.

Some suggestions of things you could do to participate in the log are:
• A brawler-type character might want to fight the bosses
• Problem-solvers might want to try to deal with the crystal towers, which appear to be buffing the Legendaries and the bosses' own teams
• Healers/support-style characters may want to help heal and support people fighting the bosses
• Give an inspiring speech to increase morale among the people who are fighting the bosses
• Fight the remaining grunts while other people fight the bosses
• Flee from the remaining grunts while other people fight the bosses
• Become imperiled and require assistance from someone else who was fighting the bosses
• Rescue someone who has become imperiled while you were fighting the bosses
• Scream in abject terror at the sight of the bosses and their Pokemon
• Throw a Pokeball at the bosses' Pokemon
• Throw your best friend at the bosses
• Throw someone else's best friend at the bosses
• Eat a sandwich

The possibilities are endless.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the interest of fairness, there will be no "kill shot" with respect to the Legendaries or Maxie and Archie on this log. The win/lose threshold is instead determining which of the two endings the players have achieved, and therefore how events will proceed during the battle's ending and aftermath.


Or: hey, young blood, doesn't it feel like our time is running out?

In addition to the map of the Elite Four's house above (which will remain open for the duration of the Boss Battle), this is the new and updated version of what the battleground will look like come the Boss Battle log:

May Arceus have mercy on poor damn Lance's house.

GRAY areas in the north are a range of mountains that form a natural barrier around part of the Tohjo plain where the Elite Four's resort is located. This is where you will find and battle Maxie, his Team Magma Grunts, and also obviously that sure is Primal Groudon, all right.

GREEN areas in the southeast and southwest are densely-packed forested areas interspersed by lakes and rivers that seem to be feeding into the main waterway into the area. It is both difficult and dangerous to venture into the woodlands proper, but this seems to be where a lot of the Team Aqua Grunts are stationed now.

• The BLUE area in the south is the massive lake that feeds the eponymous falls that give Tohjo its name. This is where you will find and battle Archie, his Team Aqua Grunts, and also obviously that sure is Primal Kyogre, all right.

PINK diamonds in the east and west are the sites of massive formations of Mysterious Plot Crystals™ jutting up from beneath the surface; the Grunts will not be found around these today, so if your character is looking for a safe zone well away from the crossfire, they will want to hole up near these.

• The BROWN rectangle dead-center in the map is...the Elite Four's resort. It's even more unfortunately-located today than it was yesterday. However, people willing to risk the crossfire between the Legendaries and get into the house will have access to all of the battle and healing items discussed up here!

If 37 or more characters successfully check in on our Boss Battle Participation Subthread before 9:00 PM EST on Thursday, October 30, these are the rewards that everyone will unlock:

• The Super-Swag Good End of the plot!
• A full restoration of all of the damage incurred during the plot, both in Tohjo and throughout the Johto/Kanto region!
• A very special bonus Sylveon swarm that characters may catch!
• The opportunity to interact with Arceus!
• A bunch of other generally great stuff, seriously, you really want to win this plot.


IT IS HIGHLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU GET YOUR CHARACTER'S ONE COMMENT IN AND LINK US TO IT DURING THE PROVIDED TIME WINDOWS FOR EACH LOG. Obviously, you're not limited to one comment and we highly encourage people to play out their encounters on both logs to their heart's content. However, for the purposes of adjudicating whether or not the plot has been won, participating characters must tag the log and show us proof of it on the participation thread. That is the thread we will be using to do the final count; we will NOT be checking the log post itself for the tally. IF YOU FAIL TO PROPERLY LINK US TO YOUR PARTICIPATION COMMENTS AS DIRECTED, YOU WILL NOT BE COUNTED. So make sure to get it in to us in a timely manner!

Win or lose, the plot will ICly conclude at 11:59:59 PM EST on October 31, and all participating characters will be returned to their starting locations — or another location of their choice — via Pokemon teleportation magic. Because Arceus loves you.

The Preliminary Infopost | The Hoennween Event Masterpost | Mod Questions Thread